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Reports of CCTCC Rides
Last updated on 4 June 2023
Thirroul to Kiama Randonée - 18, 19, 20 August 2023
The brochure for our away ride in August is here.

CCTCC on Tuggerawong pathway - 4 June 2023
Tuggerah Lake Circuit - 4 June 2023
Fourteen cyclists gathered at Wyong for today's ride around Tuggerah Lake. Weather was cloudy and mild, but it got just a bit colder as I was preparing to lock my car, so I put my jacket on, thanks heaven. It only got colder as we set off down Tuggerah Straight, and actually rained as we got to the other side of the lake. Wind was south-east at 15 knots.
First stop at Bluebell Park. I kept the speed quite modest at about 20kmh, as there were a few push-bike riders in the group, including Peter and Cathy, who haven't ridden for a while, but everybody seemed happy with the pace. We took the Reliance Drive loop, and at Chittaway rode all the way to Enterprise Drive for a change, saving the loop under the road, then down to the bike path and wetland.
Morning tea was at Euro Bean café and everything was superb - service, coffee, egg and bacon roll, highly recommended! A quick spin up Wilfred Barrett Drive before going through Toukley and back to the correct side of the water. We rode the full length of the new cycleway - a revelation for some who hadn't had the pleasure before. Then followed a short final cruise back to Centennial Park, Wyong, where we started.
Thanks everybody for coming, and thanks to Marshall for doing his namesake's job at the back.

Enjoying m/t at Euro Bean, Nikki's pic - 4 June 2023

CCTCC ride group at Hidden Valley - 28 May 2023
Sunday 28 May 2023 - Hidden Valley
A lovely clear sunny day: 7°C at Lake Haven at 8.00am, but a 15 knot nor-easter behind us to Hidden Valley. Andrew led us today, with a total of 17 riders. Good turn-up for such a cold day. My usually adequate gear was barely up to it today, especially the gloves which were still damp after Friday's soaking in the thunderstorm, but I survived, and it only got better as the day warmed up.
A gentle ride up Tuggerah Straight and over Kangy Angy, where the usual cold spots were freezing this morning. Straight up to Ourimbah Creek Road (OCR), still in the shade, and west through the spectacular farmland to the end. Looking for friendly farm animals and not disappointed as the animal carers were at the usual spot, happy for me to take photos and cuddle the goats. Such a magic place, where I have taken many shots of all sorts of friendly animals, especially alpacas.
Back down OCR to the nursery which was chock-a-block with Sunday traffic looking for coffee and muffins. Finally getting to the front of a long queue, only to be told there was an hour wait, so the people in front of me gave up in disgust and left, after waiting for 10 minutes. In fact, the coffees and muffins started arriving within minutes, and even my BLT took only 20 minutes. I've learnt to never believe wait times.
We returned via Enterprise Drive, with a smooth run all the way back. At the bridge in Burns Road, where we passed a queue of cars waiting to get through, a freaky lady started telling Jenny she wasn't waiting for us to go past. We were stunned and couldn't care less, she was only the passenger!
I rode from home, so while the others who drove, except maybe Josie, did 42km, I went home via Tacoma and the Tuggerawong scenic path, clocking up 68 for the day. Thanks for coming everyone, an enjoyable ride, and thanks to Andrew for leading and Heiko and Paul for sweeping up.

Charming farm lass with hand-reared kid - 28 May 2023

Our first stop, at New Scenic Path, Rocky Point - 21 May 2023
Sunday 21 May 2023 - Lakes Beach for coffee
A cool but fine morning at Wyong, where eleven members gathered for our ride to Lakes Beach, then back via San Remo and Wadalba. We took the 'river' road down to Rocky Point, then Palmer Street to the start of the new bike path, where the photo above was taken. Lovely riding conditions, about 12°C, with a breeze of 21 - 25 knots NW all day. We were all rugged up, but some people have different thermostats.
Our leader, Paul (surname withheld), in his briefing said Coffee at Lakes Beach, which is the name of the ride. After we reached Toukley Bridge, we took the Peel Street loop before heading down Budgewoi Road, but Paul took the old road and bike path apparently to make the ride more interesting. For some reason he kept going along the path well past the café and didn't stop till we had crossed the bridge at Budgewoi, so no going back. He said he always intended to go to Northlakes for coffee, despite all the other indicators. We were fine with that, but our friend Nikki was waiting for us at Lakes for an hour and a quarter. She was not so fine, sorry Nikki!
Morning tea at La Macchina was excellent, as always. We soon set off back to Wyong, via the Warnervale Wetlands. Linda and I left early as we had already ridden from home, so I hope they got back alright.
Thanks for leading the ride, Paul, and John for sweeping. The pace was a cracker, with 25kmh often maintained (mussell bikes at the front), and 54kmh down Marks Road hill (me). Thanks everyone for coming, a top day!

