Old Reports of CCTCC Rides 2014 - 2015
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Sunday 27 December 2015 - Norah Head 4 Coffee
With a 25-30 knot southerly blowing all night, conditions didn't seem appealing for the club riders this morning, even if the temperature was 20°C. I had planned to ride down to Wyong for the start, but couldn't believe anyone would come out on such a horrible day, so I didn't.
Instead, I met them at Gorokan, having just got out of bed 25 minutes earlier, what a slacker! Nine riders swept up from Wyong with a big tailwind, with Linda for one having fought her way down from Toukley. Annie S was leading and Steve kept the back end under control. Others on the ride were Sue, Michelle, John L'Es, Shane, Carol, Marshall and me.
As we took off over Toukley Bridge I noticed that the loose fence panel at the east end had come loose again and was hanging out in our path - very dangerous! I came back later after I left the others and found some wire and fixed it for good! Past Canton Beach and up to the cemetery passing Don and Merle on their bikes going the other way, then all the way up to Soldiers Beach, which is completely exposed to the weather from the south and east. A couple of people were sitting outside the kiosk, but the carpark, which is usually full, especially on Sundays, was host to only about 4 cars today, so unappealing was the weather.
Then we rode back down to the Arc café and noted that the outside tables were available. But the queue inside to place our orders snaked back across the whole room, and we soon realised we would be there for hours, so we left and headed for the Bombora café down on Bungary Road. There, there was room for us, and no-one was waiting, so we placed our orders. When they told us that food would take 45 minutes we realised how many customers they already had sitting down. The coffees took ages, and Carol's mango smoothy arrived just as we were all leaving. Luckily she had already foreseen the hopelessness of it and bought a bottle of chocolate milk, cancelling the still-delivered smoothy.
The trip back was assisted by the wind, as far as the Toukley Bridge, but the trip down to Wyong would have been a battle, which I avoided by going straight home.
Thanks for coming you guys, you're amazingly dedicated!
Sunday 13 December 2015 - Budgewoi Lakes
A superb day to follow yesterday's excellent Xmas party, with 24 riders fronting at Wyong for today's ride up to Budgewoi and back via Warnervale. Cloudy but a glorious 23-26°C with a brisk NE breeze (15-20 knots).
Roy C led the ride, and young Richard looked after the tail until he went home from m/t. Glenn became our new tail-gunner and a great job he did too. We had 3 flat tyres (Roy C twice and someone else near Wadalba on the way back). Otherwise no dramas, just an enjoyable spin on our bikes for about 50km. The breeze converted into a tailwind coming back so a nice finish to the day. Coffee at Lakes Beach Café was a casual affair, with all our orders taking about half an hour to finalise. Steve was able to tell his Dad Jokes he was dissuaded from telling yesterday at the party. Quite funny actually!
The local car drivers were exemplary in the way they looked after us, giving way when not required and very patient, thanks guys! A top ride for those who came. Thanks everyone!
Saturday 12 December 2015 - President's Message
Hi All
The Christmas Party went down well, a good turn up and a special thanks to Sue & Steve, Glenn & Sue. John, Simon & Josie for helping setting up and organising the food. Also thanks to the members for the lovely salads and desserts you all brought along. Hope you all enjoyed the time together and it's not often we meet up with each other's partners so it was good meeting with them all.
Just a special note to let you all know that our Thursday ride will be a ride to the Entrance, meeting at Tuggerah Bunning's car park at 9.30am.
Thanks again for the lovely day
Paul M.
Photos are here.
Sunday 6 December 2015 - Palmdale
On a lovely warm sunny morning we had 23 riders join us for today's ride. Richard joined us at Ourimbah and left us at Tuggerah, but we still count him. The speedy guys were there, Shane and Alan (but on his MTB), newish people like Mel's mate Deb, David and Sheila, and some good guys like me and Andrew. Melissa led us out, with Narelle looking after the back end.
Winding our way through Gosford CBD we finished up on Showground Road, which we followed to the end, Manns Road. Then on to Narara Valley Road and on some bike tracks to Railway Crescent. Luckily the traffic was good to us and we had smooth progress. Right to the end of Railway Cr and onto the Pacific Hwy to the Shell servo next to the nursery, where we found Richard. No time yet for morning tea, as we pushed on to Burns Road and Enterprise Drive for a very pleasant ride down that interesting road to the Sanitarium and Masterfoods factories and wove our way through the industrial estate and along the little bush track to Wyong Road next to the Ourimbah Creek. Up the road to the railway bridge at Tuggerah, but not before we detoured around the Reliance Drive estate.
The warm weather was tempered by a nice fresh NE 5 knot breeze in our little faces. Next - Kangy Angy (KA), which we agreed used to knock us flat, but now we're used to it (the older riders anyway). From KA we rode down the highway to Palmdale and along Palmdale road past the crematoria to Footts Road, in an effort to use every road we know on this ride. At last we reached the nursery which has an excellent café, and we indulged ourselves with coffee and cake (I did anyway).
Eventually we dragged our sorry butts onto the bikes again for another tricky route - back down Burns Road to Chittaway Road (not Enterprise Drive as we all think), turning right and riding into the Uni campus for a fascinating ride through the back streets till we reached the highway. In a first for me we turned left at the Pacific Hwy instead of right, and rode down to Lisarow railway station, where we picked up our bikes and carried them over the footbridge to the Railway Crescent side. Those of us with carbon bikes were thankful we didn't have all that heavy metal to lug.
From there it was back the way we came (in the opposite direction) to Gosford rail and back to the Broadwater. Thanks Melissa and Narelle for a very interesting and enjoyable ride, and thanks to everyone who came to make it a top day!
Sunday 29 November 2015 - Crackneck Lookout
A great ride today with Steve and the boys and girls - 23 riders all up, plus Ian of course at m/t. Pam joined us a bit later at The Entrance (T/E). At Wyong we had Matthew, for his 2nd ride, he's now a member and has his club shirt. Trevor and Sheila joined us, they looked quite new. Heikko also joined us for m/t and rode back with some of us to T/E. John Ed's lovely wife Pat also joined us for a minute at m/t.
Conditions were quite good, cloudy all day, some rain later as we returned, and a NE breeze between 10 and 18 knots at Norah Head. But a steady temperature of 22°C climbing to 25 later.
There had been a big fun run and half-marathon earlier in the morning from T/E, but by the time we fronted there was no-one left on the bikepath - good! A pleasant steady ride through Chittaway and along the lakeside bikepath all the way to T/E, no crashes or punctures all day. Crackneck was a challenge, and I had to walk about 100m up the hardest bit, then rode to the top passing a crowd who had passed me while walking. Steve rode all the way, but at the same speed I was walking, he said. My bike doesn't have enough gears, but Andrew who has the same bike rode all the way, so it must be me.
The little shopping group was already busy before we arrived, so we swamped the lady in the bakery, who could only make one cup of coffee at a time. We all eventually finished up with our drinks and food of choice, at the parkland in the next street. Plenty of seating and shelter, nice! After 45 minutes or so we packed up and got ready to leave. Pam and Richard of course just rode back to Blue Bay, Heikko to T/E, and Doug and I headed north up Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD), as we had already ridden from home near Gorokan to the start at Wyong, with just such a cunning plan in mind.
I can't say much about the main group's return journey, but I assume the best. Doug and I copped a face-full of wind up WBD, and a couple of showers, but got safely back home eventually. Thanks to the club for running such a beaut ride, to Steve and Sue for organising it, and everyone else for coming and making it so enjoyable.
Sunday 22 November 2015 - Brisbane Water Circuit
A perfect morning, warm (22°C), cloudy, slight breeze (10 knot E), 22 riders signed on at Gosford. Some newish guys, like Barry, who has ridden on Thursday, not long on the Central Coast, and Deb, a mate of Melissa's. Melissa T led the ride and Narelle looked after the back end, thanks to you both!
Melissa read the Riot Act before the start, so we were all on our best behaviour, that's why the ride went so well. A couple of flats, Carol and someone else, so far back I couldn't see 'em. The café at Davistown was open, and Ian had reserved a table for us in the garden. It took a while to lodge all the orders, but they didn't take long, so we were quite happy, seeing there were a lot of customers inside the caf.
After m/t we set off towards Saratoga and took the Centennial Avenue option, instead of riding all the way up Davistown Road (DR). This took us by the beach at Yattalunga and along the challenging grassy knoll - a much more interesting route than DR, thanks Mel! A good ride along Avoca Drive to clear the lungs (free riding) to the CC Hwy and Erina Creek where we waited for the back markers who had another puncher.
A short ride back to base and it was all over! Thanks everyone for coming - an excellent attendance!
Sunday 15 November 2015 - All the Rivers Run
Paul's Report:
Hi All
Sunday's ride was a bit of a wash out, the rain was definitely a spoiler as a few went home as they were not dressed for the heavy rain and the others hung around to see what they were all going to do. Finally they got the courage to jump on the bikes and go for a short ride to Chittaway for coffee.
As the rain stopped for a while they decided to keep riding, as we got the food and started to get the BBQ going next to the hall. As usual with the councils BBQs, one wasn’t working and the other didn’t seem to get hot enough and was slow going. With every one turning up for food and coffee at the hall, we gave them what was ready and it seemed to calm the hungry mob down a bit, then the rest of the food came when it was cooked.
The atmosphere was in a good swing as everyone was chatting and laughing and as I stood back and watched everyone enjoying themselves I thought we should do it like this every year. And thanks again for those who turned up for the AGM.
As all the old committee stood down, Richard Y took over as we all elected the new committee. The new committee is President Paul Murray, Secretary Sue Harrison, Treasurer Steven Hunt, Committee members Glenn Harrison and Josephine Laina. You will get a full AGM report soon.
Our week away around the Clarence Valley was a success! Check out the report below and photos on the web page.
Thursday's ride will be as usual this week.
Sue & Glenn Harrison are off to New Zealand next week to ride a rail trail over there so have fun guys and ride safe.
Take care and ride safe
Paul M.

Danny's report:
Lots of rain today, but it is AGM day, so many riders turned up at Wyong. A brief break in the rain almost had me retrieve my bike from the back of the Pajero, but more rain stopped me, accepting Annie's offer to lead a short ride to Chittaway Point for the AGM. Graeme and Merrilyn caught a train straight back to Morisset, as they weren't really dressed for a good soaking. Glenn and Sue left their car at Wyong and rode with Annie's crew, while the rest of us drove to Chittaway, for a get-together at the Bakery, where we enjoyed coffee and baked delights.
By the time we had finished that, the sky had cleared and we got our bikes and Annie led us on a nice ride to Church Road and down to the end of Geoffrey Road, and back to Chittaway. We then all met up at the Chittaway Point Community Hall on Sunshine Park, Geoffrey Road, where Paul was cooking snags on the bbq. Twenty members arrived for the AGM so it was nice and cosy in the little hall, with sausage sangers, rissoles, muffins and chocolate slice on the menu. The AGM ensued, after which we all went home. We kept our President and Treasurer but elected new Vice-P, Secretary and Committeemen. Details later. Thanks for coming today everyone, 20 out of 58 isn't too bad I suppose.
Saturday 14 November 2015 - Maclean Valley Tour
Paul's report on the recent holiday trip to Grafton and Yamba is here.
Sunday 1 November 2015 - Cooranbong For Coffee
With conditions perfect for a relaxing bike ride we gathered at the Morisset Rail. We had more than a dozen members before the train even arrived - 21 all up! Including a newby, Matthew, although he had joined us before when I was away, welcome Matt! Steve headed up the ride and Sue wagged the tail. Off we set towards the Morisset Hospital, and hadn't gone far when we got a phone call from Sue, to say that Marshall had had to turn back as he had left his bag at the station. Disaster! Luckily he found it in the car park in his car where he had left it. Whew!
We continued down Acacia Drive towards the lake, looking out for the kangaroos and wallabies that populate the area. Apparently their numbers rise and fall depending on whether Japanese tourists feed them or not. There are signs now to discourage the feeding of 'roos. Eventually we came to the beautiful Lake Macquarie, at which we gazed in awe for a few minutes before heading north on Eucalyptus Drive to meet Silky Oak Drive, which sounds lovely but is a nasty long hill up to Morisset Park Road.
Back along MP Road and Fishery Point Road to Macquarie Street and back to Morisset, heading west to Cooranbong, where Sue and Marshall finally caught up with us, on Martinsville Road. A regroup there before we took off for the end of Martinsville Road, Monkey Farm, at our own pace. Graeme got away first and was never caught, except by some young bloke dressed up as a professional cyclist. Merrilyn wasn't far behind, then me until I got caught by Fred. Paul was just behind me. After a short rest they started talking about the holiday next week, so I took off, as I'm not going. I was passed soon after by Fred and Paul. Graeme and Mez had already left as they had another appointment.
At the café at the 'Bong, they had several tables reserved for us, inside with air-con, so we relaxed and replenished for a while. We soon continued west to Newport Road which led us to Dora Creek, the town and the river. Crossing the river on the bridge proved easy as there were no cars to speak of. After a brief exploration of Stingaree Point we returned to Morisset. By now it had got quite hot, and we had cycled over 50kms. Some members, like Simon and Josie, now happily re-united, rode from home to Tuggerah Rail, so they would have done well over 80km, good on them!
A good solid ride with a few challenges but plenty of fun with friends on two wheels. Thanks Steve and Sue for running the show, and everybody else for coming. Twenty-one is the same number of riders we had on Friday for the Toukley Coasters, well done everyone!
Sunday 25 October 2015 - Peats Ridge
Sunday's ride was a hard slog for most of us with 14 riders turning up for the challenge. Was good to see our new visitors David & Sheila, welcome guys. After a briefing we headed off towards West Gosford and around behind the shopping centre due to the road works, then off up Kariong hill to regroup at the servo allowing the faster guys to race off ahead, then down the old Pacific Hwy when David had a blow out - tube and tyre blown, he rang his daughter to pick him up. For the rest of us we continued on for a regroup at the bottom before heading back up the other side for another regroup at Calga.
I didn’t tell everyone that the climbing wasn’t finished, I left that for a surprise. Finally we all congregated at the Corrugated Café and as usual Shane and Allan were waiting patiently for us (I let them fly off ahead us). Narelle and John L’Est wanted to ride up Wisemans Ferry Rd as it was less climbing and a bit shorter (smart move).
With most of us all exhausted by now, we sat and replenished ourselves with some food and drink and a well deserved rest. As our energy levels were restored we headed off for the final leg back, lucky mostly downhill, off down the last section of Peats Ridge Rd when Roy Posford was having problems with bad cramps and had to walk a bit. After Roy arrived we headed on to Wisemans Ferry Rd then down Dogtrap Rd to regroup at the bridge before heading down Mangrove Rd into Narara and onto Gosford were the two Roys left us as well as Shane, Allan, Sheila & John L’Est to head off home. The rest of us continued on to where we started.
Everyone back safe and sound with only one loss due to a blownout tyre. Thank you all for coming, as it was a challenge for some of you as it wasn’t an easy ride. The total climbing according to STRAVA was 1,069 metres and distance 60km. Well done all.
Next week’s ride is Cooranbong Coffee Caper lead by Sue and Steve and meeting at Morisset station 9.15am. You can catch the train from Woy Woy 8.30am, Gosford 8.40am, Tuggerah 8.54am, Wyong 8.58am arriving at Morisset 9.14am.
For those that maybe riding the City to the Gong have a safe ride and take care it’s a great ride, recommended to those who haven’t done it.
Cheers all and ride safe
Paul M.
Sunday 18 October 2015 - Yarramalong
Hi All
Yarramalong for coffee. The most important person is the sweep! Thanks to Narelle for sweeping us on Sunday, all the sheep arrived back safely.
Two new members, Michelle and Megan and three visitors helped make up the numbers to 15: A good turnout given the competition from Spring Cycle and the wet outlook. It turned out to be a beautiful cool day, we had a following breeze (never happens does it!) on the way out so we arrived half an hour early. They'd put on extra staff just for us at the Yarramalong Store, so we had our refreshments pronto. There was lots of discussion about the idiot in the NRMA patrol car who'd tried unsuccessfully to wipe us off on a blind corner beside a double line! Apart from him we were treated very well by the remainder of the traffic, careful and considerate drivers all. No flat tyres, the only equipment failure was Graeme's sliding seat post which was easily fixed.
Have a good one. See you soon.
Anne S

