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Reports of CCTCC Rides

The crew with friend Narelle at The Entrance CBD - 26 December 2021
Sunday 26 December 2021 - Boxing Day Bash
Total 8 riders including Steve in the lead and Sue as sweep set out on a ride which is an old favourite. Boxing Day Bash started out with a Bang. Newbie Reg's tyre exploded like a shot from a gun 10 minutes into the ride.No worries he fixed it solo in record time. We followed lake path to The Entrance. Narelle joined us for coffee and we all enjoyed the sea breeze. On our return Greg left us at the skate path and we continued back to Wyong. The bike path and The Entrance were all quiet and we couldn't work out where all the people were. Thanks to those who came on the ride - it was great to stretch the legs on a summer's day.

Roy's team at Wyongah - 19 December 2021
Sunday 19 December 2021 - Brekkie ride with Roy
A hot day was forecast, but we got going at 7.00am and were back at 10.00am for breakfast at The Entrance (T/E) with the temperature only 28°C. Nine riders at the start, and Colin caught up with us after starting 45 minutes late (that's him at the back of the photo having just arrived). Roy led us on this lovely ride, and John E swept up, thanks guys.
So, an anti-clockwise lap of Tuggerah Lake, straight up Wilfred Barrett Drive, missing the new bike path, to the cemetery, and so on through Toukley/Gorokan and Wyongah, where we joined the scenic path at Prawn Beach Lane. No surprises or accidents, just pleasant riding all the way back to T/E. John and Josie peeled off homeward bound near Killarney Vale, while the rest of us went to our favourite Eurobean café at T/E CBD.
I made a mistake ordering my brekkie, thinking that the Big Breakfast and the Smashed Avo on Toast were the same thing, accidentally ordering both. The manager came out after I rejected the big brekkie, and I admitted I probably did order both, and was prepared to pay for them. But the manager, bless him, said, no we can use that for something else, and gave me back $20. I don't think it even cost that much. Won us!
The ride was about 47km. A very pleasant morning, despite having to get up at 0500. Thanks everyone for coming.

Waterbirds at the southern end of Tuggerah Lake - 19 December 2021
CCTCC Xmas party at Long Jetty - 11 December 2021
Club Weekend 11-12 December 2021
Saturday 11 December - Club Xmas Party! Eighteen members showed up and brought some lovely food, salads, desserts and drinks. Paul was there at 7.45am to claim our picnic spot. Something one just has to do, and Paul ensured we had our spot, thanks Paul. He also brought everything, including all the barbecue food, utensils, hot water stove and cooked it all... Thanks so much mate! Paul couldn't ride owing to injuries, but made such an effort for us!
The weather was a bit 'ow's-ya-father, with a 20 knot southerly blowing, 20° felt like 14°, so we didn't hang around too long after the bride and groom left. Still - a great party with such nice food, thanks everyone for bringing such nice stuff.
Sunday 12 December 2021 - Lakes Beach. The weather wasn't that much better next day when we had our Annual Lakes Beach Memorial Ride. A strong wind, but not as cold, in fact quite nice thank you! I (Danny) led the ride, with eleven of us in the péloton - a pretty good turnout considering the wind. Greg looked after the tail. See photo below.
A lovely tail-wind back to Gorokan and along Main Road, Toukley, and 'specially down to Budgewoi. Even coming across the top of Budgewoi Lake on the bike path the wind wasn't so bad. We missed Lakes Beach café for various reasons, mostly because I prefer San Remo's La Macchina. I wondered about overcrowding, but there was plenty of room, and the service was quick. The standard of coffee and almond croissants here is exceptional. No, not getting paid to say this. Barry had to get home as his leave pass was due to expire. Another slight variation in the route meant that we stayed on the Specific Highway right through Charmy up to the big roundabout at Lake Haven, where some nice car drivers let us cross the road towards Arizona Road.
Then through the beautiful Warnervale Wetlands to Warnervale Road, turning left into Minnesota where a workman in a car jumped out to tell us the road was closed from there to the hwy 2ks along, but that we could ride on the footpath, but don't go on the road! That test mastered, we came up to the problem - the sewerage was broken under the causeway, where there were many excavators and trucks, and an unholy stink, like an open sewer. We got through that and continued up to Figtree Blvd, Johns Road and Pollock Avenue back to Wyong, safe and sound.
A very pleasant ride, new routes for some, well worth the money spent. Thanks for coming everyone.

The crew at Toukley Bridge, with spray coming off the whitecaps - 12 December 2021

Greg's Pic, Gosford Sailing Club, heading for Umina - 5 December 2021
Sunday 5 December 2021 - Gosford to Umina regular 1st week ride
Nine riders turned up at Gosford Sailing Club for the usual first week in the month ride to Umina, and this time I decided to come. Weather was iffy, cool, with a good breeze (15-25knts SSW), and some rain at the Umina end.
Roy was our leader, more of that later. Rob had his funny little fold-up e-bike, Ros had her big e-bike and I had my mussel bike. Col looked after the tail end, thanks Col and Roy, keeping us all tidy and neat.
Into the stiff headwind, but not as bad as it looks with the Sea-Breeze windspeed, the usual way along the coast towards Woy Woy then Umina, and continuing along the seaside to USLSC.
Paul and Nikki came to join us there for coffee, and brought the rain with them. Nobody went for a swim.
On the way back Roy took us a different way to what he knows, so we finished up lost, and Annie with a small crew took a less hilly route, and we didn't see them again for ages. I went with Roy's péloton but left them after I realised where we were and took off after the sensible team. I caught them along Brisbane Water Drive, then Roy caught us too, minus the rest of his team. Anyway, at that stage Annie went home and the rest of us headed back to Gosford with me leading as Roy was waiting for the rest of the guys. We all came together for a debrief at the sailing club before we headed off home.
I had some lunch at the Eat Street café and while I was there a girl dropped her car-keys on the ground and they slid under the counter, where they stayed for the remainder of my lunch while the girl and her friends tried to retrieve them. After I left for home I remembered I had a long bar with a hook on the end to hold up my tonneau cover, but I didn't go back.
A lovely ride of about 47km with plenty of adventure.