Another stop at Buff Point, Lakedge Park - 21 May 2023

Jenny's photo of the ride, Tuggerah Lake, Long Jetty - 14 May 2023
CCTCC Ride to The Entrance - 14 May 2023 (Mothers Day)
What a beautiful day for a ride! Glenn led 10 riders to The Entrance, a few back streets to mix it up and make it a little interesting. Coffee at a few different cafés as nowhere to seat so many on Mothers Day. Rod left us there to ride home, Anne took his place after catching up with us for coffee. Jenny and Paul swept, thanks to all who turned up, it was a very nice ride.

Morning tea at Umina SLSC - 7 May 2023
Sunday 7 May 2023 - Umina Beach for Coffee
Nine of us signed on at Gosford Sailing Club with three more joining us at Umina SLSC for coffee. Jenny was our leader as well as being our presidente. Let me tell you about the weather: At home, sunny, cold but promising to improve. But at Gosford it was freezing, viz about 12°C and dark clouds. It hardly rained but it didn't get much warmer either, max 14°C, so having worn minimal clothing I was freezing, and stayed that way till after I got home, T-shirt, club shirt, vest and all my really warm stuff at home. Would have been much worse if it had rained!
Quite a few people on the paths to Woy Woy, but after that we had them to ourselves (the paths). Much too adverse for all but the keenest runners and dog-walkers. At Umina we were joined by Jane, Annie and Paulie, none of whom we see often. Lovely m/t. It was a bit early to have an egg and bacon roll, but I had one anyway.
I was late turning on my Strava, and very late turning it off (when I got home with 80km on it) so I discarded the record. But about 37km. Roy rode from Wyoming so had more distance, good on him.
I told Jenny I was too cold, so would go faster on the way back, so she upped the speed from 18-20 to about 23, thanks Jenny! As we reached Gosford the weather improved markedly, with sun shining on us at the end. Still very cold but!
Although it was a cold bleak day it was still better than sitting at home doing nothing. Thanks everyone for coming, thanks Jenny for leading us, and John and Martin for sweeping. John lives near Umina so didn't come with us for the return trip.

Quick break at Woy Woy on the way back - 7 May 2023

Quiet contemplation at Blacksmiths Beach - 30 April 2023
Sunday 30 April 2023 - Fernleigh Track
Despite all the rain in other areas, there was none on our ride today, just some clouds but mostly sunny, with a cool breeze. Glenn led us out this morning, with suitably-attired Marshall looking after the tail end (lovely Hi-vis vest on, see photo above). Thirteen riders altogether, mostly, as Jenny and Josie had a bad start at home, not even getting the car started, till a visit from the NRMA, so started at Belmont. Danny was late at Broadmeadow too, after using his GPS to find the suburb, but not knowing where the railway station was. We did see a beautiful big steam train while we were waiting. Not quick enough to get a picture though. Just realised that the Maitland Steam Fest was on today, so it was probably part of that.
A pleasant ride through Broadmeadow and Adamstown, amazingly not a car to be seen at Glebe Road, our usual fraught crossing spot. Up to the Fernleigh Track, then a quick spin down to Whitebridge for a re-group, then continue down to Belmont Station before carefully making our way down to Blacksmiths Beach where these photos were taken. We met Josie and Jenny coming up the track, not sure they rode all the way back to Broady, but a good effort from them, especially Giuseppina on her pushbike.
Not far then to the Bakers Den for coffee and a totes delicious curried lamb pie, for me anyway. Never been here before but well worth a visit. Then a nice ride back to Whitebridge for a rest and continuing on to Broady (we always used to say that for Broadmeadows in Melbourne). Some guys had their cars and some caught a train. The train costs $2.50, and my car cost me about $25, but quicker and more convenient. Just sayin'.
Thanks everyone for coming on such a beautiful day, and especially Glenn for taking us.