Note from Paul
I heard you all had some problems with a vehicle on Sunday a bit of road rage it’s the sort of thing none of us want but unfortunately there are idiots out there. Best thing to do don’t get to involved with them, get his regio and if possible a witness and we can report it to the appropriate authorities. If by some chance someone is injured as a result call 000 for ambulance and or police. Important info required after an accident is Regio, type of vehicle, if possible their name and address, licence details, check for any witnesses get there ph number and name, Time of accident and street names.
Some of us did the Spring cycle on Sunday - Fred, Lana and her 3 sons, Sue, Glen and their daughter along with Shane and his son and myself. Was a fun ride as it always is well organised and directed. Started at North Sydney Oval and finished at Homebush Bay, the route was altered slightly from last year but still a good ride. I caught up with Fred and Lana after the ride but I headed off home before Sue and Glen finished, didn’t get to see Shane and his boy as we all start at different times. Sorry for not waiting but I will next time.
Some good news - Heiko has won the world titles in his age group of the duel Athlone Run, Cycle, Run. Great news Heiko and congratulations!
Sunday 11 October 2015 - Pearl Beach
Hi All
Was a good turnout on Sunday if I'm right there were 19 of us to ride to Pearl beach for coffee with Roy leading the way and Anne sweeping. First regrouping was at the Marine rescue centre then onto Woy Woy, then around to Umina where we carried on to face Mt Ettalong. Shane had to part ways after riding to the top. Most of us rode up over the hill while a few took the cliff edge around to Pearl Beach. We all seemed to fly down the hill on the other side with no incidents to regroup at the coffee shop for our break and was good to see Ian there waiting to join us.
As we returned some decided to take the cliff edge and the others rode to the top and dropped down the other side to regroup at the roundabout at the bottom with a few back roads we ended up back on the cycleway where Michelle got a puncture. Some kept on riding to make the train. After a quick fix we continued on to our base start at Gosford. All back safe and thanks to Roy and Anne for looking after us.
Next week's ride is Yarramalong for Coffee been lead by Anne. Some of us won't be there as well as myself as we are doing the Spring Cycle in Sydney so I won't be seeing you till Thursday's coffee ride, or on the Sunday 25th.
Gosford City Council has a Ride2Work day on Wednesday 14 October 2015. Meeting at 8am at Adcock Park, West Gosford, before riding to the Gosford CBD and enjoy a free breakfast in William Street Plaza. (runs next to Kibble Park & shopping centre). Several prizes will be on offer, so get involved and encourage your colleagues to participate. Should be a nice morning for those who would like to join in.
Our away ride is 3 weeks away and Toukley club is already on their away ride down at Wagga Wagga and I wish them all a safe journey and safe riding.
That's about it for now take care all and ride safe.
Paul M.
Danny's report below

A beautiful morning with 19 riders coming together for a good traditional ride over Mt Ettalong to the isolated hamlet of Pearl Beach, on Broken Bay. Great to see so many people prepared to tackle the mountain!
Our esteemed leader was Roy C, and Annie was our tail-gunner, thanks to both of you for your work. The usual ride down to Woy Woy to start with, then along the waterfront to Ettalong Beach, continue around the ocean to Umina Ocean Beach, through the recreation and sports parks to Mt Ettalong Road, all flat, and no incidents. Then the real business starts, with the road heading upwards, going around the hairpin bend where the name changes to Patonga Drive. This quickly sorts the wheat from the chaff, with Alan and Shayne streaking off out of sight. Shayne soon turned around and headed back home for a Sydney appointment. I have to admit to stopping halfway up to Pearl Beach Drive for a breather, but I soon got going again and passed those who passed me while I was stopped. Then down the fabulous hill and on to the café. Ian soon arrived by car with his gorgeous sister-in-law (Annie's sister) and her beautiful daughter. Stunning!
So after a very pleasant lunch we pushed off for civilisation again. In the past, most of us have returned by the coastal rocky path, which six of us did today, but the rest of us, even relative newbies, attacked the mighty hill back up the mountain. I had planned to go the easy way, but was shamed into taking the hill as I saw everyone else heading for it. After the hairpin it got very steep and I got off and walked for 80 metres. So did a few others, but most perservered in the saddle, like Lana, and rode the whole hill - well done all of you! Once I got back on the bike I was OK to finish the hill and fly down the excellent road to the general store at Umina Beach, where we caught up with the rock-climbers of our club.
After a re-group we set off through the back roads, with help from Paul, and finally popped out again on the bike path at Woy Woy, somehow. At the Lions Park at Woy Woy we had a pit-stop, then someone had a puncture. Graeme and Merrilyn had to leave to catch the train at Gosford, so I decided to go with them, not having the patience to wait for everyone else and keen to get home. I passed the Cooranbong Couple, but although I waited for a minute at the railway bridge, and kept my eye out for the others, I didn't see anyone else ever again. Hope you finished the ride OK, thanks everyone for coming - a wonderful ride of 50km.
Sunday 4 October 2015 - The Entrance (T/E) for coffee
A very warm day forecast, but still 21 riders turned up at Rotary Park, Wyong, for an easy flat ride to T/E along the fine multi-use paths, down Tuggerah Straight and through Chittaway all the way to T/E, well done Wyong Shire, especially for all the new bridges!
Narelle led us on this jaunt along paths populated by everything that moves, but her good bell warned the other traffic of our impending arrival, so there were no accidents, or even punchers, thanks god! Sue was our lady in red, looking after the back end. We had a couple of newbies today,viz Narelle A and Michelle, welcome ladies!
With the temperature over 30°C, we were keen to finish the ride and get out of the sun. The Toukley mob - Pedro, John D and Annie, and Dougie, having ridden from home to the start, chose the direct route home and left us to head north up WilBar Drive, thereby completing 50km on our 30km ride. Josie and Simon peeled off to go straight home (separately). Ian was there as usual to join us for m/t, nice to see you again mate! A short and pleasant ride for a hot Sunday. It was 31° when I got home, and soon climbed to 33.5, so glad we didn't hang around sunbaking! Thanks everyone for joining us!
Sunday 27 September 2015 - Newcastle Ride
Hi All
It was a wet and miserable start to our ride on Sunday. It started with the train being late due to it waiting for the bus to arrive from Hornsby so a 30 min late start. Arriving at Hamilton station late, lucky most came by train and I had to SMS a few to let them know that the train was running late so they didn't think it was cancelled. As we all gathered there and signed on and greeted our new guest Meagan riding for the first time, I gave a quick briefing and pleased to see 16 riders on a day like today.
We set off towards the Fernleigh Track through some back streets and, just before we reached the track, Michelle had a flat, so as it was raining I let the others keep on up the track and we would regroup at the end. Five of us stayed with Michelle as we repaired the flat then set off after the others.
All together at Belmont and after a rest, we headed off up over the [hospital?] hill to join the cycleway to Warners Bay for our coffee stop. After sitting in the warm coffee shops we had to brave the cold outside and with the wind picking up it got colder. As we continued along the cycleway to Speers Point, we started to head north towards Glendale on the rail trail to Wallsend with the wind in our backs, pushing us along. Halfway there Michelle hit the bike in front and fell, taking some skin off her knee, so we sent her off to the club nurse (Sue Harrison) to get patched up. Poor Michelle! First her bag came off then a puncture and a fall but at least she is OK and back on the bike.
As we came to Wallsend we continued on another cycleway to Jesmond Park cycleway, then onto New Lambton cycleway, past the stadium back to Hamilton Station with no more incidents. A total of 54km and finished with the sun shining.
Was a great ride and everyone seemed pleased despite the poor start with a late train and rain and wind, they all fought the elements to the finish.
Thanks all for coming and to Anne for sweeping and Sue for patching up Michelle, well done Girls! I hope your knee is OK Michelle.
Take care all and ride safe
Paul M.

I'd like to welcome our three new members - Michelle Anderson and her mum Narelle Anderson and Meagan Auston. Welcome to the club girls, we all hope you enjoy your time with us.
Next week's ride is to The Entrance for coffee lead by Narelle starting at Wyong. Let's hope it's better weather.
Please Note
On the 25th October we have a ride to Brooklyn Bridges. This ride will be cancelled due to no trains running for our return home. So in its place I will lead a ride up to Peats Ridge Corrugated Cafe. Start Gosford via Kariong, then old Pacific Hwy to Calga, along Peats Ridge Road for coffee at the Corrugated Cafe. Return via Wisemans Ferry Rd, down Dogtrap Rd, then Mangrove Rd and back to Gosford. A distance of around 55km and a grade 7.
Sunday 20 September 2015 - Hidden Valley
Hi All
Just a quick update on last week's wet ride to Hidden valley. Five of us turned up - me, Roy leading, Anne, Josie and Danny. Basically it rained most of the way, luckily not hard only light and not a lot of traffic on the road so was quite a pleasant ride out and back. When we came to the dirt section we sort of hesitated as we thought it would be very muddy but noticed some other cyclists riding back from whereever, so when the girls caught up we decided to brave it and give it a go and to our surprise it was better riding than the tar so smooth to ride on a hard surface.
After a slight rest at the end we then headed back to the nursery for our coffee were Ian was waiting with a table for us. After a long break and the rain had stopped we decided to head back, then the rain decided to start again, so we rode back down Enterprise Drv to Chittaway where Josie left us to go home. Danny talked Anne into getting the train home from Tuggerah, the last of us continued onto the Wyong to our cars.
Thanks To Roy for a pleasant ride and Anne for sweeping.
On Thursday's coffee ride we were sitting having coffee at Umina beach and noticed the very dark clouds off in the distance so I decided to head back on the shortest route, although we didn't get any rain on our ride those dark clouds off in the distance weren't looking real good.
At the end of the ride I offered Josie a lift home as the dark clouds were over around her route home, as we drove to Wamberal there was nothing but white everywhere and the traffic was slow going. As we drove along the central coast hwy the hail was so thick on the road and slippery, finally in Josie's street where I was having trouble with the traction under the tyres it was very slippery as the hail was so thick on the road It reminded me of Holland after a snow storm.
After dropping Josie off I found out that she had substantial water damage in her house. Lucky she is insured. Attached are photos of the hail.

Next week's ride is a new ride for our club up around Newcastle starts at Hamilton 9.00am on the Southern side by the taxi stands. The train gets in at 8.45 so there is time for coffee before the start, it's a 55km ride and we ride on the cycleways around there, there are sections where we ride on the road mostly with a wide shoulder. We head down the Fernleigh Track to Belmont then across to Warners Bay for our Coffee stop, then to Speers Point and onto Wallsend, past the Knights stadium back to Hamilton for the train home. Train times are Gosford 7.17am. Tuggerah 7.35am. Wyong 7.38am. arrives Hamilton 8.45am.
Those who rode the Queensland ride glad you're home safe and enjoyed your ride.
Take care guys and ride safe see you all on Sunday or Thursday.
Paul M

Danny's Report
A cool and rainy morning greeted us as we awoke this morning. Still that was at 6.00am so plenty of time for improvement. I checked with Doug, but he decided it was too unpleasant to go bike-riding, so I decided to drive down to Wyong so I didn't arrive at the start soaking wet. Four others eventually arrived, namely Roy C (leading), Josie, Paul and Annie. Still raining, but I knew that would make no difference to these people, so off we went, in light rain and no breeze, down to Tuggerah rail and up over Kangy Angy. Very little traffic to contend with, so we made good time down to Ourimbah before turning up Ourimbah Creek Drive. We all had jackets on, and some sort of mudguard, but only I had water-proof pants (cut-off yellow plastic overpants). The rain never got heavy enough to make us soaked, but we all had damp feet and heads.
We rode all the way to the end of the road, then headed back. About halfway back Roy had a puncture in the back, but we soon had it fixed and made a beeline for the Nursery café. Ian was waiting there for us, it was about 11.30am, so not bad time. Annie of course refused to go home with Ian, she reckons it's not worth coming out for half a ride! We did manage to persuade her to catch the train home at Tuggerah though. Josie had peeled off at Chittaway for her place, to clean up the mess left by the hailstorm (spouting, gutters, flooding, wet bed yuk!). The ride down Enterprise Drive was very pleasant, in fact the whole ride was, given the mild conditions and charming company.
Hose off the mud at home (we had ridden a long stretch of gravel road after all). The socks were the only thing really saturated, so not bad considering. It actually shone sun on us while it was raining along Enterprise, and was sunny and dry by the time I got home. Thanks for coming, fellow troopers, well worth the effort!
Sunday 13 September 2015 - Norah Head 4 coffee
Hi all
What great weather for a ride today, as I can tell by the numbers. Danny leading and me at the back everyone kept up nicely, with one flat at Toukley co-op and a good coffee stop well chosen (good choice Danny) with plenty of room for us all and service was pretty quick also.
Ian was also there to greet us, thanks Ian. With our two new riders joining in Michelle A and Michelle welcome girls hope you enjoyed the ride, and Pam and Richard back from their trip, good to see you both back safely. We also came across John Daley as he cheered the peloton on.
Next week's ride is to Hidden Valley with coffee at Ourimbah Nursery starting at Wyong lead by Roy nice easy ride once we are over Kangy hill.
If anyone needs a copy of the new ride program and the flyer for the November week away ride up north let me know and I'll email you one or print one for you.
Don't forget We will be needing a new Secretary for the next election so if anyone is interested let me know we are only a small club and there's not much work involved.
Danny's report is below, and see you all next week or Thursday on the coffee ride.
Cheers guys and ride safe
Paul M.