Rob, Annie, Sue, Col, Paul and Roy at the beach at Umina.
Sunday 28 November 2021 - AGM Ride
Hi all! We just had a short ride today due to our AGM & BBQ at Long jetty. With a very light rain we started at Long Jetty where the AGM was being held to save riding back to the previous starting point at Wyong.
There were quite a few puddles on the cycleway so lifting the legs up was the option. Riding to Bluebell Park for a drink stop there was an orienteering event going on and Heiko, a club member, had entered but just as he got to the start we took off so he just missed us but later turned up for the AGM.
Heading off to Chittaway then turning onto Wyong Road cycleway or better still the Jungle, not all that well maintained but is rideable, then onto the lights on Tumbi and Wyong Roads crossing onto Eastern Road all the way to the turn off into the Batto shopping centre then under The Entrance Road to Bateau Bay Road then down Bonnieview Street to the lights on Entrance road, back to the Cycle way and back to our BBQ where the guys had the coffee and food ready so was good timing.
Thereafter we held the AGM then it started to rain again towards the end. It was a short AGM.
Just Big thanks to all those who turned up and helped out. Thanks to all the leaders for taking the time to lead the rides over the year and thanks for the previous committee members standing again and were all voted in.
Cheers all
Paul M

Nikki's photo, Club riders at mouth of Wyong River - 7 November 2021
Sunday 7 November 2021 - All the Rivers Run
Despite threatening clouds and forecasts of rain, fifteen riders turned up at Wyong for today's ride named "All the Rivers Run". Basically a ride to the ends of Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek to see the lake up close. I (Danny) was the ride leader and Paul was my sweep.
Over the Wyong Bridge and straight down South Tacoma Road to the very end, not just of the bitumen but of the western shore of Tuggerah Lake. Then back up the only access road to Macpherson Road, where we lost a couple of our number, viz Rob and Nick who went home. Up MacPh Rd to Gavenlock, right along to the other end to the Pacific Hwy, where we lost a couple of the women for some reason. Baz went home too.
The remaining faithful retinue stuck with me to the end of the ride, thanks guys. Then under the Wyong Road bridge, over it, and under again at the other side, leaving us at Lake Road, our favourite shortcut to Geoffrey Road, Chittaway Bay. Down said road to the very end, only this time we didn't go through the bush, as it was the same as the end of South Tacoma Road.
It did rain lightly on us, but as it was warm and calm we just sucked it up. There was an earnest request for coffee, so we headed off to Blue Bell Park and walked across the road to Lana's for beautiful coffee and nice food.
Back on the road after a big day out (about 30km at this stage), we struck out for Wyong along Wyong Road and The Tuggerah Straight, in gentle rain all the way. Ros had a puncture on Chittaway Road, so everyone stopped while Paul fixed it. I helped too of course. Back at the ride terminus we all said goodbye and got in our cars, except Annie who caught the train at Tuggerah, and me, as I rode from home. The distance for the basic ride was 37km, and I notched up 61 riding back to Lake Haven.
Pop off the wet togs and relax, job done. Thanks everyone for coming on this traditional ride, sorry about the rain but we've been very lucky the last couple of weeks. Next week Andrew is taking you around Tuggerah and Budgewoi Lakes, while I am holidaying in sunny Merimbula. Cheers!

Col, John, Annie and Martin at the end of the universe - 7 November 2021

Half way to Norah Head from Wyong - 31 October 2021
Sunday 31 October 2021 - Wyong to Norah Head 4 caffè
Eighteen riders joined us at Wyong for our Coffee Ride to Norah Head, with a gorgeous morning, sunny with no breeze. Paul took on the duties of leader, and Colin swept up for the whole ride. Thanks to you guys. We had a new guy, Rod, who had been in touch and was there as a result. A good contingent of Toukley riders who rode to the start, and peeled off on the way back.
A very pleasant and uneventful ride to Toukley followed, with a trip down Peel Street with a bit of bike track included. Paul calculated a smart way up to the Head, with a road crossing at the pedestrian refuge.
When we got to the General Store, there was a queue about 50 meters long, causing some members to go home for coffee, rather than wait an hour to get served. However, queues are funny things, and we got served within 10 minutes and had our stuff in another 10 minutes, so definitely worth waiting.
Eventually we headed back the same way we had come, except we made a detour at Prawn Beach Lane (PBL) to go on the lovely new shared path. Rod, the new guy, didn't know about waiting on corners and rode straight past Paul on the corner of PBL, until he found himself quite alone, so backtracked to find us again. By-the-way, his new bike is the same model as my old mussel bike, only all black, and very pretty.
As we came out again onto the Tuggerawong Road, I turned back to go home, completing 53km, while the others on the basic ride did 41km. A very enjoyable ride, very satisfying. That's the beauty of our chosen sport - being with friends, getting exercise, fresh air, seeing new places and the pleasure of bike-riding. Yeah!

On the Prawn Beach Bike Path, Rod's at the left in the orange jacket. - 31 October 2021/span>

Glenn giving a Trivia Contest at Hidden Valley - Sunday 24 October 2021 (Greg's photo)
Sunday 24 October 2021 - Gosford to Hidden Valley
Fourteen riders attended at Gosford Sailing Club to ride with Glenn to Hidden Valley at Ouirimbah this morning. Conditions were perfect and an enjoyable day was expected.
Glenn took us out through the centre of Gosford and up to Narara Valley Way and Railway Avenue to the Pacific Hwy at Lisarow. With roadworks going on there, we weren't sure whether we could get through safely. Glenn decided that we would manage the 100 meters or so of narrow road till we reached the safety of the new dual carriageway. He was right, no cars were present during this manoeuvre and it was much easier than finding some rocky path through the cemetery.
Soon we were at Ourimbah Creek Road (OCR) and heading up the valley to a delightful rural farmland. Plenty of cows, horses, alpacas and unicorns till we reached a stopping point where Glenn held a Trivia Morning, where he told us about a concert, just after the famous Woodstock concert, which was held in this area with a lot of famous Aussie music acts playing, such as Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs amongst others. We then rode to the end of OCR, then rode back to Ourimbah for coffee. On the way back I found my little alpaca friend (Arabella), who came running over to see me. I took a picture of her (see below).
They were very strict at the Gardenia café, checking our vaccinations and signing ins. Some people chose to sit outside the caf. This is a very nice place with excellent food and coffee.
Afterwards we headed back towards Gosford, this time taking the path through the cemetery, which turned out to be a very pleasant experience, uphill but not too steep, with an old cemetery with ancient gravestones, some depicting the resting place of several very young people from around 1954, who possibly died during the polio plague.
Glenn took us back a different way, finishing up on Manns Road then the CC Hwy back to base. A very interesting ride, thanks Glenn for taking us, and thanks to Paul who swept up. Thanks everyone else for coming and making it such a pleasant day.