Happy riders at the Blacksmiths SLSC - 30 April 2023

Relaxing at Batto Bay Lookout - 23 April 2023
Sunday 23 April 2023 - Crackneck Coo-ee
Rain forecast, not that this club worries about such a thing, cloudy and a SE breeze, 5 knots at 0900, to 23 knots at noon, but mostly around 15. It never rained at all, but the strong wind at noon had us breaking out the rain jackets at Shelly Beach before our trip back north. The best aspect was a tail-wind going back to Wyong. Seventeen riders, with Glenn leading, and Col sweeping on the first leg and Michelle on the way back. A very good turn-up for the club, thank you everyone!
A very interesting route, a bit different through the back streets to Batto Bay, and I think Glenn was the only one who knew where we were all the time. Nikki had a nasty puncture at the halfway point, meaning she didn't have coffee with the rest of us, instead getting filthy messing about with her back wheel. I think she had some help, but as she ordered her coffee at the Shelly Beach café, we all shot through (with her blessing). She then rode home and got her husband to take her back to Wyong for her car. In fact it was already gone by the time we got back there.
The temperature was quite mild all day, just the dreaded wind-chill got us. As we left Shelly Beach café, I was delayed putting on my water-proof pants and Michelle and I were there alone, not knowing which way everyone had gone. Col was waiting for us on the exit to the carpark, but we still didn't know where they all were, so I just went the way we always go with the Toukley Club and we found them all down near The CC Hwy.
A very enjoyable outing, thanks everyone for coming. Of course we didn't go to Crackneck as it was closed for renovation, but we hid our disappointment well.

A peaceful scene at Batto Bay toilets - 23 April 2023

Everybody except Pedro at the Warnervale Wetlands - 16 April 2023
Chain Valley Bay South - 16 April 2023
I (Danny) was leading today's ride, so I drove to Wyong, as to ride there would result in a 78km day out. When I got to Wyong I unloaded my bike from my truck and turned it on, only to find the battery totally dead. I rode it anyway aound to the Centennial Park and broke the sad news that I would be unable to lead the ride. Jenny, our president, volunteered to lead, then along came Paulie who seemed like a natural fit to lead the ride.
Meanwhile, Pedro had called to say he would join us at the southern end of the new bike-path, at Palmer Street, Rocky Point. Nobody told Paul about this arrangement so he blithely led everyone past the turnoff, leaving Peter to ride the bike path at full pelt to catch them up somewhere. Anyway, they all met up and continued on to the Gorokan Peace Park (GPP) next to Toukley Bridge.
In the meantime, I had hurried home and changed batteries (I was using the one out of my old written-off bike) and headed off down to GPP to try to intercept the group. While I was waiting, after establishing that they were still on their way, a lady from the art gallery there asked me if I was waiting for the group of cyclists she had seen at Marks Road. She said they were very well-behaved and they all had mirrors on their bikes! Very impressed!
Anyway, we finally all met up, and I resumed the leadership duties. Riding east along Main Road, we took the Peel St detour for safety's sake. I have to cut this bit short as I have used nearly all my words on my mksadvdentures, sorry, misadventures. Down to Budgewoi, did I mention what a beautiful day it finally turned out to be, and up Lizzie Bay Drive to the Pacific Hwy.
I must say how impressed I was with the number of riders who turned up on a cloudy spitting day, amazing! Visit Josh Porter Reserve, then back to the Highway and down to Doyalson, then San Remo and into the Northlakes shopping centre, to my favourite café, La Macchina Espresso (Makkina). Service was excellent, except they got Paul's order wrong (banana bread, not toasted but with butter), and my chicken caesar wrap was nice except for the chicken bit which was inedible. Luckily I had also ordered an almond croissant, so I didn't starve.
Finally back on the road, over the bridge and headed towards Bunnings where we turned right into Chelmsford Road. Pedro had left us at Northlakes to ride home via Bugewoi. Then a pleasant ride through the wetlands on interesting paths, where we took the photo above. Right on Warnervale Road and left on Minnesota Road and I'm pretty sure you can guess the rest. After we had arrived back at Wyong Bridge and had a brief de-briefing, I then had to ride back home, but my distance was about the same as everyone else's, about 54km, but Pedro's was 60.
A very enjoyable ride, recovering well from a fraught start, thanks everyone for coming. Thanks to Paul for taking over the lead for a while. Next week Crackneck Coo-ee. See you there.