A beautiful Spring morning with 18 riders assembling at Wyong, me leading, and Linda joining us on the way, so 19 riders - What a good turn-up! First stop the toilets by the river then off we went down to Gorokan, along the pleasant 'river road'. Near the bottleshop we found a young lady (Jessica) on a racing bike dressed up as Orica Greenwich on the phone to her Dad, asking for directions to Doyalson. We all pulled up behind her and took over the job of getting her on track. She rode with us to Gorokan co-op then Fred instructed her, using the WTF Am I? app on her smart phone, and sent her off up The Corso. Hope she made it OK!
A pitstop at the fish co-op then back on to Main Road, Toukley, up to the ambulance station. The detour we are used to on Wednesdays proved a novelty for some of us Central Coasters, taking us back to Evans Road and up to the cemetery. Carefully watching to make sure everyone crosses these big roads safely, I then took them up the back way via Denison Street and cut through to Soldiers Point Drive and Mitchell Street where there is a very nice café, which amazingly had room for 20 people (including Ian) inside, unlike the Rockpool Resort which would have been choc-a-bloc with young families enjoying a chai soy flat latte babycino.
On our return Lyn had a flat at the Toukley Bridge, so we waited at the fish co-op for her to catch up then we employed half a dozen senior tyre wranglers to get her on the road again. No other dramas, just a nice ride via Jensen Road back to Wyong. Thanks everyone for coming - this is a very enjoyable ride of 40km. Paul held up the rear, thanks Paul!
Sorry the website has been neglected for a couple of weeks, but my hard drive crashed and set me back a bit. Ian helped me out with the login at m/t, thanks Ian!
Sunday 6 September 2015 - Umina 4 coffee
Hi all!
As we all gathered for the first ride of the new program on father's day and with the weather not in our favour we had 13 happy souls with weather gear on and two new guests Michelle Anderson and Lisa Harrison, Glenn and Sue's daughter, welcome girls! We headed off towards the RSL were Diane joined us, we continued on around the cycle way to our first regroup stop near the Marine rescue centre. Not long after heading off we had our first puncture, then after a quick fix we then headed towards Woy Woy for our next regroup then continuing on to Ettalong Markets for our coffee and lunch meeting up with Ian reserving some tables for us (thanks Ian).
After coffee we headed off towards the back streets around Umina when it started to spatter. We all had rain gear on so we continued on with the rain coming down harder till we ended up in a downpour but to our luck by the time we got back to Woy Woy it had stopped and we had started to dry out by then, and with no trains running we were all committed to finish the ride back to the start but lucky enough we didn't get any more rain.
With Anne sweeping for us she headed off home at Tascott and Glenn taking over the roll we all arrived back at lions park partly dried out but all safe. With everyone saying their goodbyes then quickly headed off to get in that hot shower to warm up and dry clothes.
Thanks for coming Guys and to Anne and Glenn for their role in sweeping and making sure we all stayed together.
Next week's ride is to Norah head for coffee being led by Danny.
We have three riders taking part in the Cycle Queensland ride about 600km - Sue, Melissa and Narelle and sounds like they are having some fun up there, good going guys take care up there and come back safe.
Those coming on our week away don't forget to notify me that you're coming as I like to know the numbers please.
We also will be needing a new Secretary for the next election as John is resigning due to other commitments we are only a small club and doesn't take up much of your time.
Cheers all and ride safe
Paul M.
Sunday 23 August 2015 - Palmdale Circuit
Hi All,
We had six brave riders show up for Sunday's ride, in extremely wet conditions. Due to the weather we decided it was unfavourable to play in the traffic along the main roads to Ourimbah and Tuggerah. So with our wet weather gear in place, we headed to Umina.
We basically had an uneventful ride to Woy Woy, with nobody or dogs on the bike paths. After a quick break at Woy Woy we continued to along to Orange Grove and then onto Umina. We arrived at Umina Surf Club relative dry, and in good spirits.
After enjoying some great coffee and snacks, we headed off on a little exporting [exploring?] ride. Annie helped to navigate the group back to Woy Woy, via some nice quiet back roads and little hills... Once we arrived back at Woy Woy we jumped back onto the safety of the bike path and made our way back to Gosford.
All in all, a relative uneventful ride. No punchers or magpies. Very pleasant without all the bike path traffic. We even managed to stay relatively dry, only a few rain showers along the way.
Thank you to all those who were brave to make it to the start and join the ride.
Also to those who rang to let me know if they were attending or not on the morning of the ride, this makes the leader's job a lot easier.
BTW, I hope Steve and Sue are feeling better. They arrived at the start, but decided it was best not to ride with a terrible dose of the flu.
Thank you to those who made the ride and for braving the elements.
Stay safe, see you all in a few weeks.
Narelle, Sue and I are off the Cycle QLD.

Danny's report:
A coolish and rainy day, best that can be said, but mostly pleasant. I rode from Wyong down to Ourimbah, then all the way to Showground Road, Gosford, but I didn't see anybody! I waited for half an hour at Showground, then rode back to the café at Ourimbah, where I had coffee, and waited some more - nada! Tried to ring someone but no answer! Then I rode back along the highway through Kangy Angy back to Wyong, so if they were there anywhere the rest of the club was well hidden.
A bit disappointing, but at least I had a 40km ride, at my own pace. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, Melissa for leading etc. Wish you were there!
Sunday 16 August 2015 - Lakes Beach Budgewoi
Hi All
Good turn up on Sunday's ride, 22, with good weather and not much wind if any and Danny leading and me sweeping up behind. All went well to Toukley co-op. After leaving there, Lyn Mck had a fall injuring her shoulder. After a spell she hopped back on the bike, then a bit further up Lana had a puncture, finding a small piece of wire in the tyre. We had a lot of trouble trying to get it out, finally got it then quickly back on with the tyre and off again when a bit further up Lana was checking the tyre again, it had a flat spot and wasn't sitting on the rim properly, so back off with the tyre and tried again. We couldn't get it sitting right on the rim, needed a bit of grease, so we got it good enough for her to keep riding.
I rang Danny told him to keep riding and we would meet him at Lakes Beach, then I took Lynn and Lana back around through Noraville to meet them there. Still 3 were not there yet - Sue, Glenn and Marshall, so I waited there for them, then we headed off to where I thought they were having Coffee at the Ark Cafe Nora Head. What a mix up! I then spoke to Danny and told him to head off after they had coffee and I would stay with this group and ride back with them so all's well that ends well.
Thanks Danny for leading and a special thanks to Barry for taking Lyn back to her car at Wyong.

Danny's report: Such a beautiful day with temperatures soaring into the high 17s, sunny but no detectable breeze. Twenty-two keen members turned up for my ride to San Remo, Buff Point, Budgewoi and Toukley. Paul acted as sweep for the time being. We had a few riders who were unfamiliar with the geography around Budgewoi Lake, so that was an experience for them, and made us locals quite proud to show off the paths and lakes that the Wyong Shire keeps nice for us.
Marshall came down from Jesmond, and several members came up from Gosford way. We started off along the river road down to Gorokan Fish Co-op, for a break, then continued along The Corso towards Blue Haven. At this stage we started to come unstuck, as Lyn fell off as we hit The Corso (she did!), then Lana had a flat but it took a while for the news to reach us at the front. We then pushed on towards San Remo and Buff Point, not realising that tyre problems still plagued Lana. Word came through to keep going so we did, heading for Lakes Beach café (LBC).
When we got to LBC it was closed, Bugger!, so we decided to ride over to Canton Beach Fuel Stop for our m/t. Meanwhile, Paul and his little group were so far behind they decided to return the opposite way around the lake, meeting us head on near Noraville.
Despite the great care I took to not lose anyone, Paul and arrière de péloton missed us turning down past the cemetery and he headed off up to Rock Pool Resort, a fact I became aware of on receiving a phone call from Paul as we were getting stuck into coffee and cream pies at Canton Beach. He decided to stay there for their coffee and to make their own way back to Wyong.
Full marks to Fuel Stop as they had extra staff on today and got us all served and coffeed in a short time. We never saw Paul nor his merry group again, and Richard and Pam made their own way home down Wilfred Barrett Drive, so we were down to fourteen. Lyn was suffering the aftermath of falling off and otherwise not up to it, so she and Barry rode off to his place where he picked up his car and drove her back to Wyong. What a champion!
We delighted the out-of-towners again with our detour down Jensen Road, so it was quite a trip for them. We all enjoyed the ride, in the nice conditions, and excellent company. Thanks everyone for joining us on this very satisfying ride.
Sunday 9 August 2015 - Tuggerah Lake Circuit
Hi all
Sunday's ride was around Tuggerah lake anti clockwise with 18 riders and Anne being not well I took over the lead with Doug volunteering as sweep. I led them around Gavenlock Rd due to glass on Tuggerah Straight, through to Tuggerah then around the back of Bunning's onto Lake rd, letting them have free range to speed along, regrouping at the end of Church Rd, then we all headed around to Chittaway and onto Lakedge Ave to Blue Bell Park for a regroup and loo stop where we met up with Peter.
Continuing down Lakedge Ave to join the cycleway at Tumbi Umbi Creek over the new bridge then onto and over the brand new bridge at Saltwater Creek and what a difference that bridge - makes no more dodging pedestrians and wooden boards rattling under our wheels. Through to Long Jetty with pedestrians being kind to us and giving us the room and the kids counting the riders, ending up at The Entrance for coffee and food. Been so many riders I thought it wiser for everyone do their own thing than hang around the music podium ready for the next stage of the ride.
With Narelle heading off home, we headed up WBD giving the speedsters free range and regrouping at the end. Then Peter and Linda left us while we headed towards Toukley where Doug and Danny headed off home and Glenn taking over as sweep, we were off again toward Wyong and the finish.
No punchers and all back safely and thanks to Doug and Glenn for keeping us all together at the back end.
Next week's ride we're off to Lakes Beach via Budgewoi, led by Danny, starting at Wyong.

Danny's Report:
A beautiful cool Spring morning saw 18 members sign on at Wyong for the ride of the week, a circuit of the famous and lovely Tuggerah Lake. We did pick up Pedro at Bluebell Park, but I don't know whether he was in the 18 or not.
Annie was on sick leave so Paul did the honours, leading us, while Doug volunteered, sort of, to sweep up the back. I could tell you who the other riders were, but what happens on the ride stays blah blah.
Fred (not his real name) said there was glass on the Tuggerah Straight path, so Paul took us around Gavenlock Road, to be sure. Under Wyong Road twice, both sides of the railway, past the Supa Centa and Lake/Church Roads to Chittaway, a pleasant and quiet detour. At Chittaway we rode on the road to Bluebell Park, lucky to hook up with Pedro who had ridden the lake clockwise, on the path, hoping to meet up with us there.
Eighteen is a lot of bikes, so we were given a lot of leeway by the rest of the cycling/walking/scooting public.
On reaching The Entrance I inspected the new toilets at Picnic Point, while the others rode on to the DCE Café. On joining the others at the caf I discovered I had left my bumbag, with all my jewels and stuff, at the toilet. I hi-tailed it back to the loo, retrieving my bag thanks god!
With the weather so beautiful, we sat at the picnic tables with our coffee, and omelettes, admiring the view and enjoying the chit-chat. I was keen to get going but Paul was very relaxed and eventually we set off up WBD at a nifty pace in the 5 knot tail wind. Pedro hived off at Noraville, and Linda at Toukley, then Doug and I headed for home at the Gorokan Fish Co-op. I hope everyone got back to Wyong okay, no advice to the contrary yet.
A good ride in perfect conditions, thanks everyone for coming. No punchers!
Sunday 2 August 2015 - Gosford to Umina
Hello all
Was good weather for Sunday's ride, you can tell by the numbers that turn up - 19! We were glad to see the faces we haven't seen for a while and good to see Graeme and Merrilyn back from their enjoyable trip to Italy. Welcome to Karen who rode with us for the first time but unfortunately we lost her at Adcock Park. We met up with Kevin at the RSL, he noticed she wasn't there so he went back to find her then later I went back to find them both. I'm very sorry Karen this happened on your first ride but we will try and make sure this never happens again. My apologies.
We then continued on to Woy Woy then on around to Ocean beach, Narelle kept a good pace going so didn't take all that long. Enjoying the warmth from the sun we relaxed with some food and coffee, being busy there it took awhile for some of us to get our food.
All finished we then set out to finish the ride around some back street of Umina returning to Woy Woy then back to Gosford. Thanks Narelle for leading good job and a good pace and to Simon for sweeping thank you.
Next week's ride is Tuggerah Lakes Circuit Anne leading starting at Wyong.
I received some emails this week from members. Heiko is looking for an old pair of mountain bike shoes and Pam and Richard are still tromping around Europe seeing the sights. Emails below.