Danny and friend at Hidden Valley

Morning tea at Shelly Beach, NSW Central Coast, Sunday 17 October 2021

Sunday 17 October 2021 - Ride to Shelly Beach
A very good turn-up today, with 22 riders present, so many that we had to split the péloton into 2 groups to meet Covid-19 restrictions. Weather was cool to start, but soon blossomed into a beautiful spring day.
Paul took one group and Glenn another group. We took different routes but managed to bump into each other on the way to Shelly Beach SLSC café. Glenn has an intimate knowledge of Batto Bay and confused everybody on the way.
We met up again at morning tea where, despite warnings from the staff that coffee would take 25 minutes, we all had our caffè and cake in a reasonable time. It was a very relaxed atmosphere at the surf club, on the first Sunday of freedom.
We finally pushed off for the return journey, but in one big group, as three Noraville members from the Toukley club decided to head home via Wilfred Barrett Drive, not scared off by the roadworks, which was the reason we were given for going back to Wyong via Tuggerah. I accidentally followed JD towards The Entrance before realising that everyone else was missing and found them again.
My distance from home to Shelly Beach return was 58km, Nikki did over 60 as she did extra kms at the end so she could stay on her bike, which is where she likes to be. The basic ride was about 37km. Thanks to Glenn and Paul for leading, Martin for sweeping. It was lovely to see everyone again after a long break. I particularly liked Andrew's new e-MTB. And Heiko's retro single=speeder in pastel colours.
Next week we are going to my favourite place, Hidden Valley at Ourimbah, starting at Gosford. See you then.

Seagrass sculpture of a polar bear at Chittaway - 16 October 2021

Re-start of Ride Calendar 14 October 2021
Rides have started today, with a coffee ride to Umina. There is a new calendar on our Ride Calendar page here.

The riders, plus Jenny and Brenda, at Jenny's for m/t - 20 June 2021
Sunday 20 June 2021 - Crackneck Coo-ee (didn't happen)
Sunday 20 June – Back Roads to Bateau
Eight hardy cyclists met at Wyong, Danny (in mufti) joined us to check out the day’s program. With Steve in the lead and Sue as sweep we set off. With such cool grey weather, but no rain, there was little traffic on the cycleway round the lake and The Entrance was deserted.
Our route gave us a good view of huge seas and then we turned inland on quiet back roads. Our ETA for morning tea at Jenny’s house at Bateau was spot on. Josie was already there and Danny and Brenda soon joined us. We enjoyed hot drinks and cakes sitting on the deck overlooking her garden, our special thanks to Jenny. The garden featured a sculpture of Lola (a bikini clad lady with swim goggles ready to dive into a pool). She can’t have been feeling the cold.
Anne decided to return via the lake so the rest of us continued through Tumbi Umbi and on to the lake path to Wyong. Our intrepid group beat the elements and the only complaints were wet feet and cold hands. Thanks to everyone for coming - what a great day. More photos on our FB Group page.

Sue's shot of Jenny's visitors - 20 June 2021

CCTCC ride members at the mermorial to very early seafarers, bearing poetry by John Masefield, or someone - 13 June 2021
Sunday 13 June 2021 - Brisbane Water circumnavigation
A perfect day for cycling, Glenn leading 14 club members. We saw Jane and Heiko but they didn't join us. Sunny with no perceptible breeze.
All rugged up on a very chilly morning, off to Woy Woy on the bike path. Across to Spit Bridge and right up the hill to see the stone memorial at the top. Just some ancient poetry. From there we jumped straight on to the bridge, no going up the little pathway, except for me, and across that magnificent bridge, but no time for photos, despite the wonderful views.
Then make our way across Empire Bay Road, always tricky, and into the world of little pathways and steep hills. Glenn had booked a table for 14 at the Kincumber Post Office café, for 11.30am, so we had extra time, which Glenn tried to fill with extra-curricular activities.
On arrival at the caf, we were glad we had booked, as there was a queue to apply for a table, but we just breezed in, having provided a $50 deposit. Considering how busy they were, we didn't have to wait all that long, John E was the most outspoken about the delay, and he didn't even buy anything! Anyway it was all gorgeous, especially the waitstaff, and the Maitresse d' looked just like Kitty Flanagan, but a lot younger.
On our way again, on roads that I'm sure I've never seen before, up a lot of hills and finally back to The Entrance Road. Didn't have any dramas, no prangs and didn't lose anyone. Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks Glenn for leading, and Paulie for sweeping up.

On arrival at Central Station - 6 June 2021

Sunday 6 June 2021 - Sights of Sydney
Another brilliant cloudless sunny day, if somewhat freezing at 7.00am, when we caught the train from Tuggerah. All up 20 of us made our way to Central Station for the beginning of our exciting Big Day Out in the big smoke. Paul devised and executed this ride, coming down last week and doing the whole thing himself as a reconnoître.
We started off riding down through the city to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, then back up to the Terrace on the Domain for coffee, quite a posh café, where we had our first coffee and something nice to eat to get us going for the big ride.
Then we rode down to Circular Quay then up on the Cahill Expressway for a look-see and a photo opp. Back down to road level and through The Rocks and under the Bridge on Hicksons Road. Paul kept stopping us to explain the history and features of each interesting place we saw, and did a very good job of it. Any passersby would have thought we were a touring group with a professional guide in place.
We continued on around the harbour's edge and into Barangaroo before crossing Darling Harbour on the Pyrmont Bridge. We then rode through Pyrmont and towards the Anzac Bridge, where we managed to get from one end of that giant bridge to the other without actually going across it. There were plenty of short sharp hills which tested us out, and I was wondering why I didn't bring my e-bike today instead of my mussel bike. Still, good exercise! The reason was that the e-bike is too heavy too wrangle in and out of the truck, and in the train, and up the steps at the Sydeny Harbour Bridge. We eventually found our way into Balmain and onto the ferry wharf, where we just managed to catch a service going to North Sydney - lucky!
Once on the north side Paul took us to Luna Park for some more photos before leading us to lunch at Kirribilli. Time was pushing on, despite the short distance we had ridden, but such is the demands of a guided tour. We lost our back markers a couple of times so Paul had to go back and find them. By the way, Martin was our sweep, and despite a couple of hiccups did a good job on his e-bike.
After lunch we had the prospect of climbing up to road level on the SHB, up many flights of stairs. Some e-bikes had a 'walk' mode which helped a lot, but you still had to walk up many steps, which isn't easy at our age. However, we managed to cross the bridge and finished up at The Sydney Observatory, where we saw a blushing beautiful bride getting her photos took. It's also a good spot for shots back over Darling Harbour and Barangaroo.
From there it was an easy run down to the southern end of the city, along bike paths, but quite squeezy and with short traffic light sequences, breaking us up. We all finally came together near Central Station where we soon caught a train back to the bush. The boredom of the long train journey was relieved by sitting near someone interesting (Carol) and talking about all our travel experiences. Before we knew it we were back at Tuggerah and heading for home, just as it was getting dark, having spent the whole of the daylight hours engaged in this wonderful touring experience - well, that's the name of the club, eh!
There are many more photos apart from the ones shown here, and they are on the FaceBook CCTCC Group page here. Thanks everyone for coming, an outstanding effort and rewarding for Paul who put so much work into presenting the ride. The distance covered was about 35km.