Taking over the carpark at Northlakes - 16 April 2023

John at the hairpin on his uninterrupted ride up Mt Ettalong - 9 April 2023
Sunday 9 April 2023
Mild, cloudy, breezy (20kt W) and fine were the conditions this morning at Gosford waterfront. Six keen members, little Josie and five big boofheads, with Andrew leading and Martin sweeping up. So that breeze was in our faces all the way down to Pearl Beach, and behind us coming back.
Andrew had his e-mtb, but only switched it on up the hills, and the others bar Martin and me were pushing the pedals. John was especially strong, riding up Mt Ettalong without stopping. Josie wisely decided not to ride over the mountain, and Martin stayed with her at Umina Beach till we came back. A Saturday market was swinging at Umina - full of happy holiday-makers. Pearl Beach was a bit quieter, not even a queue at the take-away counter. Excellent food and coffee at the shop too.
Col did very well too, keeping up most of the time without battery power. John opted for the cliff-route going back. He had nothing to prove either, at 81. We joined up with Josie and Martin again and rode back to Woy Woy via the Rip Bridge (under it not over). Josie chose to finish her trip on a train, with all our blessings.
Made it back to Gosford without incident, thanks everyone for helping. Our total distance was about 50km, though by the time I turned my Strava off at home it said 96, which confirms the correct figure. See you all next week at Wyong for my ride to Chain Valley Bay.

Enjoying a well-earned coffee at Pearl Beach - 9 April 2023

Lake Burley Griffin near the Carillon - 27 March 2023
CCTCC Canberra Holiday - 26 to 29 March 2023
First of all I must acknowledge Sue and Steve for conceiving and executing this wonderful holiday. Their knowledge of Canberra and all the cycling opportunities was excellent. About 22 people came to ride or join in, with most rides having 18 riders.
Day 1 - Sunday 26 March, a ride was scheduled for the afternoon, giving everyone time to travel down and settle in. With only the afternoon available, the ride was just to Queanbeyan for a look, then back to the Southside Holiday Park (SHP), at 250 Canberra Avenue, Symonston. The ride was only 20km, but a pleasant way to get the show on the road. We finished up having a barbecue at the campgrounds - a very enjoyable and delicious choice.
Day 2 Monday 27 March - A bigger ride today, 53km, in cool and cloudy weather, Bolting to Belco. By-the-way, Sue led all these rides, and Steve swept up the rear. Eighteen of us again rode up to Kingston and anti-clockwise around the East Basin, then staying on the north side of LBG through Parkes to Civic and north through busy roads. Steve had a flat but managed to catch up to Sue, from the back, to ask her to wait, which she very kindly did. After a tiny piece of wire was extracted from his tyre. we continued north through Turner, O'Connor, Lawson, around Lake Gininderra to Belconnen. We found a very nice food court and had lunch. Got going again, heading south towards Kingston, via Parkes Way, on the north side of LBG, to Kings Avenue Bridge, where we crossed the lake and arrived back at SHP. When we got back to the cabins, Lynnie had a flat too, also a tiny bit of wire, which I fixed, while giving a lesson in the procedure. A very enjoyable and satisfying ride, thanks Sue and Steve! We had a night out at the famous Kingston Hotel, with amazing food and atmosphere. Parking was a problem though - I had to finish up parking at my niece's driveway, 500 meters away, and made all my passengers walk with me back to the car afterwards.
Day 3 Tuesday 28 March - Something completely different today, a nice cycle, then a boat ride around the lake! Just under 40km ride, a/c around LBG then back to the International Flags Precinct, in front of the High Court, to find our ferry. Starting the ride with a loop around the east basin again, we cycled right around the lake before meeting up with our boat, the MV Southern Cross, an all-electric vessel so no diesel smoke. All 18 of us squeezed on board for an informative journey through slightly choppy water for an hour or so. The skipper gave us an insight into many facts lost in the mists of time, and Sue's son Sam, a local resident, gave the official travelogue in a very professional manner. His lovely GF Hannah looked after our bikes while we were sailing the seas.
Day 4 - A wet one today, but we had been very lucky not to get wet on the other days. Our desination was Woden, but it was pouring before we even got started. Never-the-less, fourteen riders made the effort. Solid rain as we rode straight up to Kingston, and along the southern shore of LBG. Past Yarralumla till we got to a point in an open paddock where we had a re-think. Finally, Sue, Marshall and one other decided to finish the ride, and off they went in the rain, while Carol took the rest of us back to Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, crossing to the north side, and back to the other side at Kings Ave and only stopping when we reached a posh café for lunch and coffee, at the Kingston Wetlands Complex. Four of us had the Almond Croissants! Pedro took us the final leg home, taking a scenic route through the wetlands.
That was the end of our holiday, and some people went straight home that afternoon, even though they had paid for another night. A few of us stayed, and had a bonza night at the Monaro Tavern, on site, before hitting the kapok to be refreshed before the long drive home. Actually, not that far home. Many thanks to others who helped, like Glenn and Sue, and Jenny, and Carol, and Pedro..
This report is reproduced on the CCTCC Group page, along with many photographs of interest.