Hi Paul,
Report from Sun. Bit lost for words esp after losing Karen!!
Sunday was beautiful winter's day, with the feel of spring in the air. 18 of us set off for an easy paced ride to Ocean Beach. Nice to see some new faces and also returning travellers, home from their adventures.
We made it safely to Ocean Bch & appreciated our coffee stop. Harder going home as we pushed against strong head wind all the way. Thanks to all who came and Simon for sweeping.
Sincere apologies to Karen, hope to see you again soon.

Hi Paul,
We have been to Copenhagen, Stockholm and are now in North Norway heading to Oslo tomorrow. This is very spectacular country with high rounded mountains and deep fjords - heart attack country for old cyclists like me. Luckily it rained today so we were not tempted to go riding. Sounds like you had a good ride to peats ridge.
Regards to all,
Pam and Richard

WANTED (by me) ..... your old, unwanted bike shoes
I'm looking for any old bike shoes that somebody is about to discard; any size any condition; with or without cleats. They just have to meet one condition:
- compatible with shimano type mountain-bike cleats (with 2 serviceable bolt holes in the sole or sole plate for attaching cleats).
They are wanted to experiment with recycling running shoes into light-weight multi-purpose shoes.
Outcomes of this experimentation will be made available to interested club members
If you have suitable shoes to give away please contact me (heiko.schaefer@gmail.com or 0425 210 966 or alternatively let Paul Murray know.
Thank you
Heiko S
Sunday 26 July 2015 - Peats Ridge
A few of us were dressed for the cold weather, with orange jackets, except for Shayne, who had his usual nicks and short-sleeved jersey on, but it did warm up quite quickly. Twelve of us made the effort today, with Ian joining us at The Corrugated Café for m/t.
By the time we got to Ourimbah, via Kangy Angy, jackets were being ripped of as the prevailing warmth soaked in. Up in the hills of Peats Ridge it was somewhat cooler as we found out. Across the roundabout at Ourimbah and up the M1 towards Sydney, we faced mostly uphill riding for the next 7 kms. I took off first up the hill, as I was worried about being left behind (truly!) so I put the extra time to good use picking up pieces of debris in the form of big double truck mudflaps, steel belt ratchets, brake drums(!), rocks and stuff, and throwing them into the roadside bushland. Any of these items, thrown up by a car, could have caused serious trouble for someone. Shayne, then Viv, Linda, Paul (both of them), John D and Annie D formed a breakaway group, I was the poursuivant and the péloton with Dianne, Josie, Roy C and Annie S as sweep comprised our Tour group.
Exit the M1 at Peats Ridge Road and continue west for miles on the edge of the road, no bike lanes, mostly uphill. This is a long hard slog up all these hills, with hundreds of meters of vertical height gained, and a headwind popped up to keep us cool (see Seabreeze© graph below). This was also a big help going back, as well as all the downhill parts. On the way up Pete's Ridge Road Paul M got a puncture, and later John on his new LaPierre got 3 flats and a very loud tube burst. Luckily we are all very experienced at mending flats so it didn't take long. Anybody who needs practice at this task should offer to take over. Free advice given.
After our coffee and lunch at the café we headed back along Pete's Road to Wisemans Ferry Road to Dog Trap Road (Roy said it's Dog Crap Road) and onto Enterprise Drive to Chittaway and back to Wyong from there, no detours. Sixty kilometres of boisterous fun, thanks to Paul and Annie for book-ending the ride, and to everyone for coming.
Sunday 19 July 2015 - Kicking on to Kurnell
Hi All
Sunday's ride was a pearler - beautiful weather and great scenery riding along Cooks River and then round Botany Bay on great cycleways. Meeting at Strathfield with first a cuppa coffee, 8 cheerful riders grouped ready for the trip to Kurnell with Sue leading and Steve making sure we all stay together, followed by John L'Est, John E, Dian R, Anne Sv, Alan R, Paul M.
A quick briefing and we headed off towards Homebush and the start of Cooks River cycleway. Surprisingly enough not as busy as it usually is, we made good time and rode at a good pace. Stopping at our usual loo stop, we then kept riding along the cycleway to the end at Tempe and on towards Brighton-Le-Sands when Dian got a puncture, all fixed and on our way again to our coffee stop at Brighton Le-Sands.
Heading down the cycleway around Brighton and Dolls Point is always busy and it seems like every one around there has bad hearing as they never seem to move to the side when we're ringing the bells and yelling out when we come along, ending up in Dian falling from her bike, luckily not hurt and picking herself back up and on the bike. We headed off over the Captain Cook Bridge to Taren Point then around to Captain Cooks Drive, following it to Kurnell where we had lunch and a short break.
After lunch we headed back to Sutherland station for the train home, except for me as I decided to ride back to Strathfield. Thanks Sue and Steve for leading us on the ride and for those that turned up, hope you all enjoyed the ride.
Below are some emails I received from Pam & Richard currently in Germany and Merrilyn and Graeme trekking around in Italy (lucky Buggers). Thanks guys keep in touch as we all enjoy hearing about your trips and experiences.
Next week's ride is Lunch at Peats Ridge lead by Paul M. Starting at Wyong we ride to Ourimbah then up the hill on the freeway (good shoulder) to Peats Ridge Rd for lunch and coffee at the Corrugated Cafe returning via Dogtrap Rd, Enterprise Dr, back to Wyong.
Catch you all on Thursday's ride or Sunday.
Take care and ride safe
Paul M.
PS Overseas e-mails can be viewed here.
Sunday 12 July 2015 - The Entrance for coffee
A big cold front hit the SE corner of Australia last night, with freezing conditions and strong winds. Snow falling everywhere and generally not nice weather. This didn't faze our members though with nine riders turning up for a mystery ride.
Annie was the leader, but didn't fancy the planned ride around Budgewoi Lake, given the wind and all. So between us all we chose The Entrance (TE) instead, hoping that the bike paths were sheltered somewhat. Not quite what I had planned, having ridden down from Lake Haven and hoping for an early finish after coffee, but I finished up riding home from TE up Wilfred Barrett Drive (WBD).
John LeS looked after the tail of the small group, and the others present included John Ed, Roy C, Shayne, Narelle, Paul and Heikko.
We started off riding down to Tuggerah with a strong NW crosswind, which helped us around Chittaway and the bottom of the lake. We took the Lake Road/Church Road detour as usual for variety and extra distance.
After m/t at DCE café, Narelle went straight home as did I. Going up WBD I was helped by the wind, but it was a different story after I turned west at the cemetery, very tough for 8km till I got home. I hope all the others guys got back alright.
By-the-way, next weekend's ride to Kurnell is on Sunday, not Saturday, as it said on the hardcopy and web versions of the program.
Thanks everyone for coming, well worth the effort despite the adverse weather, and NO RAIN at all!
Sunday 5 July 2015 - All The Rivers Run
A beautiful clear sunny winter's day, starting at 4°C overnight on my porch, developing into 16°C by lunchtime. Doesn't sound much, but after you have ridden 10km in 5°, it's a lot!
Despite the initial chilliness, eighteen riders turned up at Wyong for our tour of the river systems of the Tuggerah Lake (western side). Members present included Fred and Paul, who rode from Gosford, Alan on his new LaPierre racer, Shayne, Garry, Barry, Glenn and Sue, Narelle, Simon and Josie, John LeS, Annie, Andrew on his beautiful Giant Comax1, Dianne, me, Viv and Marshall.
I was leading the ride today and Annie looked after the back end. Off we went straight down to South Tacoma and through the gate and along the bumpy casuarina path to the end where beautiful Tuggerah Lake awaited. A few didn't make that last 500 metres, so we rode to Chittaway via Lake Road and Church Road to Geoffrey Road and all the way down to the end, where only Viv and I could be bovvered riding to the scenic point. At this stage Alan had a puncture, but between him and Annie they had it fixed before we got out of the bush. The next peninsular excursion remained unattended as no-one showed any interest in delaying our morning coffee any longer.
At Bluebell Park, reached by the road, we visited the various shops, but they were overwhelmed by our numbers and took ages to make our drinks. Still we had all the time in the world and relaxed in the pleasant surroundings of the park. Afterwards we headed back via the bike path, and with a couple of other interesting detours found ourselves back at Wyong.
A very pleasant ride, thanks to all who came out on such a cold morning, well worth getting up so early.
Sunday 28 June 2015 - Sydney City Ride
Hi All
Was a great day for cycling, weather was good, sun shining, gentle wind not a lot of people out on the cooks river cycleway. Ten of us turned up at Strathfield, a nice number for a ride like this. Sue leading and Steve at the back with Anne, Roy P, Diane, Andrew, John, Josie, Paul M, and Simon all in between.
After a coffee and a briefing we headed off towards Olympic Park via Homebush and over Parramatta Rd and continuing riding through the park we headed for the path that circles the hill to the lookout for a view of the park, then back down and headed towards the Newington Armory, opened in 1897 and finally vacated in 1999. Continuing on a scenic route through the park we then headed for the Cooks River cycleway - the cycleway wasn't as busy as usual which gave us a chance to keep our pace going and headed for Cough Whitlam Park for coffee and a short break.
We then headed towards Tempe and the Airport cycleway then Bourke St turning off to Redfern onto Ultimo where Roy left us to go the Powerhouse Museum as we continued on towards Darling Harbour stopping for a photo shoot on the water front and then around to see an old Tall ship the James Craig built in 1874. She is Sydney's only 19th Century square rigger (or Tall Ship) and her incredible restoration to full sailing condition was recognised in 2003 by the World Ship Trust's award of their prestigious Maritime Medal. Her restoration cost almost $A30 million and took nearly 40 years to complete after she was rescued from Recherche Bay in far southern Tasmania.
We then headed over Pyrmont Bridge and down Lime St to the start of the Harbour Bridge cycleway. Crossing the Bridge to the other side where Diane met with her husband and headed off. We then rode down for a photo of the bridge and Opera House in the background where the ride then finished. We then all headed for Milson Point station for the train home except for Me. I rode back via Cahill cycleway over the Quay towards the Art gallery and down Mrs Macquaries Rd to check out the aircraft carrier sitting at Woolloomooloo then headed back up Bourke St to Central Station.
It was a wonderful ride through some scenic places well done Sue and Steve.
Next week's ride is All the Rivers Run led by Danny, from Wyong. It's an easy ride and let's hope the nice weather continues.
Catch you all next week take care and ride safe.
Paul M.
Photos are here.
Sunday 21 July 2015 - Palmdale
Hi All
Sunday's ride was another success, 22 enthusiastic riders turned up for the ride to Hidden Valley led by Melissa and was good to see a bit of change in the route with a few extra streets and a few steep pinches added to everyone's delight. Heading down around Woodbury Park Dr towards Tuggerah shopping centre then through to Tonkiss St to the old Pacific Hwy where we all had a well-deserved rest and met up with Fred White on his way home.
All rested up after those enjoyable steep pinches, we continued on to Palmdale and down Footts Rd onto Ourimbah Creek Rd where our leader let us have an energy release, and we regrouped at the end of the road, the dirt section was smoother than the road. Heading back towards Ourimbah Nursery for coffee and food where Ian was waiting patiently for us to arrive.
After our coffee Lyn and Roy left us to ride back to Gosford while the rest of us headed down Enterprise Drv at a good pace then onto a few back streets to Chittaway, under Wyong Rd and down Church Rd to Tuggerah where Pam, Richard, Anne and Josie left us to proceed back home, and what was left head down Tuggerah straight back to the start. Big thanks to Narelle and Doug for looking after the rear and for Melissa for leading, well done guys was a good ride.
Still haven't heard if anyone is wanting to do the leaders course on Sun 9 Aug 2015. We need to have a good selection of leaders so we don't have to rely on the same people to lead all the time. It's really not fair on them, although it's only twice per program, it just makes it fairer on our present leaders to be able to have a good selection.
The club reimburses the cost of the course and 50% of the cost of your BNSW membership that includes insurance and you only have to lead a minimum of 2 rides per program. It's not a hard course - if I can do it a 5 year old can do it. We are all part of the club and we can't rely on the same people all the time.
Catch you all on Thursday otherwise Sunday.
Cheers all and ride safe
Paul M.
Sunday 14 June 2015 - Norah Head for Coffee
Ride Report 14/6/15
Eighteen cyclists gathered at Wyong for start of today's ride to Norah Head. V cold by the river so we headed off & soon warmed up through the hills of Gorokan. After the co-op we headed left past ambulance station in Toukley then on to Norah Head via some quieter back roads. Ian met us for coffee, seems breakfast was popular activity today and we had a little wait for our coffee to appear but worth it, we also had opportunity to hear about the most recent adventures of Steve & Sue in Morocco and Linda just back from Spain, Morocco and Portugal.
Five people headed home after coffee and the rest of us pedalled back to Wyong. No mechanical problems or other incidents encountered. Beautiful winter's day for ride.
Thank you to everyone for coming & to Mel for volunteering as sweep.
See you all soon, Narelle
Sunday 7 June 2015 - Pearl Beach
A beautiful if cold morning, attracting 18 riders to our Gosford venue. No breeze, and temps about 15°C, nice!
Roy C led the ride, with Paul at the back. And me in between, along with Simon, Josie, Annie S, John Ed, Heiko, Narelle, Andrew, Roy P, Glenn, Lana, Graeme, Merrilyn, Lyn Mac, Marshall and Dianne.
No punctures all day although Annie did have something wrong with her tyre but she fixed it. Down to Woy Woy and along the coast to Umina Ocean Beach, then onto Patonga Road and the longish hill to the turn-off to Pearl Beach. In the early stage of the climb, three Giant Comaxes (Graeme, Andrew and Danny) were at the front, but after I stopped for a short breather, everybody flashed past me, most notably Merrilyn on her white bike. Good effort all of you!
After a pleasant morning tea/lunch by the beach, we talked about the best way back, but only a couple were up to riding back up that very steep hill out of Pearl Beach. The rest of us walked/rode along the coastal path till we got back to the road. Dianne said she didn't want to walk the path as it was too dangerous, but we persuaded her to join us, but sadly she slipped and whacked her leg on a rock! Oooh, nasty!
Paul took over the lead for a while, as he knows the way back through the boondocks of Woy Woy, and handed the ride back to Roy at the railway line.
An excellent ride with so many riders, and such perfect weather (it reached about 20°C by the end), well done CCTCC!
Sunday 31 May 2015 - Patonga
Not a very promising morning for a big ride over Mt Ettalong - rain, cold... However 9 riders turned up at Gosford for a bracing ride led by our Presidente Paul, including 2 Johns, 2 Roys, Danny, Sue and Glenn and Lyn Mac.
So off we went in the spitting rain, but luckily no wind at all, but only 15°C warmth maximum all day. We were soon fairly wet, all of us wearing jackets, but no-one with waterproof pants, except for maybe incontinence apparel. Wet bum, wet feet, brrr!
Down to Woy Woy and on around the coast to Ettalong and Umina, where we stopped at the Ocean Beach SLSC café for refreshments. It was still quite cold at that stage, but after m/t it seemed to warm up slightly.
Paul decided that it was too dangerous and yukky to go to Patonga, much to everybody's relief. Instead he took us back to Gosford via the hills of Umina Beach and Woy Woy for some extra distance and exercise, and good fun it was too. At this point Danny fell victim to a very small nail or tack in his front tyre, necessitating a demonstration of puncture-fixing with 8 people helping, thanks guys!
By this stage the rain had gone and it became a very pleasant experience riding back to Gosford together. Thanks Paul for leading, and thanks John LeS for sweeping up.
Sunday 24 May 2015 - Top 2 Lakes
Hi All
Was a good turnout on Sunday with 17 wanting to ride around the top lake. Welcome to Stuart and Andrew, a couple of new guys that came along for the ride. The programme was worded wrong sorry about that, my fault. After a briefing on the route and Doug volunteering for sweep we set off towards Fish Co-op at Gorokan, riding at a nice pace wind in our favour. We stopped at the Co-op then off around Canton Beach cycleway to the cemetery then a left turn on the cycleway up to the roundabout then up towards Budgewoi.
Stopping at Budgewoi roundabout for a further briefing I allowed some guys to speed ahead along Elizabeth Bay. Coming to the roundabout at Elizabeth Bay, Danny was about to go around it when this impatient 4x4 with a don't-care attitude came from behind and forced Danny into the gutter, with a bit of a slide around and a wobble Danny managed to regain control and stopped a bit further up for our regroup (close call).
All together again and Barry had to leave and head back, so we headed off up Elizabeth Drv and left into Hartoge Ave and then onto Lake Munmorah cycleway when we noticed the mess the storm made of the cycleway with a lot of it ripped up and broken cement slabs. We all negotiated our way around the damage and headed up towards our lunch stop at the Lake Munmorah Shopping Centre with Ian waiting for our arrival to join us for lunch and Anne leaving the ride to head off with Ian.
Off on our way again, after lunch and coffee, up along the Hwy past Doyalson and left at the old Pacific Hwy to the bus stop with the gap in the Armco, opposite Roper Road, and rode down Emu Drv to the cycleway then back onto the Hwy to the Nursery where Doug and Danny said their goodbyes and Simon taking over the sweep (thanks Doug for sweeping was appreciated). After regrouping we headed off for the last section of the ride with 14. Down Minnesota Rd where Marshall left to head off to his Mum's place, bless her, then down Pollock Ave where Roy P parted our company leaving 11 of us to finish the ride at Wyong.
No incidents or punchers and thanks to Doug and Simon for sweeping and to all of you who came along. Next week's ride is Patonga with Paul hope to see you all then.
Anyone wanting to do a leaders course on Sun 09 Aug 2015 email me so I can book you in with BNSW for the course.
Take care all and ride safe
Paul M.
Hawkes Nest Randonnee - 17-18 May 2015
Hi All
It was another good turn out on a drizzly weekend for our Hawkes Nest Randonee, the bikes and riders were piling in the train from Woy Woy onwards and by the time we arrived at Hamilton there were 18 riders all packed up with their gear on their bikes ready for the first day's ride of 65km. But first we all had to squeeze into the two car train to Hexham and only the middle two doors fit on the platform at Hexham so a squeeze it was.