A group of happy riders - 6 June 2021

Re-group at Gorokan (Maree, Linda, Viv, Andrew, John, Greg, Barry, Steve. Missing: Danny, behind camera, and Colin, at the toilet) - 30 May 2021
Sunday 30 May 2021 - Budgewoi Lake Loop
Ten riders this morning, good turn-up on such a cold day. About 14°C, with a SSW breeze of 15 knots, rising to 17° maybe and breeze up to 20 knots. But, despite all that, it was a lovely day, sunny/cloudy, clearing to sunny, with no rain, only a hint of precipitation at 0800 near Gorokan.
Andrew led us and John Eddie swept up, although I did take over the tail at Budgewoi and quite liked it, strange for me. I may do the tail from now on, happy to help. Andrew led us on a direct route up Main Road, Toukley, and onto the footpath from the roundabout all the way to Budgewoi. Much more relaxed than going on the road, thanks Andrew!
Once we turned into the wind at Budgie we noticed how freezing it was, but ploughed on regardless. It's a lovely ride along the north shores of this lake, with the best view reproduced below in a photograph. Stopped at Buff Point for a wee break, then continued on to San Remo, where my local knowledge helped us find the Northlakes Shops and La Macchina Espresso café where we had a very pleasant m/t out of the breeze.
Back on the road, we pushed into the wind all the way up the Pacific Highway to Bunnings at Charmhaven South, where we successfully negotiated crossing the hwy safely before riding down to Arizona Road and Hakone Rd and the wonderful Warnie's Wetlands. Another pinch-point at Sparks Road, but we got through that OK too.
Up to Minnesota Road and along the entire length of that cold mid-west state to the highway again. Andrew led us straight through into Figtree Blvd, then doing a u-turn around the close-by roundabout back to the highway for an exposed ride back to Pollock Avenue, while Linda, Baz and I, Toukley refugees, headed back east to home nearby. A good representation of the Toukley club too. When I got home I had 57km up, a surprise to me, so I suspect everyone would have close to 55 for the day. Well done CCTCC club, a beautiful ride on a fine and brisk day.
Next week of course is our postponed adventure into the big smoke, so make sure you catch that early train. See you then. Thanks to Andrew and John for their guidance today.

Beautiful scene from the top of Buff Point, see the choppy water? - 30 May 2021

View over Bar Beach - 23 May 2021
Sunday 23 May 2021 - Sunken Ships - Foreshore Ride
While rain was forecast, it never happened, just sunny cloudy beautiful weather. Fifteen riders met at Broadmeadow station, some driving there, some riding, others on the train, for a very interesting and exciting day.
Pedro and I (Danny) drove to Belmont then rode our bikes up the Fernleigh Track, giving us about 65km for the day, the basic ride was about 32km, but Greg rode up from Erina for a total of 109km!
First stop of the day was Macca's Broadmeadow, which is very friendly to elderly non-technical riders and we didn't have to press any buttons to get our stuff. But we did sign on the Covid-19 QR scanner. Then a pleasant ride through the 'burbs near Throsby Creek to the Stockton Ferry Terminal where we just made it onto the ferry before it left. Greg had gone to the toilet so missed the boat, and we didn't notice till Glenn did a head-count on the other side. There we found our old friend Lindsay, looking well and casual, who made up the numbers till we got Greg back.
We then rode out along the point to the ocean, looking across the river at all manner of watercraft, and got some good shots. After a quick look around Stockton, including the old power station, used to supply high-preasure water to drive hydraulic engines for industry, we rode back to the ferry and said goodbye to Lindsay.
Back on the Newcastle side, we rode up to Nobbys Beach, but not to the end of the rocky point, then up the hill to Bar Beach - a hard slog for the muscle-bike riders, pleasant for us e-bikers. We had lunch at Bar Beach Café which, despite being swamped by hungry beachgoers, managed to feed us in good time, and very delicious too.
Then we rode back to Broady, while Pedro and I rode back down the FT to Belmont. Thanks to Glenn for leading the ride, and Boston Bill for sweeping up. Nice to see Paulie back on the bike. Thanks also to everyone for making the big effort to get up here. I think Sue Hunt was the furthest to come. There are more photos on our FaceBook Group page here.

Waiting for the ferry to take us back across the Hunter River - 23 May 2021

Friendly alpacas on the Hidden Valley road - 16 May 2021
Sunday 16 May 2021 - Hidden Valley
Very cool this morning, about 13°C at 0900. Roy was leading the ride from Wyong Rotary Park to Hidden Valley, up Ourimbah Creek Road (OCR). We had 5 riders at the start, but Greg met us at the start of OCR, and we stayed six till he rode home from Chittaway, after catching the train up from Gosford.
There were Roy, Greg, me Danny, Carol, Heiko and Martin, who volunteered as Sweep. Very little traffic on OCR, just a couple of horse riders, and of course many farm animals, a wonderland for children to see. Sheep, cows, alpacas, horses, goats, unicorns.. Kiddies' paradise!
Due to an executive decision (forgot) we missed Palmdale and therefore Ffoots Road, but nobody complained. It was still freezing in the shade of the trees, but quite nice in the sunshine. There was a bit of a cold WSW breeze of around 7 knots, so in our faces heading out, but nicely behind us on the way back down the creek valley to the nursery where we had coffee.
They did warn us that the coffee would be about 20 minutes, which was alright by us, except for Heiko, who refused to pay for waiting, but waited anyway. The café had the wrong labels on the cakes, so I finished up with a pain au chocolat, instead of an almond croissant, which was what I wanted,
We were soon on our way again, down Burns Road to Enterprise Drive, thankfully not too much traffic this morning, and back to Tuggerah Rail, where I left to visit Cycology to buy a new mirror, having smashed the old one getting my bike in the truck. Bugger! Forty buck mistake!
While few in number, we had a grand day out, thanks to Roy and Martin for looking after us. There are more photos on our FaceBook Group page here.