Happy holiday-makers enjoying the trip on Lake Burley Griffin -

Fair weather at Berkeley Vale - 2 April 2023
CCTCC ride around Tuggerah Lake - 2 April 2023
Four not-so intrepid riders at Wyong Centennial Park this morning - Linda, who rode from home, Danny, same, Glenn and Sue who drove from home. Weather was overcast, a bit cool, and thundery. I decided to stick it out, while the others went home for fear of getting drowned.
Acting as ride leader, péloton and sweep, I headed off towards Tuggerah. It was surprisingly mild and cruisy, if cool on my neck, but I perservered and enjoyed the ride. At Berkeley Vale I took a photo, then continued around the lake. At Long Jetty I took a short detour to the Hemp Shop to get some hemp seed oil, arriving at 10.00 o'clock just as the lady opened the shop door.
I then continued my circuit of Tuggerah Lake, not stopping for anything till I got home - an easy and enjoyable ride. I had lunch and a coffee, after completing a mere 45km in 2.5 hours. No rain at all and nil hassles. Sorry no-one came with me.

Remaining 5 riders in Footts Road, Palmdale - Front Elevation
Sunday 19 March 2023 - Gosford to Palmdale
A very hot day was forecast, so I decided during the night that I wouldn't go on this ride, but at 7.20am I changed my mind and bounded out of bed, had breakfast, loaded the bike and drove to Gosford, getting there at 8.55am. I warned the leader that I was coming and to wait for me, which they did. I usually allow 2 hours for this start.
Looking for Jenny, but apparently she was on other duties, so we just had Paulie. Also Roy, two guys called John, Colin (sweep), Anthony, and Greg. Eight of us.
Off we went, having already decided not to do the planned ride along Enterprise Drive and back over Kangy Angy (I predicted that change owing to the excessive heat forecast for the day 35°C). Just ride to the Palmdale Crematorium and back to the Heatherbrae Pie Shoppe. As it turnd out we took OCR (Ourimbah Creek Road) and Footts Road to make up some distance, but as it was we still only did 38km. As we got to the Gosford Rail, where no trains were, just buses, Paul decided to go through the underground carpark, which is usually safer, and easier, and come out at the station. However, since any of us had been there, management has put in toll gates at the entrance and exit, so you have to pay now. They open automatically then close again, this time on Greg's head, causing him to fall to his knees and scrape the skin off them. He struggled on for a while, but left us further up the road and go home for medical attention.
We took a nice photo at Palmdale, then continued on to the pie shop, where we had a nice feed and good coffee. On the way back we went through the cemetery, where the sad sight of two teen-aged girls buried there in 1954, probably because of polio. We started to lose members as they went straight home, and only 5 of us made it back to Gosford.
It only got to 30°C and was quite bearable. So glad I had a Damascene moment and made the effort to come. Thanks to everyone for coming, a very pleasant ride!

Front Elevation - Detail - 19 March 2023
Thursday 16 March 2023 - Thursday Ride
Nice easy ride today to Umina, but did get very hot so we cut the coffee break short and we were back by 12. Glenn came to the rescue of a lady with a shredded car tyre. He stopped and changed it for her, thanks Glenn such a thoughtful man.