Finally out of the train and grouping outside the station for our first briefing from Anne who was leading this ride and Lyn Taylor volunteered for sweep. We all headed off over the Hexham bridge on the pedestrian path then on the other side the group waited to cross the road while Paul rode ahead to trip the pedestrian lights to stop the traffic for their safe crossing. On to Heatherbrae pie shop for coffee and morning tea meeting up with Roy P joining the ride made us 19 riders.
Then back onto the Old Pacific Hwy through Raymond Terrace where we had our first puncture and it was our leader, Anne, a quick tube change and we were off again heading along the Pacific Hwy at a good speed, nice wide shoulder, good road surface, wind at our backs clocking 25 to 28 sometimes then the second puncture was Karen. Another change of tubes then back into it, we had to cross the Hwy with caution at the turn off to Karuah and was very safely done by all, heading down on Tarean Rd (the old Hwy) to our lunch stop
Bellies full and loaded up with caffeine and John being our new sweep we headed off again for the final leg when we found out that Tony left his gear behind in the shop so we stopped and waited for him to resume in the ride. Back across and onto Highway for a few Ks and onto the quieter Gooreengi Rd (part of the old Hwy) onto the Big Rock (Leyland Bro's world).
After a loo stop and a regroup there we crossed over the Hwy again for about a kilometre then turned onto Myall Rd were we faced some hills but you can't avoid them so we powered onto the Lions Park Lookout for a regroup and a photo shoot, then dropped down the hill into The Tea Gardens when BAM !! another puncture, Anne again but this time the rear wheel so out came another tube for a quick fix and off again along the harbour into our nesting spot for the night Hawks Nest Motel. All checked in showered, changed then off to have dinner at the local club. Some walked and others got the courtesy bus and as usual the girls took too long to do their hair and makeup and got to the club a bit later.