Four of us paying attention at the top of OCR - 16 May 2021

Rest break at Toukley Bridge, Nikki's in the other photo. - 9 May 2021
Sunday 9 May 2021 - Chain Valley Choof
Ten members turned up today for my ride to Chain Valley Bay North (CVBN), despite the weather looking dodgy, ie cloudy, cool, spitting rain... They were me Danny, Nicolette, Greg, Pam, Merilyn, Graeme, Andrew, Carol, James and Heiko. Hugh wasn't able to do our ride owing to medical stuff, but we saw him at coffee.
James was our sweep, but we stopped whenever necessary to avoid anyone getting lost. First we rode to Gorokan Peace Park for a wee break, then up through Toukley to the end of the Main Road, turn left at the roundabout for a sprint down to Budgewoi, where we had another catch-up.
Continue up Lizzie Bay Drive to the highway, right, left, and we're in CVBN, God's Waiting Room. After a spell at Josh Porter Reserve, where there were a few people enjoying Mothers' Day, we headed back to the highway, and Doyalson, completely missing the Lake Munmorah Shopping Centre, as we had our little hearts set on La Macchina Espresso at San Remo, for excellent coffee and service.
The café at La Macchina was full, but they treated us as take-away customers so we didn't have to check-in, but we did all have our masks on. The almond croissant was delicious and so was the coffee. Hugh popped in to say hello, but we weren't going his way.
Back on the road, we rode south along the hwy all the way to Lake Haven, but I couldn't go straight home. The trickiest part of the ride was crossing the highway at the nursery near Bunnings, but a kind driver stopped for us. Back through the Warnervale Wetlands and down Minnesota Road to the hwy, follow the hwy round to Pollock Avenue and back to base from there. No punctures, no falls, no chain dramas, just a lovely ride with friends. It started raining just as we arrived back at Wyong, but by then we didn't care. Thanks for coming everyone - such a pleasing ride! Don't forget to note your printed calendar that Sunday 6 June is the City of Sydney ride, previously listed for today.

At the Gorokan Peace Park, with Nicolette - 9 May 2021

Well-disciplined crew at Umina Beach - 2 May 2021
Sunday 2 May 2021 - Umina Beach for Coffee
A perfect sunny autumn day and a relaxed pace made this a very pleasant way to spend the morning. Anne led 12 of us to Woy Woy where we were met by Margaret and Paula. Now 14 riders we continued on to Umina Beach Surf club for coffee.
Our return route was a “new” route through the quiet back streets of Umina Beach and Woy Woy. While we followed the creek we encountered some sand and gravel and we pushed the bikes rather than riding. A few departed before reaching Gosford, for a total of 42km. No incidents and no punctures on this Classic Favourite, thanks Anne for leading.

Two little girls at the beach (Margaret and Carol) - 2 May 2021

View of the City of Newcastle over Throsby Creek - 25 April 2021
Sunday 25 April 2021 - Newcastle Flyer
I had been dreading this day for weeks, but it turned out to be one of the best rides of the year so far. Eight riders attended at the early hour of 0830 at Wyong Rotary Park.
They were Viv, John E, Col, Andrew, Greg, Roy, Nicolette, and me, Danny, leading. The weather was fine and sunny, but a bit cool to start, but not enough to make me bring my new jacket. In the sun it was nice, and stayed very pleasant all day.
At Budgewoi we met a big group of guys on MTBs, with a support car. We told them we were riding to Newcastle, and they said 'We're riding to Toronto and Kurri [Kurri]!', so we just shut up and got on with it. At the iconic Big Prawn at Crangan Bay (2259) we took a photo as a proud record, then continued on towards Swansea, bumping into Marshall before the Murrays Beach turnoff. He had ridden down to meet us and we were happy to have him, as he was the only one who knew his way around Newcastle. We got a phone call from Paul, to say he would meet us at the Belmont Station with a sore knee.
At Swansea we had planned to dine at Macca's for m/t, but Nikki suggested a new café overlooking the channel. When we got there it was closed, as were most of the other cafés due to ANZAC Day holiday. We eventually re-discovered 'Cozzies' in the main drag, and ate our stuff outside on the seats/table. Very nice and not too slow service.
After an urgent stop at the Blacksmith's toilet, we continued on up the highway, till we were pulled over by Paul, who had decided he couldn't ride as his sore knee was too painful after all, after being hit by a car on Thursday.
Up the Fernleigh Track, where an idea was hatched that maybe we should make the most of such a lovely day, and being at Newcastle, to wander up to Nobbies Beach for a squizz. John and Roy opted to catch the train from Broadmeadow, no recriminations from the rest of us as they had done such an amazing job, at 79 and 84 years old respectively.
So the rest of us, with Marshall leading the way, rode up some mystery streets, then found ourselves on Throsby Creek (see photo above), on our way to the busy and exciting picnic that is the Newcastle city. Despite all the people, we managed to get some lunch (I had a delicious Wagyu hamburger de-luxe from the SLSC café), and more coffee for those who needed it.
Marshall then took us to the Newcastle Interchange, which I had never seen, and left us to catch our train back to Wyong. We were all feeling very chuffed at doing the big ride (about 85km) and joining in the holiday festivities in the beautiful regional city of Newcastle. More photos on our FaceBook Group page here.