All riders coming back from Y'malong, except Danny, behind the camera - 12 March 2023
Sunday 12 March 023 - Yarramalong for coffee
Only eight riders presented at Wyong for our ride to Yarramalong, a bit disappointing, but we enjoyed ourselves never-the-less. Roy was our guide, and had recced the ride during the week, and was able to confirm that, apart from a few big holes, the road was in good condition, with old potholes filled with new bitumen recently. The weather was warm and sticky, cloudy and fine.
Anthony did the tailgunner's job in fine style, warning us of vehicles approaching from behind. Usually I insist on stopping to take photos of nice animals, but there were very few, so there are no such photos.
The road was very busy as is usually the case on Sundays, with utes and motorbikes, and cars, but all very well-behaved, thank you drivers! At Yarramalong during the week, Roy came to the conclusion that the servie station was closed, not open for business. We could have thought the same today, but then we saw a sliver of light, with a solitary shop-keeper inside, with coffee for sale but little else. So we got our hot drinks. which weren't too bad, and had a good chat about our travels, and our health. Funny thing for old people to be talking about, eh!
On our way back, which was helped by being mostly downhill, we saw the Turf Farm coffee shop, and realised that's where we should go next time.
The ride was easy on our Easy-bikes, and well-done by the pushbike riders, especially by Roy, who, at his age, is a credit to abstinence, dedication and a monastic life. Thanks everyone for coming, and to Roy and Anthony for looking after us.

Danny, not photoshopped in, instead of Carol. - 12 March 2023

Everybody at Bluebell Park - 5 March 2023
Sunday 5 March 2023- The Entrance for Coffee
We had 9 starters at Wyong for our “easy” first ride of the new month (and the first ride of the Autumn season). It was a pleasure to welcome a couple of rarely-seen faces today, Adrian and Tony. Paul was sporting his new TREK bike which has replaced the one sadly misappropriated (read pinched) while he was away on his nautical adventures. Paul apologised in advance and said, sorry the bike’s rather heavy and I won’t be going fast. Don’t worry, we said, we’ll cope. With Paul in the lead and Steve as sweep we set off along Gavenlock Road, through Bunnings carpark, and on to the back roads through to Wyong Road. Paul actually set quite a brisk pace, and the sweep could barely keep up.
We paused at Bluebell for a wee break (see photo by Nicolette), and Paul apologised again and said he hadn’t got a speedo and didn’t realise how fast he was going. On the lake path he had to slow down a little, but the back markers were still falling behind. It was no matter because it gave us all a better work out than we were expecting.
We arrived at The Entrance and headed for the coffee shop on the corner, the Euro Bean. It was seriously busy and the coffee took quite a while. We were impressed by the diligence (if not the efficiency) of the staff who were operating flat out. The coffee turned out to be on the weak side, so maybe the Beans were in short supply. We were entertained by the youngest rock band ever, average age about ten. They were surprisingly good.
Then it was back on the bikes for the trip home, this time with Col as the sweep. We used the classic route around the lake, then Aston Wilde Road, then Reliance Drive and on to the Tuggerah Straight. It was warming up by this stage, up to 31°C, so it was a good time to finish. Total 38km, and a good time was had by all. Our thanks to Paul for leading.

Intrepid crew at Soldiers Beach - 26 February 2023
Sunday 26 February 2023 - Soldiers Beach
Sunday's ride to Soldiers beach via Budgewoi. Paul leading and Colin & Greg sweeping. Weather was good, started to get a bit hot midday. We rode from Wyong to Toukley down The Corso to the Budgewoi Lake cycleway. Some sections need work and we were diverted to the road towards the end. Then on to Lakes Beach for lunch. Service was good and the coffee & food. Thereafter we rode down to Soldiers beach as seen on the photo.
Then we returned down Canton Beach to Toukley, then as we rode the dippers [Marks Rd] Greg got a flat so we waited, but some people needed to get home so they headed off while we waited for Greg. Then headed off down the new cycleway back to the start and at the finish poor Greg had another puncture - 3 that day! A bit of bad luck Greg! I take it they all enjoyed the ride as we rode 56km. Good going everyone and thanks for the company.