Sunday day 2
All ready to head off to the ferry a few of us wanted to go for a look around. After telling Anne of our plans, eight of us headed off towards the harbour when we came across a couple from the Toukley club that were spending a few days up there. After a quick chat we crossed the bridge for a look around and finished back at the harbour and waited for the ferry. We were all together again and the bikes were been loaded on the ferry for the crossing to Nelson bay, half the bikes on top and the others inside. Was a nice relaxing cruise with some dolphins showing themselves on the way over. On the other side we unloaded the bikes and headed for some coffee and food for brekkie, then back on the bikes Anne leading and Karen was today's sweep. They guided us up and down a few hills to get out of Nelson Bay then headed towards Newcastle, punching against the wind all the way but lucky it wasn't that strong, saving our legs for the 55km ride back. Making good time we stopped at Salt Ash for lunch then continued down Nelson Bay Rd to turn off into Fullerton Cove Rd to Stockton then the ferry to Newcastle and onto Hamilton station for the finish, no punctures today and all back safely made a great weekend away.
Big thank you to Anne for organising this weekend and taking the time to make it an enjoyable safe ride and thanks to Lyn Taylor, John, and Karen for volunteering to sweep well done guys.
Paul M. Photos are here.
Sunday 10 May 2015 - Brisbane Water Circumnavigation
Eight of us showed up on a wonderful sunny day including two mums, thanks girls. With Roy leading and Paul sweeping it was a nice paced ride. Off over the bridge following the bike path around West Gosford with a lot of walkers out with their mums, to our first regroup at the coastal patrol station then on to Woy Woy for a loo stop.
Heading south around on Orange Grove Rd where we were yelled at (get off the road), funny how they keep driving after their abusive behaviour. Then around under the Rip Bridge a few got off to walk up that short path way (it can be a bit tricky) then a regroup on the other side of the bridge. A car stopped for us to cross over the road (very kind of him ) with a thank you we then headed off up Empire Bay Drive on our usual route and ducking down the usual small pathway and around to the sports fields.
Going around Kincumber there was a great tree still blocking the bike path so we had to go around via the roundabout and left at MacDonald's to the bike path and they were still busy clearing the debris of the pathway.
Stopping at Davistown for coffee, we were lucky to get a table as they were all booked out, we then put some food and coffee into our stomachs and headed off for the final leg. After our stop the wind started to pick up and we were heading straight into it. We were a bit lucky as we were a bit sheltered from it as we rode around to Green Point and back to Gosford, by then it was blowing a gale on the foreshore. Thanks all for showing up it was nice weather for a ride and a good workout ready for the next week's 65km ride on the first day of our weekend away.
See you all next week
Paul M.
Sunday 3 May 2015 - The Entrance 4 Coffee
Despite the rain, eight super-keen members fronted for this nice little run, more than last week for Crosslands. The temperature is quite mild, hovering at about 20°C all day and night, so pleasant enough.
I had a bit of a set-back before the start, as I had driven to Tuggerah to check out the tunnel for flooding, and instead of walking from the Tuggerah railway station to the tunnel, I decided I could drive my Pajero down the dirt track, being a 4WD and all, but on backing out I fell into a drain from which there was no exit. So I rode back to Wyong hoping that somebody had another 4WD, which luckily John did, and he had a rope. So after the ride we came back to the sorry scene and hooked up the 2 vehicles and had great boys' fun playing rescue, with ropes and knots. Successfully!
Back to the ride and despite the ominous conditions it stopped raining and we all rode to The Entrance without getting wet, except around the footal area due to big puddles. Ian met us as usual at the DCE café for breakfast (his) and Pam dropped by as well. The other members included Simon and Josie, Roy C, Paul M, Richard and Annie.
On the way back I had a puncture (I had three on Friday!) but it was soon fixed. It did rain most of the way back but we hardly noticed it. John and Paul came back to Tuggerah to help me rescue the Paj. In all, a very pleasant ride, thanks for coming guys, I didn't expect anyone to bother! This is a club that doesn't mind riding in the rain.
Sunday 26 April 2015 - Crosslands
Hi All
Sunday's ride went well, 7 of us caught the train to Cowan for the ride down to Crosslands by the Berowra Creek. Weather not so nice, but still the rain held off except for a few sprinkles, was a busy morning with a lot of bike riders on the Old Pacific Hwy and not many cars.
We headed off southward on the Pacific Hwy, good road surface with mostly a good shoulder stopping at MacDonald's for coffee (was needed being an early start) then off again heading towards Asquith and taking the Galston Gorge turn-off. After a few kms we turned right onto Summerville Rd on our way towards the big drop into the park, taking care as the roads were wet and a bit slippery, finally at the bottom we all gathered under the shelter as we then had a bit of a drizzle. There were a few campers and some sort of kids' birthday party. We decided not to go for a walk due to the mud that must have flooded there in the bad storm we had a few days ago.
After a break we gathered the courage to tackle the 2.5km climb out, a few steep pinches didn't help much but we all made it, some walked a bit and a couple rode all the way.
Finally we all gathered at the top and headed off towards Hornsby station for the train ride home. We arrived at the station and the train was waiting there so a quick dash down the stairs on the train and off home.
Thanks Roy for leading and thanks to those who turned up. It was a nice ride with a bit of a challenge on the hill but still better than sitting at home on ya bum.
Next week's ride is The Entrance for coffee with Danny leading and attached is the new rides calendar (click here). Hope you enjoy all the rides on the new calendars and don't forget our weekend away three weeks' time. Winter is coming so get all your wet and warm gear out of the mothballs and ready for those cold morning rides.
Catch you all next week
Paul M
Sunday 19 April 2015 - Catherine Hill Bay
The temperature range today was 18-22°C, so not hot nor cold, just right, and the breeze was southerly, so helpful on the way north, but not in our little faces till we were nearly back. Thirteen riders started, and thirteen finished (at about 1.45pm), but not the same 13 (we swapped John LeS for Marshall during the ride).
With me leading and Fred the sweep (you can always see him and he was the only one not wearing the club colours) and everyone else in between we safely negotiated all hazards, making good time up to Catho, well under 2 hours. Well done! Facing a long wait before the pub lunch opened we had a re-think, in the face of promised storms, and decided to turn around at the top of Clarke Street, CHB, and head back to Munmorah Jamaica Blue (MJB) for lunch.
This actually saved us at least 2 hours, which we put to good use filling our faces with nice food and coffee at MJB, and meeting up with Marshall who miraculously found us while riding back to Wadalba. So we pushed on though tired and grumpy down the highway, marvelling at how lucky we have been with the weather - no rain or much wind!
After riding through Doyalson and San Remo we crossed over the hwy at Lake Haven and rode the beautiful Warnervale Wetlands Track, then Minnesota Road and back onto the highway. At this stage some young dopey car passenger told us we should be riding on the 'sidewalk' so we soon told him where to get off!
Nice to get back to our cars, or in Annie's case the train, chuffed at completing a long (70km) tuff ride with not even a puncher. Thanks everyone for coming, I loved it!
Sunday 12 April 2015 - Hidden Valley
Hi All
Was good weather on Sunday for the ride up to Hidden Valley. There were 16 willing cyclists with Roy as leader and Melissa as sweep. We headed off up past the police station through Gosford with a few stops, as some were held up by traffic lights then onto Wyoming, then on to the cycleway that runs under the train line when we stopped at the spot were Trevor had his accident to show our respects.
Off again heading onto the cycleway up to Niagara Park then towards Ourimbah when we met up with Richard totalling now 17. After a short stop we headed down Ourimbah Creek Road when Bill headed back in another direction and said he would meet us at the Nursery for coffee. When we came onto the dirt section it was very firm and smooth till the end when we rested for a while before heading back, turning off towards Palmdale [Footts Road] for a bit of extra riding then onto the Nursery for coffee. Lyn got a puncture near the Shell service station so a quick tube change then onto the coffee stop.
After coffee we said goodbye to Richard and Roy P and headed off back the same way home, we got as far as Narara Station when Lyn's pedal was coming off. As no one had a spanner she had to persevere with it till she got home. Some left us at the station and the others finished at Lions Park. Thanks to Roy leading and Melissa for sweeping.
Thanks Guys for coming it was a good ride with no incidents and one puncture not bad.
Apparently some nice bloke fixed Lyn's pedal and mended the tube, stripped the bike, cleaned and oiled it for her. (lucky girl)
Next week's ride is to Catherine Hill Bay with Danny leading.
Also heard from Pam that Allan is now home and slowly recovering from his illness, we all wish you well Allan and hope to see you up and about soon.
See you all next week.
Paul M.
Sunday 5 April 2015 - Yarramalong
Hi All
Funny turn out on Sunday's ride - I got to Wyong nicely on time and no-one showed by 9.15. Spoke to the guy that was sitting reading his paper check with him for the time. I thought I'll go for a ride anyway as the weather was good, why go home, so off I went on my way around the lake or to The Entrance for coffee. Riding along the back streets towards Chittaway I came across Simon and Josie, my response - where are you guys off to? To do the ride, didn't you turn back your clock, replied Josie. (AAHH DUH!!) Am I the only idiot not to turn his clock back I wonder.
Anyway I rode back with them to the start. Was nice weather and was only a small number for this ride but kinda expecting that being Easter and wet weather, Eight of us showed with a new guy Andrew and his nice new Giant bicycle (same as Danny's).
After a briefing we set off, first stop was the Woodbury Park with a loo and a regroup, then off again up to the school at a nice pace for another regroup, and finally reached the coffee shop and it was closed, so had to go to the restaurant. Then Marshall showed up increasing us to nine, he had a PUNCTURE (spelled right this time people) on his way to Wyong, we all walked in the shop along with other people to order coffee and the poor bloke making the coffee stressed out and told us to make a line and one at the time, so I said shall we go outside and sit and you can come and take our orders, all worked out well as we all ended up paying first then we were handed our coffee.
Good to see Ian there to have coffee with us. All finished then off on our way back stopping for a regroup and riding at a good pace to Woodbury Park. Turning right to ride down McPherson Rd then through Mardi onto Gavenlock Rd onto the finish at Wyong was a nice change of scenery.
Thanks all who came and Narelle for sweeping. Next week's ride is Hidden Valley starting at Gosford (remember there are no trains) and we will have coffee at the Ourimbah nursery. Pay no attention to the program as I forgot to change it, we don't ride through Tuggerah and Enterprise Drive, we ride from Gosford up Narara Valley Drive to Ourimbah then up Ourimbah Creek Rd then return the same way after coffee. Sorry for any confusion.
If I can't spell how do you expect me to get this sort of thing right. You'll have to learn to live with it.
Catch you all next week
Paul M.
Sunday 29 March 2015 - Newcastle Flyer
Early start today, start arriving at Wyong at 0730, with the temperature a mild 15°C. It eventually warmed to 25° by the time we got to Newcastle. I led the ride, and Paul did the sweeping. Eleven riders signed on at Wyong, another at Gorokan, some more up Belmore way, making about 15 altogether, mostly Sue, 2 Johns, Danny, Simon, Josie, Garry, newbies Marion and Kerry, Paul, and Richard. Doug joined at Jensen Road, smart move as we took the river road to Hillcrest Avenue then up to Jensen Road, Marshall and Fred on the Track.
Our first puncture was Simon on Jensen Road, then John (on my old bike), Doug, and Marion just before Swansea. This threw our schedule out but we coped. At the top of Fernleigh Track, Doug went back to Swansea to meet Sue, his wife, and Richard, Garry and others left straight away to catch the train from Broadmeadow so they could get home and watch the cricket. The rest of us decided not to go to Nobbys as we would not find a train anywhere near there, so we went to Broady too, finding all the early leavers still there, ha ha!
A lovely ride, not so hard, those hills on the highway are getting easier as we get older. We saw many other riders on the road, some flew past us, but others we left behind. Mind you, they had done most of the Loop-The-Lake course. Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks for the positive comments about the leadership.
Sunday 22 March 2015 - Brooklyn Bridges
Hi All! Well Well third time lucky, last two times we had this ride we had to cancel due to poor weather. Wasn't sure if we would be lucky this time as rain came down the night before. As I was checking the sky and those dark clouds I thought, I really don't want to cancel again but wasn't sure what the skies were going to do so let's do it anyway. There were 7 of us, Welcome back to Bill & Paul, the others were Roy, John, Melissa, me leading and Anne as sweep. After a quick briefing we headed off towards West Gosford and around behind the shopping centre to the start of the climb up to Kariong. Bit of debris on the side but when isn't there debris for us to dodge around - good for our reflexes.
Once at Kariong we regrouped with a quick briefing to watch our speed going down the drop to Mooney Mooney, then headed off on to the Old Pacific Hwy as It started to sprinkle but lucky not for long as we dropped down To Mooney Mooney bridge for a regroup and then a slow climb out up to the turn-off to Mount White then stopping at The Old Road Cafe for a regroup and a loo stop.
Off again down the old Pacific Hwy dropping down towards the Hawkesbury river Bridge for a regroup then onto the final leg into Brooklyn. With the rain holding off and not a lot of cars and motorcycles on the old road must have encouraged all the cyclists to come out as we did see a few riding north.
We stopped for some food and coffee at the usual coffee shop before climbing the stairs to get to the station (I don't know what's worse climbing those stairs or riding back) catching the train home to Gosford were it was raining.
Was a good ride with good weather to do it in and well done John, was his first time doing that ride and thanks for the ones that turned up.
See you all on next week ride to Newcastle from Wyong and don't forget it's an 8.00 am start. Let's hope it's nice weather.
Paul M.
Sunday 15 March 2015 - Four Lakes and a Drowning
Hi All
Looks like you all had some good riding on the Murray to the Mountains rail trails. Great place down there and the Toukley club always put on a great riding holiday.
Sunday's ride didn't look real promising weather wise. We had 9 members turning up at Morisset to chance the weather and wind back to Wyong. After signing on and a briefing Anne was leading and Simon sweeping, we headed off down to the roundabout turning left onto Wyee Rd then down to the new roundabout that is still in progress at Rutleys Road with lanes changed around and sections blocked off turned left into Rutleys Rd with a regrouping stop.
Off down Rutleys Rd with not much shoulder in some places, taking care not to drop off the edge in one section, we ended up at the lights at the Pacific Hwy. Had to cross in two groups but once across we headed off pushing against the wind to the Doyalson lights with a regroup at the garage.
All Good no punctures despite the glass on the roads, off down Highview Ave to the outlet then on towards Budgewoi, when Lyn came to grief on a bollard on the bridge at Edgewater Park. While we were attending to her, this huge black cloud came our way so we all headed back to shelter helping Lyn as she had trouble walking, then down it came, poured for about 15 minutes and in the meantime Lyn wasn't able to go further so she rang her daughter to come and pick her up. When the rain stopped Anne headed off with the others to finish the ride as Paul and Marshall stayed with Lyn till her daughter turned up.
After Lyn was picked up, Paul and Marshall headed off back to Wyong via Hamlyn Terrace, Minnesota Rd and Pollock Ave to Wyong Station, wet and cold waited for the train back to Gosford.
As for Anne and others not sure if they finished the ride but pretty sure they would of gotten wet. Still waiting to hear from Anne.
Paul M.
PS. Heard from Lyn, her daughter took her to hospital to be checked. Nothing broken, but sore and some bruising, feeling a bit better now. Needs a week off the bike, hope to see you back riding soon Lyn.
Annie's report on Last Sunday 15 March
Eventful ride this one! Lovely weather at Morisset rail, so we looked forward to a good day 'in the saddle' (not horses you equestrian fanatics).
There's a huge rework of the intersection between Wyee Road and Rutleys Road, but no worries. There was little traffic, we negotiated the crossing at Pacific Highway, toddled on to Doyalson then Paul takes the road so we all cross safely to ride down to Budgewoi Lake past camp Breakaway. On to Buff Point.
Here one of our members had a distinctly nasty collision with the bollard on the little bridge. No more riding today for that one! Black clouds on the southern horizon and then the first of about four downpours to drench us on the ride. We escaped one at the Fish & Chips at Budgewoi. Really the rain was no problem, we dried off between and just kept going. It's always fabulous looking over the lakes and today there were four. Our injured member was checked out at Gosford Hospital and apart from very painful bruising, and an uncomfortable week, should be OK. We don't know why councils put up bollards! Just cycling hazards we don't need. See you next time.
If you intend to go on the Weekend Away, May 16/17 please let me know if you need to find a share or can offer one. If you haven't told me you are coming, please do. Ta
Paul & Val Ardill arrived back in Gosford after their great adventure around Australia. Melissa and Cheri rode with Paul from Broke and I met up with them at Somersby and rode into Gosford with them. He had ridden 14110km. Val had a nice reception ready for him with friends and family and a cake & refreshments. Welcome back to the central Coast Paul & Val.
Sunday 11 March 2015 - Budgewoi ride, Gear Up Girl and message from Paul
With many away having fun riding the Victorian rail trail (Murray to the mountains) and some overseas riding (Narelle and Judy) while others riding Loop the lake (Fred), while Sue and Lyn doing the gear up Girl ride. Sunday's ride featured 7 of us, Anne leading and Paul sweeping. Welcome back to Garry and Joel who haven't ridden with us for a while, good seeing you guys again. Off along Panonia Rd from Wyong bridge with a left turn at Tacoma (Hillcrest Ave) then right on Jensen Rd - bit of a change of scenery, onto Toukley Fish Co-op for a rest stop.
Then around onto The Corso through some road works to Charmy bridge to the cycleway, around to Budgewoi riding at a nice pace making good time. Stopping at lakes beach Cafe, meeting up with Ian for coffee and food. Off again to Canton Beach back to Toukley Co-op then back around to Wahroonga Rd past the Wadalba School down to Johns Rd onto Pollock Ave back to Wyong a great ride. Different scenery, no accidents or punctures, good going all.
Sue and Lyn had a good 40 km ride with the Gear-Up-Girl from Centennial Park to Cronulla with a group of friends.
Fred and some workmates rode Loop-The-Lake, while Fred paid his respects to Trevor by riding with Trevor's ride number. Very thoughtful of you Fred.
There were 15 of us who attended Trevor's final departure, The service was beautiful and Fred did an excellent job of reading the eulogy with lovely photos of Trevor's life on the TV screen. We laid a spray of flowers (see photo below) from the club by his casket wishing sympathy and condolences from all club members.
On Saturday the 14th March between 2.00 and 4.00pm our old member Paul Ardill is finishing his ride around Australia. He has ridden about 14200km with his wife Val backing him up in the camper. A great achievement, he should be very proud of himself. If any members would like to welcome him back to the Central Coast, Val will be at the Lions Park Gosford from 2pm with coffee while we wait for Paul to ride in. Melissa and some friends of Paul's will be riding with him back to the Coast. Hopefully the Express will be there for a bit of publicity. If you would like to be there but can't hang around that long, let me know and I'll text you when he is about 1hr away.
See you all on Sunday's ride - starts at Morisset station 9.15.
Paul M.