Nicolette getting her leg over at Nobbies Beach - 25 April 2021

In the morning sun, CCTCC has its first break - 18 April 2021
Sunday 18 April 2021 - Brisbane Water Circuit
A chilly but fine morning of about 13°C with 20 riders present, and the promise of a few more as we made our way towards Woy Woy. Roy led the ride, and Boston Bill swept up the remains. At one stage we had 23 riders, then 21 then 22, then 23 again as Greg caught up with us at Davistown after missing the start and deciding to catch us going the other way.
As is always the case on Sundays on the 'peninsula' there was a lot of traffic, but everyone was courteous and patient, even us. We picked up Annie at Woy Woy, but lost Ros and John soon after due to illness. Jenny and I were on our e-bikes, and made the most of them on the hilly terrain. I was amazed at how stoïc and determined everyone was, what with all the hills, especially with me flying past on my magic machine.
Eventually we reached Davistown, the highlight of our trip, where our organising skills paid off as we all sat together to enjoy our lovely coffee and carrot cake. We all signed on with the QR code, eventually, and were checked at the table.
Our usual route out of Davistown via Saratoga was abandoned by Roy, who took us back up Davistown Road, with many hills, rather than the waterside way, which is about 3km longer. Different, OK, and we all reached Avoca Drive intact, with no word of complaint, so well done everyone. Some riders were a bit slower, but we waited for them. By-the-way, we had a newbie today, Alison, who was used to riding her bike 15kms at a time, so good on her for giving it a go.
Nicolette and I agreed that we wouldn't ride any further than the set ride, to round up to 50km, so she recorded 44km while I fibbed and got to 50. Sorry!
All up, it was a very enjoyable ride in perfect conditions, thanks to Roy and Bill - well done everyone!
Next week is my ride to Newcastle, return by train, starting at 8.30am at Rotary Park Wyong, next to the highway bridge. If you arrive late, you will be able to catch us if you speed up a bit, going on the river road to Gorokan and Noraville, Budgewoi and Lizzie Bay.

View off the Rip Bridge, with somebody's passing helmet in shot - 18 April 2021

Lake Budgewoi and westerly wind - 11 April 2021.

Sunday 11 April 2021 - Carry on to Cooranbong
At least a dozen members bravely attended the Wyong start of this Grade 6 ride out to Cooranbong, via Jilliby Road and Dooralong. Michelle led the ride, not sure who the sweep was. There were many hills and a gravel section, so going was slow.
Without my e-bike I couldn't do the ride from Wyong, so I rode from home to meet the others at the Relish Coffee House (checked my NSW Service App), Cooranbong, wearing my club shirt. That was 25km, and hard yakka heading into the westerly wind of 15-20 knots. I had my coffee and a snack and was heading back when I met the others coming up from Mandolong Road. So I followed them back to the café for a quick chat. I had already been there for an hour so only stayed for a few minutes before heading back home with a tail-wind, much nicer. My totaL distance was 60km, and the main ride was about 66km. All well over 500 meters vertical.
Maybe I'll get a report from Paul, otherwise, this is it. Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to Michelle for leading such an interesting and challenging ride.

Pearl Beach Riders with Christopher, our newest member
Hi all
Good weather for the 8 of us that turned up with Roy leading and Bill sweeping. Others were John A, John L’Es with his Ebike (nice Bike!), Paul M, John O, Sue H, and Greg H. We headed off towards Woy Woy for our usual stop then headed under The Rip Bridge to Umina. Then to the start of the climb up Mt Ettalong when John L’Es took off passing us all up the hill to the top then waited for us there after we all dropped down to Pearl Beach for coffee and cake. After the break, we started back and John E and Greg took the cliff face while the others rode up, most walked the start of that steep section except Roy the wonder boy who rode up all the way and John L’Es reaching the top. We flew down, I reached 60klm going down, then we all regrouped at the roundabout at the bottom.
As Roy wasn’t familiar with the back roads, Paul took over the lead till the lights at the Pool, then Roy took over again. He stopped for a photo with a young boy on his bike (see pic above) at Woy Woy then we rode back to the start. Thank to Roy and Bill for leading and sweeping, it was a good ride with 54klm all up.
Paul M
Club Holiday in Nambucca April 2021
Hi All
I hope you all survived all the rain we had and that you are all safe. Big thanks for those that came on our away ride we had 17 riders with a few Partners Peter and Sandy. We had some good rides and the weather was kind for us during the day and we had a good time.
The Sunday afternoon we headed out for a short ride to Nambucca Heads breakwall with a bike path all the way and we picked up some food and supplies on the return trip. The club did a BBQ on Monday arvo and we went out to dinner to the Nambucca RSL on Tuesday night, the ride out to Bowraville was a nice ride through the hinterland of the Nambucca Valley. We had a few short hills but was mainly flat and not many cars on those roads. Tuesday we headed up to Valla Beach checked out the scenery from the lookout, some rode down to the beach. We had coffee and eats at the coffee shop then returned down the old highway and turned off to ride around the hinterland via Macksville then on the cycle way back to camp.
Wednesday morning was raining and it looked like it was to continue most of the day so we cancelled the ride and due to the weather we decided to call it quits and headed home Wednesday.
Paul M
First rest stop - Tuggerawong shops - 7 March 2021

Sunday 7 March 2021 - Clockwise around Tuggerah Lake
I think by the time we had all arrived there were 23 riders today, in perfect cycling conditions. Annie was our leader, and Boston Bill swept up, thanks to you both. Quite a few e-bikes today, but I wasn't on mine.
A steady Annie-pace towards Gorokan Peace Park, with a stop at Tuggerawong shops, as in the photo above. At Toukley Bridge we picked up Linda and Viv, included in the numbers above. There was no detectable breeze, 5 knots on Seabreeze. A good run down Wilfred Barrett Drive for a re-group at North Entrance, before slipping around to The Entrance CBD for coffee. Pleased to see the Bite Club Café open, now I know they only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saw Doug there who reminded us that the Toukley Club Night Ride is on at 7.00pm from that place.
Back on the grids for a run along the very busy bikepath to Chittaway, but luckily we missed all the small and slow creatures along the way. We took the scenic route back to Tuggerah, via Church and Lake Roads before the final sprint back to our starting venue.
Thanks everyone for coming, I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves.
I almost forgot, we stopped at Canton Beach to look at the beautiful Street Cars, magnificent machinery! Thanks Annie.

CCTCC riders at Brighton-Le-Sands - 28 February 2021

Kicking on to Kurnell - 28 February 2021
A very early start today, I left home at 6.15am to catch the train from Wyong, and all ten of us met up at our usual spot by the Strathfield railway station. Perfect weather with a 10-15 knot southerly breeze in our faces, which cooled us down considerably. Sue led the ride, and Steve looked after the rear end, two of very few people who knew where they were all day.
First stop was somewhere along the way, sorry I don't know the names of places down there, where we had a nice cup of coffee and a snack, and a loo break. The road down by the beach was very busy, luckily we had paths which we shared with a plethora of Sunday outdoors people, and otherwise avoided any involvement with motor vehicles. Especially busy at Cronulla, which I know, quite exciting just to be in happy place.
We then, as our ride title stipulates, kicked on to Kurnell, about 10 km further south, along Captain Cook Drive, named after the famous explorer who holidayed down that way. Then we returned the same way to Cronulla to catch the train home. Andrew had already hived off on the way down, and Paul also peeled off to ride all the way back to Strathfield before catching a train back. Must have done around 100km! The rest of us did about 60km.
We had more refreshments somewhere. Then began the long trip home, via Central where I had another coffee, but they were both only small ones, with cakes.
There were no punctures or mishaps, no e-bikes (I was on my mussel bike) and plenty of interesting things to see. Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks to Sue & Steve for managing the whole show. This report and more photos appear on our FB Group page here.