Roy and his crew at Davistown - 19 February 2023
Sunday 19 February 2023
Nineteen members gathered at the play equipment at Gosford sailing club this morning. Roy was the leader and that guy on the left of the picture was our sweep. Weather was warm and cloudy and it did try to rain a couple of times during the ride, but failed. A good mix of e-bikes and real bikes, and we all looked after each other.
After an uneventful trip down to Woy Woy we had a break, and spied Annie riding along Brick Wharf Road, but she didn't seem interested in joining us. We then set off for Rip Bridge, which would have made a wonderful photo, but I missed the opportunity. Just add that to all the other MOs.
Roy took us the traditional route which involved all the little detours, on grass and tracks, which a few of us hadn't seen before. The sweep and Rod got way behind at one stage, so I waited for them, a risky plan as I still don't know the way through all those back roads after all these years. I did try to lead them astray, but our sweep remembered the way and got us back on track.
Have I mentioned The Little Teapot Café, at Davistown, recently? New owners, and they have gone to great lengths to make everything nice for cyclists, eg new bike racks, even though they are a bit tight for big fat e-bike tyres. We got a table out in the garden with enough room for everyone except Rod, who had to sit on his own adjacently. I had a smoked salmon croissant which was magnifique!
This is quite a long ride, so I'm keeping it short. My back tyre started to go down, which I attributed to a puncture which I had last week. Very slow, so I put more CO2 in it which got me back to the car, but it was dead flat by the time I got home. Anthony won the race along Avoca Drive, but he's younger than everyone else.
A very enjoyable ride, no dramas or punchers, well done everyone. Thanks to our staff and well-behaved crew.

Everybody except Nikki and Rod (see more pix on FB) 19 February 2023

On the magnificent Lake Pathway, Tuggerawong - 12 February 2023
Sunday 12 February 2023 - Norah Head for Coffee
Already quite warm at 0900 at Wyong, with a top of 27°C forecast. Michelle leading, and Sue and Paul sweeping up, thanks chaps! Seventeen riders, including Carol who caught up eventually.
The usual route for Michelle, Pollock Avenue to Jensen Road, then along Tuggerawong Road to Toukley Bridge. Save the bike path for the way back. Over Toukley Bridge and right at The Beachcomber but then a novel route - out of the caravan park, RIGHT onto Evans Road and all the way to the end, and then the bush bike path to Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD). Hardly ever done that way before, but a good variation adding a couple of kms to a shortish ride. North on WBD to Norah Head and coffee at the newly-managed café, now called the (can't remember) where we enjoyed a nice cuppa and an almond croissant or something similar. Straight back to the Roller Coaster (didn't look for Molly the cat) and down to the long-awaited scenic new path by the lake, where we took some more photos.
It was then time for me to go home, like Linda and Carol before me. I clocked up 55km with the extra ride to Wyong and detour to the path on the way home (see photo above). The basic ride was about 44km. Thanks everyone for coming.

Time to say goodbye to Danny and Carol - 12 February 2023

Greg with some of his loyal retinue, outside the Pam Stringer Memorial Toilet Block -
Sunday 5 February 2023 - Brekkie ride from Wyong to The Entrance
An early start this morning, not without incident, with Nikki being 2 minutes late, and Paul starting at the wrong end. Seven of us at Wyong Centennial Park, picking up Nikki, Paulie and Andrew on the way.
Lovely cool morning (17°C) gradually getting warmer as the sun rose. Not much traffic on the paths or roads, but the sun shining in our eyes made it hard to see the way. No dramas or incidents, just the way we like it.
After a superb brekkie at Euro Bean café we split up somewhat, with Nikki going straight home nearby, me going up WBD on a shortcut, and possibly some others, like Carol or Adrian, if they rode to the start, or train. So I can only go on the Strava reports to see what happened after I left, but I think that after a quick detour around Toowoon Bay, Greg took them back to the lakeside path for the trip to Wyong, maybe after a spin along Church and Lake Roads and the sports field. Let me know if I'm wrong. On second thoughts, don't.
Thanks everyone for coming - a special ride! Thanks also to Greg and Carol for sweeping up.

Nikki's photo at the Euro Bean café - 5 February 2023

Morning coffee at Umina SLSC - 2 February 2023
Coffee ride to Umina - 2 February 2023
A small group enjoyed Thursday's social ride. Ably led by Colin swept by Greg. Anthony (in the white shirt), a new rider joined us - we used to fly paragliders together. It was great that Heiko, Annie and Jane joined us at Umina. Heiko still struggling with moving house.