Sunday 1 March 2015 - Cook's tour to Cronulla
Eleven of us met at Strathfield Station on a warm sunny morning to ride the Cook's river cycleway. After the long-ish train ride most of us needed a caffeine fix, and the friendly kiosk was happy to oblige. Numbers were down a bit, maybe because the loss of our friend Trevor cast a shadow over the day. With Sue leading and Steve as sweep, we rode westwards through Homebush and turned down the cycle path towards Botany Bay.
The track was not too busy, but you always need to watch out for speeding cyclists coming the other way, and children on the wrong side of the path. We rode at a steady pace and reached the Gough Whitlam Park at Earlwood at about 11am. We paused there to pay our respects to our friend Trevor, and Paul said a few well-chosen words about his sad loss. After a minute's silence, we mounted up and continued on our way.
We stopped at the Cooks River Canteen for coffee and lunch, but too busy, so we rode on to the C-side cafe at Brighton. The heat was building up so we all huddled in the shade. We didn't know it was going to be Sydney's hottest March day for 11 years – 38°C phew!
Continued the ride through Brighton, very slow going with all the foot traffic, but soon out the other side and able to speed up. Over the Captain Cook bridge and into the Shire. A slight change of route when we got near to the end, a climb up to Wanda Beach, which was hard going in the heat. Then down to Cronulla Beach, into the shade of the pine trees, and the end of the ride.
There are lots of options at Cronulla – a swim, lunch, cold drinks. Most of us headed off to the train and back to Central. It was a good ride for a hot day – mostly level and some cooling breezes off Botany Bay and the ocean. No incidents and no punctures. A good ride to remember Trevor.
Trevor Williamson
The club extends sincere sympathy to his family and friends.
Sunday 22 February 2015 - Brisbane Water Circuit
We had 11 adventurous riders show up to a rainy and gloomy start at Gosford. With me leading and Paul catching the mud and spatter at the back. The rain was light but persistent all the way to Woy Woy, very slippery conditions and difficult for those wearing glasses. Shane managed to catch the group, before we headed out and followed the bike path towards Blackwall Mountain. The rain started to ease as we made our way around to Orange Grove, over the Split Bridge and onto Empire bay.
Here I made the statement of the day, "I think the rain is going away!". From Empire Bay to Bensville we got DRENCHED...
By this time everybody was really looking forward to the coffee stop, so we proceeded through the bike paths of Kincumber to Davistown. Normally a lovely scenic ride on sunny day, but on this day even the ducks were taking cover.
We arrived at the Little Tea Pot Café at Davistown damp but still in good spirit. The coffee and eats were great! By this time the rain had eased and we were ready to take on the hilly section of the ride. Due the rainy conditions we decided to avoid the dirt track section and make our way out the main road. This was a little narrow and unpleasant in sections, but everyone managed to get through safely.
Whilst tackling the rolling hills to Erina along Avoca Drive we were faced with a new challenge. The rain has started to clear and the conditions had turned steamy.... Very unpleasant and glass-fogging conditions! We all made it to end of Avoca Drive, some riders a had a new appreciation to the term – "Rolling Hills"...
We then made our way back to the Gosford waterfront to end an unpleasant but all-in-all fun ride.
Thank you everyone who braved the conditions, especially Sue. Great come back.
Stay upright and keep pedalling,
PS- Our thoughts are with Trevor and Allan.
Monday 16 February 2015 - Kempsey Club holiday Report and Photos
A report and photos from the holiday are here. Judy's special report at the end of the photos
Sunday 8 February 2015 - Umina, Ocean Beach
On a beautiful sunny morning, 25 riders signed on for a pleasant ride to Ocean Beach. Melissa was our leader, with Narelle taking on the job of sweeping up.
Welcome to Ryan, Roy C's son, and a few others I haven't seen for a long time, if ever. Being such a nice day for cycling, there were hundreds of other cyclists on the paths and roads of the peninsula, including a road race for 2-8 year olds in Umina, with the roads especially closed off. Some had training wheels I think, but most of our club members are off them now.
Graeme had a new Giant Roadfast COMAX2 which he just picked up during the week. He did a test run with the Toukley Skylarkers on Friday, but this morning, as we came off the railway bridge at Gosford, we heard a loud pop and hiss, a sure sign someone had blown a tyre! In fact it was the back wheel of Graeme's new bike whereby the tube had muscled the tyre off the rim and escaped to the outside world. Clearly a case of the whole thing not being correctly installed in the first place, but amazingly lasting 2 days. In record time we had a new tube in and we were on our way. John was there on my old bike and let me use my old pump to pump it all up again.
With 25 riders we managed to spread out to about 500 metres at times, but Melissa kindly waited for them to catch back up again. Eventually we arrived at the Ocean Beach SLSC and commandeered a few tables and a score of chairs to enjoy a very pleasant morning tea, while a few of us went swimming in the surf, mostly in their bike clothes. Lovely in, they reported!
On the way back we followed the now-abandoned toddlers race track, whilst avoiding the stragglers. No other mishaps or accidents were reported, even though I did come close to skittling a kid on a scooter on the Scenic Route near Point Claire. Where would I stand insurance-wise if I hit him? I'll follow Melissa's advice and stick with the group in future.
Dianne Rh and Margaret hived off to visit Anaconda on the way back, but the rest of us made it back OK. Thanks to Mel and Naz for containing us, and to everyone who came and made it such a successful ride. Thanks to Paul who has done such a good job as president in building up the club numbers. Cheers!
Saturday 7 February 2015 - Kempsey weekend away
A reminder of our weekend away up in the Kempsey Shire is a week away.
Meeting point is on the western side of the station car park in Kemp St at 11.00am. Follow Belgrave St, over the train lines, 1st roundabout 3rd exit Sea St, then 1st right Kemp St, station is about 200mt on the right. If we can all get there before 11 as I would like to leave at that time and If anyone is running late phone me 0404559064 otherwise we will leave on time.
All those coming make sure your club fees are up to date please.
Those that are driving drive safe watch your speed as there are police along the way hidden among the bushes and unmarked cars.
Make sure you bring a rain coat just in case and your bike is in good working order and spare tubes.
Ride brochure is here.
Thanks all
Paul M.
Sunday 1 February 2015 - Magenta
A cool cloudy morning with 18 riders starting from Wyong, picking up another couple on the way, so 20 riders, a brilliant effort everyone! Narelle led us out, with Melissa sweeping up at the rear.
Onto the Tuggerah Straight bike path with two sets of lights to get us all across. At the railway end Danny came unstuck when he hit a signpost stump (not easy to get to, but I managed it!) with a metal pipe sticking up out of the path. Bang! Two flat tyres and a ruined tyre casing! Not far from the shop where I bought the bike, but it didn't open for 40 minutes. Doug stayed with me while the others went off towards Chittaway. We pooled our resources and came up with 2 tubes, and I fashioned a sleeve out of the old tube, with my teeth, with both tubes pumped up, and the sleeve in place, we were on our way again in only 20 minutes, and caught the péloton at Bluebell Park, Berkeley Vale. A very nasty fatal car accident took place in this suburb later, I heard on the news.
Unbeknownst to Doug and me, Dianne had stopped near the railway bridge to pick glass from her tyres, and when she looked up, everyone had gone. She didn't know where to go, worked her way through all the streets and came out in front of us miles further on.
Lyn joined us at Chittaway. She joined others we hadn't seen for a while, like Tony Hill, Sue and Glenn and a couple of newbies, and John, a mate of Barry's. Welcome to our club, guys!
We rode straight through The Entrance, to the north side, and on to Magenta Shores Golf Resort and Spa, where we turned around and headed back to DCE for coffee. When I say we, I don't mean Barry, Doug and me, who continued on north up Wilfred Barrett Drive, to the cemetery at Norah Head where we met Ralph and Eveline who joined us for coffee at Canton Beach. That is the end of my report, so I hope someone else can fill us in on the remainder of the trip. Great fun, and thanks to everyone for joining in!
Sunday 26 January 2015 - Trevor's report
Australia Day Special (That is COOL and WET!)
Twelve hardy souls left Wyong at 9:00 am for the ride around the lake to Jenny Dixon reserve at Nora Heads. With in the first 500m Danny 'bit the dust', and this was just the start! Within the first 5km Marshal had joined him on the ground and Doug had experienced that 'horrible sinking feeling' as his tyre deflated (a large chunk of glass I am assured was the cause). Roy joined us at this point after getting off a late train and chasing the wrong group for a while.
From there to the turnoff Wilfred Barret Drive (well almost) everything went without a hitch until Simon also suffered that 'horrible sinking feeling' just before the turnoff. We rode on being assured that it was a 'slow leak' and he could make it to the BBQ site after an inflation – not so – 'Slow' became 'Fast' and while the rest of the ride proceeded to the BBQ he and John (who had done a lot of serious 'sweeping' already) fixed the tyre.
The weather was cool and intermittently wet, but very pleasant to ride in (probably helped by contrast with recent rides weather).
Paul and Ian (thanks from all) had HOT coffee and sausages and onions ready for us. This is a great idea much appreciated by all. After a much enjoyed meal some of the party headed off home by various routes and 7 of us where left for the pleasant and uneventful ride back to Wyong where we arrived happy (if slightly (?) damp). It has been many weeks since I could honestly say I was looking forward to a WARM shower !
Thanks again to Ian and Paul for the excellent mid-ride BBQ.
Trevor (ride leader)
Sunday 24 and Monday 25 January 2015 - Two days - two different rides
Hi All
Sunday 24 Jan started out being very sunny and hot (35°C), 10 of us turned up for the short but hilly ride to Terrigal. We headed off to East Gosford then down Wells street to Erina with regrouping along the way. The heat of the day was starting to hit us by the time we got to Central Coast Hwy at Erina.
I wasn't feeling well so I thought I had better say something just in case, I think it was due to the meds I was on. Anne said she wasn't feeling well either, after a short stop we started the climb up Central Coast Hwy, got as far as Erina Heights and heard that Anne had stopped due to illness and rang Ian to come and pick her up. Then we decided to turn down Serpentine Rd and shorten the ride due to the heat. Arrived at Terrigal and as usual it was packed, we parked our bikes and got some cold drinks and some food and sat in the shade and cooled off.
Then it was time to start heading back so we headed down Terrigal Drive to Erina then on to Gosford to the finish. We were finished by 12 noon - not a long ride but hilly and hot so I think the heat got to us and I was happy we were back. Thanks to John for riding sweep and thanks for the members that turned up.
I'm back off up to Coffs for another week and won't be riding next week, but will be back the following week and I'll send you all a reminder about the weekend away up Kempsey.

Australia day ride 26th
Started at Wyong with 13 riders with Trevor leading and John as sweep. As it was raining on and off not a great way to start Australia Day and hearing that there was a lot of glass and debris on the cycleway.
I turned up for the start but didn't ride as I volunteered for BBQ duties with Ian, then I headed off up to Jenny Dixon Park to get a table and have all the food ready for them on arrival.
Still waiting on a full report from Trevor. But from the gossip I heard, Danny rode across the Wyong River bridge and then ducked off over the road only to fall off in front of a bus (great start, Danny). Also that Marshall didn't get his feet out of the cleats quick enough and fell over, but he told me he hit a stick, either way he fell. No one seriously hurt Danny had a bit of claret on his knee and elbow. Simon had a puncture. Heard all this when they arrived at the BBQ.
The sausages were all cooked and the coffee was hot so it should have warmed them up as they were naturally all wet due to the weather. Haven't heard anything else yet so hopefully they all returned safely and thanks to all who turned up. It was a successful day with the sausage sizzle was a nice touch and something different.
Sunday 18 January 2015 - Crackneck Cooee
Stephen led about 15 riders out of Wyong towards Chittaway, including a visitor Brett, from Sydney. Conditions were fine, sunny and hot, with a darling little southerly breeze of 10-15 knots to cool us down. Doug was the sweep, and kept us all together.
After a stop at Bluebell Park we continued on right to The Entrance where we tried out the new dunnies at Picnic Point. They worked well.
From there we rode right through the plaza and up the hill to the SLSC, and on to Toowoon Bay. At Batto Bay we headed up the hill to Crackneck Lookout. To my surprise and regret I was unable to ride up this steep hill, partly as my new bike doesn't have a low enough granny gear, but also I just couldn't manage it, so I walked for a few hundred metres. Just getting old I suppose. Everybody else managed it, so well done y'all!
After a very brief rest at the top we rode back down to Batto Bay Road to the shops and bought coffee, and other drinks and food, which we consumed in the nearby park on picnic benches in the shade. The temperature felt like 35°C at the time so we were keen to get home. Doug and I, who rode from home at Lake Haven and Gorokan, decided to continue the loop of the Tuggerah Lake and head north up Wilfred Barrett Drive then home via Toukley and Gorokan. Even with the help of a tailwind it was tough going and I was very glad to get home. The temperature at home was 30°, so not as hot as it felt.
I hope the main péloton got back to Wyong OK, and in the absence of news au contraire, they must have. A good tough ride on a hot day, disappointing for me but well done by everyone else.
Sunday 11 January 2015 - Pearl Beach Ride
With rain falling lightly since before dawn, I was dubious about the ride going ahead. Shoulda known better! Thirteen riders appeared at the usual place in Gosford, still in the rain, and decided that Pearl Beach was a hill too far in the wet conditions. We decided on Umina Beach as an easy cop-out.
Riders included Doug, Richard Y, James and his delightful daughter Erin, Roy C, Annie S, Sue and Steve, Shane, Shirley and Paul, Paul M our presidente, and moi. We started off the day with a puncture from Steve, Shane copped one just before morning tea, and Doug came back to a flat after tea. The rain was very light, and even held off for an hour or so on the way south. School holidays and summer meant hundreds of people at the Umina Beach SLSC, despite the persistent rain.
Annie led this shower, and Paul Muz swept up. To make up for the loss of our spectacular mountain ride, Annie took us on an odyssey along Mt Ettalong Road, turning off at the shop, and through all the back roads and bike paths possible till we hit Railway Street in Woy Woy South, which was the first time I knew where I was. Well done Annie!
A very pleasant and social bike ride which would have been not better, but different, without the rain. Moral: just ignore the rain!
Sunday 4 January 2015 - Norah Head for coffee
Jan 4th saw 15 keen riders gathered for 1st ride of the year- nice easy pace to Norah Head for coffee. Was good to meet Brett new to our club, just getting back into cycling after an absence, has youth on his side so no trouble keeping pace.
We rode to Gorokan and then took detour left at ambulance station in Toukley which leads down to bike path & then back streets to Evans Rd lights and up to Norah Head.
Norah Head looked spectacular, Kevin went for swim which was wise move as it had really warmed up and we were all feeling the heat. After refreshments we headed back to Wyong, a few people leaving early to get home. Wind picked up and was hot trip back to Wyong. Leader managed to fall off at one of the rest stops- pays to unclick those cleats quickly when you come to a stop! Think you would learn wouldn't you. Lucky was nice soft landing on the grass. Best not to always do what the leader does. No other incidents to report so that was good.
Thanks to Doug for great job as sweep & Trevor who took the final stage.
PS Danny's excuse: I decided to go to the hospital instead of riding with you guys as my blood pressure machine told me I had a reading of 223/197, severe hypertension. Couldn't find you guys afterwards so just went home. Feeling OK.
Sunday 28 December 2014 - Brisbane Water Circuit
Virtually no breeze and a mild temperature and cloudy day brought everyone out of the woodwork today, with fifteen riders all up, including Lyn who joined us at the seats.
I was on my new Giant Roadfast Comex1 which I picked up only yesterday, so I hadn't even ridden it yet. Started off tentatively, getting used to the gears (2X11) until Point Claire where my seat post slid down to the top bar making it very difficult to ride. Narelle was our sweep, and she set off for help, but in fact I caught her before she reached the others. After some fissparting around we found the adjustment screw and JD fixed it for me.
Melissa was leading us, down to Woy Woy and on to Blackwall to The Rip Bridge, up the steep path and on towards Bensville. Some of us with new or nice bikes, or both, chose to follow the road while the péloton meandered through the shrubbery till we met again. On to Davistown, our tongues hanging out for coffee, but the café was shut. Open yesterday, but not today! So we plugged on in the forlorn hope we would find some caffeine. At Davistown a lovely Indian lady offered to give us all coffee at her place, but, tempting though it was, we graciously declined and set off for Saratoga. There, against all advice to the contraire from Ian, we found a great little shopping Centre with a proper café and good coffee, so hurray, saved again!
As we covered the miles, I gradually became used to my new bike, and was able to keep up with the others. Trevor suggested I should take it back to the shop as it was obviously a dud! Hah! Along Avoca Drive with all its hills we barrelled along, soon finding ourselves back at the Sailing Club.
Fifty kilometres of interesting riding, thanks to Mel and Naz for the bookends, and a top social outing, with such other guys as John D and Annie, Chris and Irene on their own solos, Dougie, Simon and Josie of course, Shane, John Le Secrétaire, Tony, Annie Svenson, Lyn and maybe someone else. Thanks everyone for coming!
Saturday 27 December 2014 - Letter from Boston Bill, click here.
Sunday 21 December 2014 - Breakfast Ride around Tuggerah Lake
Paul's Report: Great start for me and Danny today. I had to pump up a flat tyre this morning then headed off and was late anyway, just got there as they were leaving, found my tyre flat again so quickly changed the tube and headed of to chase them down, met them at the cemetery, and sounds like Danny started at Wyong (wrong place Danny).
So if I've got this right there were 14 of us, Anne leading the troupe and Narelle sweeping up the rear. Was a peaceful ride over the usual route to Toukley then on to Tuggerawong to Jenson rd onto Pollock ave and into Wyong for a loo stop and a break. Off over to Tuggerah then up along lake rd to Chittaway all with no problems and no flats, carried on to long Jetty and finally the entrance where we were all joined by Ian and we all sat taking up nearly all the tables at the restaurant.
Was a good ride and Anne did a great job at getting us all there safe and sound, and Narelle for keeping us all together, thanks Anne and Narelle.