Crossing the Captain Cook Bridge at beautiful Botany Bay - 28 February 2021

Animal farm on Ourimbah Creek Road (OCR) - 21 February 2021
Hidden Valley from Gosford - 21 February 2021
Heavy rain all morning, early starters got soaked, but at Gosford the rain stopped at 9.00am and there was no more for the day. Initially nine riders lobbed at the sailing club, soon joined by a latecomer, then by 6 more northerners, making a total of 16 for the day. All the Tuggerah residents went straight home after Coffee, but we still had about 9 at the end. I was leading, and Paul and Martin took turns at the back. The weather was quite warm and humid, but cool enough once you got moving.
I took the team up past the Club and stadium, onto Showgrounds Road, into the railway station carpark to avoid the hill, then followed Manns Road to Narara Valley Drive and on towards Narara. I missed the turn-off to the bike path, it's so hard to see, and took the front half of the péloton the long way round to the Narara Shops, while the tail-enders, who had no idea where I had gone, took the correct path and arrived at the shops at the same time as we did. I'm sure nobody minded going up the hill, at least I didn't on my e-bike.
The next snag occurred where Railway Crescent meets the Pacific Hwy, as the roadworks have disappeared our little path down to Ourimbah. We discussed taking a dubious gravel footpath up the hill coming out behind the cemetery, but I decided we should just go for it, as the narrow highway section only goes for about 250 meters, it was downhill and there were hardly any cars on it anyway. Worked well, back on wide roads in no time!
At OCR we gathered up Jane, Pedro, Viv, Linda, Hugh and Nicolette and made the very pleasant ride all the way up to the end passing the namesake property Hidden Valley near the end. Some nice walkers/runners took some photos for us, interrupting their long trek up the Great Northern way, having already covered about 45km for the day.
Back down OCR to the nursery for coffee, but our visitor Colin Izax made a fatal mistake and didn't wait for the sweep, so spent half an hour going to all the wrong places before he found us. Delicious coffee and cherry strudels were enjoyed, while my back tyre went dead flat with a chunk of basalt from the carpark embedded in the tube.
With help from John and Paul, and others, we soon had it fixed and resumed our trip back to Gosford. Paul took us on a secret path through Narara and Gosford, coming out on Racecourse Road for a refreshing change from the usual route.
Thanks everyone for coming, from far and wide, on a day that seemed sure to wet us good. More photos and comment on our FaceBook Group page here.

All of us at Hidden Valley - 21 Feb 2021

Eighteen CCTCC riders on the Swansea channel headland - 14 February 2021
Sunday 14 February 2021, Valentines Day - Broadmeadow to Swansea
Big day out for us meeting at Broady for a ride down the Fernleigh Track to Swansea. Eighteen riders, a good turnout even for Gosford. Beautiful sunny day, some clouds and a stiffish breeze from the south, increasing as we needed it to get back up the Fernleigh Track (FT). Paul led this ride, and as a citizen of the area he knew all the detours, which he took us down everywhere for interest. TotaL kms about 51, as predicted, and Greg did the sweep for the first half and Hugh took over at Swansea. Thanks all three for looking after us. No prangs, punctures or dramas.
There was a lot of traffic on the FT, to be expected on a Sunday morning, but everybody was nice, especially us. Coffee was taken at Macca's, Swansea. Rob and I had e-bikes, for which we were grateful, given all the hills, but everybody managed very well, despite their considerable age. Young Sam came back in my truck, cutting an hour off his trip back to Wyong by train. His mum and dad stuck with the railways.
Thanks everyone for coming along to such an out-of-the-way place, especially if you live in Roseville. A super day out.

Glenn and his crew on the way back from The Entrance - 7 February 2021
Sunday 7 February 2021 - Ride to The Entrance for coffee
On another date pudding day (warm and sticky), Glenn led 18 riders, including him, from Rotary Park in Wyong on a shortish but pleasant trip to The Entrance (T/E) for coffee. For variety's sake we had a small detour through the back streets of Tumbi and Killarney Vale, actually the same as we did on Friday with the TDCC Coasters, re-joining the Tuggerah Lake path further east.
A very pleasant coffee/snack was enjoyed in T/E CBD where there was plenty of room despite it being Sunday morning. We then headed back the same way, minus the Tumbi Loop, to Bluebell Park for a break, then back to Wyong the same way we came. Except that I chose to go on the Reliance Drive/Pioneer Avenue loop to avoid the bumpy and broken pathway. Starting from the back of the pack I thought the others would be long gone by the time I got back to Wyong Road, but I couldn't find anyone till I stopped at the Tuggerah rail and there they were way behind me. Good detour!
When I got back to the Wyong toilets where my car was parked, I decided to do a few extra ks to at least reach 40 for the day, on my old muscle bike. I bumped into Nicolette doing the same thing the other way! So I got to 40 which was her goal as well. A very pleasant ride, with a couple of new guys, viz Perry and Rob, who also enjoyed the ride.
Thanks to Glenn for leading the ride, and to Paul and Bill who shared the sweeping up. And to everybody else for coming.

Regroup on the way back from Yarramalong. Hugh not present as he went to Wyong Creek PS instead of the hall - 31 January 2021
Sunday 31 January 2021 - Yarramalong
I dressed for rain, but it never did. Everybody else was dressed sensibly. Just warm and sticky, like a date pudding. Andrew was in charge, and Martin kindly did the sweeping up.
We had a new lady today, Linda, as well as an old one, but she conked out after 8km. Her bike wasn't up to scratch, stuck gears, wearing sandals, and a basket for carrying bread. She rang her husband, then rode back to meet up with him.
There was a lot of traffic on the road, as usual, motorbikes and cars and trucks, but they were all well-behaved, except one jerk going the other way who screamed abuse at us in the foulest terms. May have been a passenger. Sick!
Lovely coffee at Yarramalong. A keen bunch these Central Coast Tourers - 3 aged over 80, and another couple pushing it (including me). By-the-way, seventeen riders, including the early finisher. Good turn-out!
About 40km for the basic ride, but Pedro rode from home at Noraville, and came home around Tuggerah Lake - 87kms! Thanks everyone for coming, and to Andrew for leading and Martin and Paul for following up.