All today's riders outside Barry's house - 29 January 2023
Sunday 29 January 2023 - Wyong to Lakes Beach for coffee
Beautiful summer's day with clouds, no wind, no rain, lots of humidity and heat (100% and 30°C respectively). Eleven riders fronted, with Jenny leading, and John H sweeping up on the way out, and Michelle on the way back. Danny and Barry rode from home, so disappeared on the way back to Wyong.
Jenny varied the route by heading towards Toukley via Jensen Road for its whole length, then along our old favourite, Cadonia Road. We took the detour around Peel Street to reduce our exposure to Main Road, before resuming our trip to Budgewoi. I know, it's a bit past Lakes Beach, but well-worth the extra distance for safety and variety's sake.
The café was quite crowded, but we all managed to find a seat. Coffee was up to its fine standard. We found Angela and Chris, from Toukley club, who had been on a little sprint in the hot weather. Steve had a puncture, a nasty little glassy knoll! There was a lovely sea breeze to keep us from overheating, although the guys on the puncture duty were soaked in sweat. That's our first puncture in either club for a few days.
We hadn't taken any photos yet, so we squeezed a couple in, at Barry's place and on the Tuggerawong pathway. Baz was already home, so went indoors, and I banged off a couple of shots on the path, as did Nikki, then I rode home for a total of 60km. The basic ride was 45km, perfect for a hot day.
Thanks Jenny for a great ride, and thanks to everyone for coming. My idea of a pleasant Sunday activity!
Next week is a Breakfast Ride, from Centennial Park in Wyong.

Most of our riders at Tuggerah Lake bike path (no, I'm not photoshopped in) - 29 January 2023

Andrew and his crew trying to cross Narara Valley Way (photo by Greg) - 22 January 2023
22 January 2023 - Hidden Valley, from Gosford
After spitting rain all night, the weather eased off enough to get some of us out of bed, then continued raining lightly most of the day. Five keen riders fronted at Gosford, with Andrew leading and Greg volunteering to sweep up. The others were Sue, Roy and me (Danny). Somebody queried whether we really wanted to ride in such weather, till I pointed out that between us we had driven about 200km to be there, and the same to get home. And the reputation of the club was at stake. Everyone agreed.
With everyone decked out in proper rain-gear, we set off to the north through the wilds of Gosford and Narara. Everyone but me was on a push-bike, even Roy at 86 years old, so I didn't have any come-back about my age being an excuse for battery assistance. The rain was quite light all morning, so no-one would have been inconvenienced.
Puddles everywhere, but we rode slowly through them, and saved our feet from getting too wet. Up at Lisarow, where the new bridge is under construction (nearly finished), we rode through the cemetery thus avoiding any danger from traffic. Same way coming back too. At Ourimbah Creek Road we had a discussion about our next leg - up to Hidden Valley, or just up Footts Road to Palmdale, and back along the highway? Andrew liked the latter idea, so off we went through a little paradise of quiet farmland and sleepy crematoria.
Back at Lee Rowans, we found plenty of seating at the café and selected a nice outside seat (as always). We had a surprise visit by Colin, there with his girlfriend, but we didn't meet her. Cherry strudels were a popular taste treat, with Andrew scoffing down a French vanilla slice with a fork 'n' spoon.
We soon headed back to Gosford, taking almost the same route. There was a lot of traffic, but we managed to avoid hitting it. Thanks everyone for coming out today in the circs, especially Sue with about 200km under her belt for the round trip. Thanks to Andrew and Greg for their support, and for the extra photos Greg. More photos on our Group FB Page here.

Friendly horses on Footts Road, Palmdale - 22 January 2023

Everybody at La Macchina. Wish I was there! - 15 January 2023
Sunday 15 January 2023 - Budgewoi Lake Circuit
After our usual start at Wyong, we cycled part way around Tuggerah Lake, crossed the bridge at Gorokan and continued to circumnavigate Budgewoi Lake. En route we took a diversion to Northlakes Shopping Centre, San Remo, for coffee and food at Danny’s favourite café. After lunch we used the Budgewoi Lake new western extension which will eventually go to Tacoma.
Seventeen of us started, with Paul a late arrival. Greg peeled off half way. Glenn was leader and our two sweeps were Greg and Jenny. Distance 51kms on a sunny summer’s day. A great workout, thanks to our leader and sweeps.

Nikki and Steve at San Remo - 15 January 2023

Only Paul, Annie and Greg missing from this group photo - 8 January 2023
Sunday 8 January 2023 - Umina for Coffee
Beautiful weather for the sixteen riders that came along for Greg's version of Umina-for-coffee. There were a few where-are-we-going questions but generally the riders enjoyed the mostly flat ride. Our coffee stop was very busy but also very efficient. We quickly had our orders filled and with the sea breeze and good company it was hard to get moving again. Rod got a flat but was quickly fixed with Michelle doing a great job of sweep, I got a message from Jenny alerting me to the delay. One pedestrian took exception to so many of us riding on their footpath, other than that a delightful day.
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