Morning tea at Plant Impact, Empire Bay - Sunday 24 January 2021
Sunday 24 January 2021 - Gosford to Empire Bay Return
We knew it was going to be hot, but never-the-less nine riders joined us at Masons Pde, Gosford, for a relaxed ride to Empire Bay. We then picked up Jane at Bunnings, making ten all up. Paul led the ride, and Greg swept up on the southbound leg, and after he left Hugh did the honours.
I was on my e-bike, and very glad of it too. Not that there are that many hills, but on a hot day it soon saps your strength. Down to Woy Woy, and Blackwalls and over the Rip Bridge. The usual meander off-road to avoid the main road, then we soon found ourselves in Empire Bay at Plant Impact café. We hadn't booked, and the place was booked out, but one large table was booked for noon, so we were able to use that and be quickly gone again. Very nice café, with the feel of a Thai jungle, apparently.
At this stage we lost Greg, then Jane at Woy Woy, as she had already ridden the next part. Paul took us on an interesting route which I can never remember.
Back again in 3 hours, thanks Paul, Greg and Hugh. Thanks to everyone else for coming on such a hot day, 30°C? Did threaten to be 35°. Very enjoyable ride.

Plant Impact - 24 January 2021

Sunday 17 January 2021 – Light Horse Loop
A textbook ride with lots of interest – perfect weather, steady pace and our route mainly on dedicated cycle paths.
Ten of us gathered at Bella Vista metro station to ride the M7 cycleway and Western Sydney Parklands. We set off with Sue in the lead and Steve as sweep.
After a short ride, we enjoyed a pick-up coffee at Café McKels Norwest then joined the M7 cycleway. After 10 kms we turned off the cycleway and enjoyed the peace and greenery of the Parklands Track. Our next stop was at the Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens at Doonside where the miniature railway was operating and where we had a photo stop at the elaborately decorated arch.
We returned to the M7 cycleway to reach the Light Horse Interchange. Here Sue told us about the significance of the red poles with stainless steel plumes along the M7. The poles represent the horses of the Light Horse Brigade who fought in WWI and the plumes represent the emu feathers in the horsemen’s slouch hats. At the Interchange we had reached our furthest point and returned to Rooty Hill shops for coffee & food.
Lots of interest here – a medical centre with a sign “Circumcision Available” but no-one took advantage. However, tempted by the Tropical Taste Market several of us ventured in and bought authentic curry powder. We returned by the cycleway to Bella Vista station.
Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day with no incidents and no punctures.

Light Horse Loop Bike Ride with CCTCC Club.
This was an enjoyable ride in fine weather. Most of the ride was on excellent cycleways. I was pleased to see how these outer western suburbs had been improved over the years with excellent amenities and beautiful parks. There were more hills than I expected. Major roads were cut through hills whereas the bike tracks alongside them followed the original contours. We ate our picnic lunches in Rooty Hill. Much hilarity about a doctor’s surgery’s large ad for circumcisions. Hats off to leader Sue for leading the ride and husband Steve for acting as Sweep. They must have done a lot of work planning the ride as we negotiated many intersections that were not well signposted. We had a small turn out for the ride - pity as it was an interesting ride.
Nice bike path at Tuggerawong 10 Jan 2021
Sunday 10 January 2021 - Norah Head 4 coffee
Beautiful warm sunny day, fifteen riders at Wyong Rotary Park, Danny Leading, Martin sweeping up, with Michelle doing the home stretch.
Headed off down the river road for about 10 kms, till I had a repeat of a persistent problem with my rear tyre. (Flat due to dodgy rim tape, only replaced yesterday, but shifted inside the rim) So after Paul repaired it I rode home to get my other bike (e-bike) and chased the group to Norah Head. Actually got there before them!
We then chose The General Store Café where we were served quite quickly for that time of the week, so excellent service from them!
We then rode back more-or-less the way we came, taking Prawn Beach Lane on to the beautiful new bike path which has recently opened its new extension. Turn right at Jensen Road, all the way to Pollock Ave, where Nicolette dived into Kooindah Waters for a proper feed and drink. A few others had left us by then, but the remnants came with me back to Wyong, well-pleased with their efforts. Thanks for coming everyone.
Changing bikes in the middle wasn't my only hassle for the day. After carefully preparing a new sign-on sheet this morning I left it at thome, so I had to drive back from Wyong to get it, transforming a 45 minute buffer into a 5 minute scrape-in. Also forgot to turn Strava on, so I drove it back to the place I started it, but missed by a couple of km.

At Toukley Bridge - Graeme, leader Michelle, Mez, Roy, Alan, John, Josie, Viv, Sue, Paul and Andrew. 6 January 2019
Sunday 6 January 2019 - Wyong to Soldiers Beach 4 caffè
After a wild and windy night, twelve intrepid riders turned up for today's ride in very windy and overcast conditions. It actually didn't rain at all, and was quite mild. Well done you adventurers! Michelle led us out, and Viv kindly occupied the rear gunner turret.
I had already ridden upwind from home, so I was glad to have finalised my headwind section. At Gorokan we scooped up Linda, making 13 of us, a good effort. Pedro was also there, giving an account of the bad crash on Wednesday in the other bike club.
Looking at I see that I battled 20-25 knots SSW going to Wyong and going back there it was 15-20 knots which I didn't have to do. Josie rode home down Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD) so a good effort from her.
Along the path at Canton Beach Merrilyn had a flat which was quickly repaired by Paul. She had been making heavy going of it up till then, so that was why, her tyre was flat. That fixed, we re-grouped and rode up to WBD then, safely across, we headed for Soldiers to see mother nature clearing the surf of any water-babies with the fierce wind and heavy seas. Back to The Ark for coffee. Hats off to the staff, who dealt with the influx of customers quite quickly.
We eventually re-grouped and rode down to Toukley and over the bridge for the push back to Wyong. I, of course, went straight home, so this is only a 75% report. Well done for coming, everyone, you're a credit to the club to come out in such threatening conditions. Distance ridden was about 43km.
Click the link for another photo here and here.
For previous reports contact the webguy.