2. Danny's non-report: I made a mistake this morning, and never saw anybody, apart from Ian. Got up before 5.00am, had some brekky, rode down to Wyong by seven o'clock - no-one there! Rang my wife to check the program - wrong place! Should be Picnic Point, THE ENTRANCE!
Rode to The Entrance, never saw anybody coming the other way, but while checking out the carpark, I heard a familiar voice. Ian was lurking there, telling me that the club had gone in the same direction as I did (anti-clockwise). What to do? Wait 2 hours for them to come back? Go home? I opted for the latter, and here I am, at 9.00am, writing the report after lapping the lake, about 50km. Paul has written a more inclusive report. It is above.
Sunday 14 December 2014 - Palm Beach Ferry Ride
A beautiful day, around 25°C, 10 knot N and E breezes (see Seabreeze© graph below), sunny. Nine riders assembled at Gosford Lions Park, but no Paul, our dear leader!
About 9.05am we got a call to say he had a couple of 'punchers' so he would meet us at Woy Woy. So finally all together we headed off down to Ettalong, with Paul taking us interesting and shorter routes to come out at the Palm Beach Ferry Terminal. All aboard the mighty catamaran ferry and off to Palm Beach. My fare, concession, for the return trip with bike was $12, excellent value! The Maroubra Sinners bike club was also on the ferry, after starting their ride at 0500 and riding up the Pacific highway to Gosford, 120km to there. Mostly about 30-40 years old, with top bikes, they still have about 30 years of riding to get to our ages.
Once at PB we headed south for a while then took ascending roads, fairly steep but not killers, till we got to the top, which is pretty high. The scenery is stunning, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Pittwater, Tasman Sea, Barrenjoey, Lion Island, Pulbar Island (?). Beautiful houses and amazing steep driveways, spectacular views to all those places, people everywhere with lots of cars, but no hassles at all. They could tell we were from the country and made allowances. Down the other side to Palm Beach, and along Barrenjoey, before we headed back along Pittwater to the ferry.
We bought lunch near there and ate it in the park before getting back on the ferry at 12.00noon. I hope nobody ever says 12.00am or 12.00pm as it is wrong, wrong and wrong!
Back across the big sea shining water to Ettalong, past Lobster Beach, a secluded little beach just out into Broken Bay, where we saw dozens of naked sunbathers enjoying the seclusion. Must get my eyes checked! Back to Gosford along another different road. Paul has put a lot of research into this ride, so if he could just turn up on time it would be really good. Thanks to everyone for coming, and to Paul for planning and executing it. Hopefully there will be photos by the time you read this.
Sunday 7 December 2014 - All The Rivers Run
Planned to ride down to Wyong this morning, but came out to a flat tyre! Got a spoke replaced on Friday and reassembled the wheel but must have accidentally stabbed the tube somehow. So a late start and by the time I got to Wyong the club was long gone. But I knew where they were! So I headed down to South Tacoma, past the Pioneer Dairy, and about 500m from the end there they were just waiting for me. Eighteen of us so a good turn-up. Narelle was leading and Sue was looking after the tail-end.
Conditions were beautiful, except for the 30°C temperatures, sunny and a gentle NE breeze. We then rode down through a typical casuarina forest to the end of land and saw the beautiful lake Tuggers. On the way back Naz took us into the Pioneer Dairy, which is a wetland and old farm dedicated to the preservation of the natural state of the area. It has been developed a lot to make it a going concern. It is used by the parachuting club which takes off from Warnervale and use the dairy for landings. My mate Gerry who is a volunteer there says the council is making it hard as they charge an exhorbitant fee for the parachuters, and they add a lot to the operation there.
From there down Tuggerah Straight and round the back of the SupaCenta along Lake and Church roads to Geoffrey Road. This leads down past Sunshine Park, a favorite venue for kayaking, all the way to the end, carefully threading your bike through the revolving gate to reach the end of another creek, and see Lake Tuggerah from another perspective.
Back to Wyong Road and over the bridge on our way to the south side of the Chittaway peninsula, but this time we are beaten by a flat tyre on Glenn's bike, so we left them to it and headed straight to Bluebell Park for lunch. You wouldn't believe how much flak I copped for having some Potato Bake for my lunch, might as well have had deep-fried rocky road!
Despite missing out on the south side of Ourimbah Creek delta we decided to head straight back to Wyong, which took only about 20 minutes, compared to the much longer ride the other way.
Doug and I then rode home to Gorokan in very hot conditions, called the wind heat factor, about 38°C! A great ride, thank you Narelle and everyone who came on the ride, including Ian who was at the lunch spot, and Ric from the Skylarkers who joined us for a short while. So glad to get home to a shower and a cold drink!
Sunday 30 November 2014 - Tour de Sydney
A really memorable ride today, ably hosted by Steve and Sue, in perfect weather. Eleven riders fronted, and we didn't lose a single one. Sue led us and Steve held up the back end, with both wearing bright pink Hi-Vis vests which was very helpful in the strange environment.
We met at Strathfield rail at 9.00am and rode towards Olympic Park for a complete circuit, visiting all the interesting places, like the pyramid where you ride 500 metres to gain 20 metres in height for the view, the V8 Supercars circuit, and the famous arenas. Our beloved secretary, John, came a gutser when his front wheel got caught in a groove between concrete slabs and he hit the deck. Luckily our resident nurse was on hand and Narelle patched his bloody knee and we continued with the ride, but more carefully.
We then rode back to Strathfield and continued through the streets to the Cooks River bike path. I don't know most of these areas so I'm just trying to remember what I saw. Miles downstream we finally came to a café where we had lunch and drinks. Pushing on with the wind sometimes very strong (see Seabreeze® Graph below), towards Tempe, Mascott and Alexandria, till we got to Redfern, which despite the reservations of some members was neat, tidy and devoid of broken glass.
Steve showed us some interesting architecture here, with amazing buildings and structures (see photo). We plugged on towards the city and found ourselves round behind the Casino, then riding over Pyrmont Bridge into Cockle Bay. This was great fun, with plenty of people around and things to see. In all the other streets on the way there the traffic was very quiet and we often had the road to ourselves.
We just kept riding in the same direction and eventually found ourselves on the other side (east) of the bridge with me wondering how were going to get from water level to the top of the bridge. The hard way! We rode up many steep streets and in no time at all we were at the bridge road level and onto the bike path over the bridge. While we were re-grouping ourselves before attacking the path up to the bridge a traffic warden type guy came out from his hidey-hole and abused us for blocking the bike path! There were no other bikes or anyone around. So we rode up the path, thanking the guard for his kind assistance. At the north end of the bridge the guards were much more helpful. Two travellers (not Gypsies) who had very long and heavy bikes were contemplating pushing their machines up the very steep steps, when a guard came down from the top of the path to help the girl Gypsy push her bike up the path. Hooray! I would have helped her but I thought the others wouldn't wait for me. Sue thought the guard's behaviour was disgusting and he was only trying to ingratiate himself. (!)
From there it wasn't far to the Milsons Point Railway station where we all headed to catch a train back to Central then a coastal train north. I had to check out a hotel at Artarmon so I kept riding north, past the St Leonards station, then back there to catch a train to Hornsby, which was only 9 minutes coming. I got home at 5.10pm, so I think the others would have been ahead of me.
A wonderful ride with exciting scenery and traffic and well worth ten hours away from home. Thanks very much to Steve and Sue, I know they rode the course a few times to get it right, for all their efforts to provide a safe and interesting course for us. Three cheers!!! Thanks also to the other riders for their efforts and company. Richard, Pam, Paul, Trevor and 2 Roys were also there.
PS Paul's photos are here. The Seabreeze graph is below.

Sunday 23 November 2014 - Twilight Ride around Tuggerah Lake
President's report:
Hi All
Sunday's ride turned out to be a nice cool ride as the temperature had dropped, and no flats. I had left my bike shoes at home and had to go back to get them so I parked the car at the start of Long Jetty and rode from there. Coming across the group on WBD, I quickly did a u-turn and joined in. (see Trevor's attachment below).
Our ride next week is a new ride "Tour de Sydney" meeting at Strathfield southern side of the station 9.00am (see train times on program) with time for a coffee before we set off. It's led by Steve and Sue and should be a great ride through Olympic Park then on to Sydney, over the Harbour Bridge to Milsons Point where it will finish.
Bring a few snacks as the coffee/lunch stop is about 25-30km and you may get a bit peckish on the way. It's not a ride for beginners as there are sections we encounter traffic and stoplights going through the city.
Paul M.

Tuggerah lake by twilight ride. Sunday 23rd November 2014. Trevor's Report
After a hot and uncomfortable day the weather had cooled down considerably by the time of the 16:30 start resulting in quite pleasant condition for the ride. The odd large drop of rain and lightning in the distance did not affect us at all.
Starting from Wyong 10 riders set out for Gorokan along the usual river road route. We were joined by Karen(?), a visitor from Sydney, on this ride. Danny left us at Gorokan and we were joined by Paul on way to Wilfred Barret Drive, which we followed as far as Magenta Drive where we crossed to the bike track to get a view of the lake at 'twilight'.
Dinner was a close call, we just got into the surf club as they were closing the kitchen, but we 'pressured' them into preparing meals (from a limited menu) for us. They did an excellent job of providing an enjoyable meal for us all.
All bar Paul, John, Simon and Josie headed directly home from the surf club and our greatly reduced group headed off along the bike track in the growing dark. Simon and Josie left us at Long Jetty and Paul at the new bridge leaving just John and me for the return trip.
What a return trip! I quickly discovered that my new (untried) headlight arrangement was a complete failure and after half a dozen near disasters I removed it from the bike and jammed it in the zip of by bar bag. Believe it or not this worked fine.
A very strong southerly had come up by now and we were being hit by high-speed leaves and twigs on the track beside Wyong road. When we turned on the the Pacific highway track the wind was blowing us along at 30km+ in still air. Track was DRY! When I drove back a few minutes later the track was very wet but the rain had stopped. Talk about lucky with the weather.
Thank you all for coming, in particular John for acting as a sweep and helping me with my lighting problems.

Monday 17 November 2014 - President's Message
Hi all! I'm finally back into the swing of things. I've had a great holiday in Thailand and then set off to proof-ride our next weekend away ride. I'd Like to thank you all for voting me back in as president and I hope I can keep you all happy this year as well.
We have had a big change in the committee with a new secretary being John L'E, new treasurer Stephen H, and Vice president Simon M, with Danny being the Publicity Officer in charge of the web site and Narelle Anderson and Roy Collins as committee members, a big thank you guys for standing up and giving the club your time and it's very much appreciated. Also a big Thank you to those who have served on the committee over the last years you all have done an excellent job well done.
Getting on with the weekend away, I've attached a flyer with all the details as we need to get in early to book accommodation. It will be up in the Kempsey Shire riding from Kempsey to Crescent heads, next day ride to South West Rocks with an afternoon ride to Trial Bay Gaol for those how are interested, then the day after back to Kempsey, It's a 157km ride including the afternoon ride or 142km for those who don't want to do the afternoon ride. It's a very peaceful ride on mostly quite farm roads with a few busier roads in between, The road surface is mainly good with a shoulder on the busier roads. Click here for the brochure.
It would be a good idea to try and group up in the cars and accommodation as it will save on cost, there is the possibility of the train but you need to get in touch with country link as to times and cost.
Next Sunday's ride will be the twilight ride around Tuggerah Lake with dinner at the entrance then off back to Wyong with lights.
Sunday 16 November 2014 - Brooklyn Bridges
By 8.00am it had started raining everywhere and the sky was dark and threatening. Never-the-less six riders arrived at the Gosford venue for today's scheduled ride to Brooklyn along the Pacific Highway. Melissa was the leader and Narelle took over the tail-gunner position.
On arrival Melissa said no way was she taking us down to Brooklyn in this rain, what with the slippery hilly roads and all. After the howls of protest died down we reluctantly agreed to a slightly friendlier ride to Umina Ocean Beach 4 coffee. It rained for less than an hour and by the time we got to Umina the weather was sunny and warm with quite a good breeze coming from somewhere. See Seabreeze® graph below.
Melissa led a very pleasant ride to the markets coffee shop at Umina. The other café we went to said they had 50 diners for breakfast so they couldn't feed us. The others on this ride were me, Graeme M, Narelle, Annie and Josie. As we headed back to Gosford I couldn't see any good reason not to catch the train at Woy Woy, so I did. I had to ride to the station and back at the other end but. I rode about 60km today.
Thanks to everyone who came and made it a very nice ride, yeah, thanks!
Sunday 9 November 2014 - Yarramalong for Coffee
It only got to 25°C at Wyong but seemed hotter. According to Seabreeze© it was a northerly from 8.00am till nine which helped those of us riding from Toukley way, then it changed to the south, giving us a cool fresh blow-wave. Fourteen riders met at Wyong, with Annie leading the ride and Narelle sweeping up. The rest of us stayed in-between except for the uphills where we were allowed to go ahead, but wait at the top. A pleasant uneventful ride which surprisingly took only about 45 minutes for the 20km.
This was our AGM day which we held at the café after m/t. We were so early that some people who had to drive there were late. Richard missed us altogether and we saw him on the way back. The meeting was a very productive which saw the president re-elected but all other positions change. Our treasurer is now Stephen H, the Hon Sec is John LeS, and the vice P is now Simon. Narelle and someone else are the committeemen. To be confirmed as this is only my re-call of the results. Danny is the Publicity Officer in charge of the website, and doesn't have to attend meetings. I'm pretty sure of that one.
Another pleasant leg back to Wyong but without the benefit of Seabreeze hindsight we couldn't tell where the breeze was coming from. No delays or flats.Thanks for coming you guys!
Sunday 2 November 2014 - Ocean Beach
Twelve riders fronted for today's run, Roy C (leader), Roy P, Tony, Narelle (sweep), Glenn, Sue, Linda, Danny, Fred on his first ride since July, welcome back, Alan, Trevor and John. Weather was superb, with cool temperatures to start, warming up to 24°C, with the breeze about 10 knots west and SW.
It's a fairly easy ride down to Ocean Beach, suitable for newbies as the first ride for the month. We had m/t and something to eat at the Ocean Beach SLSC caf which was pretty nice, on the beach front with a pleasant breeze blowing off the ocean. No punctures or accidents and an almost uneventful ride back to Gosford finishing up the morning. Thanks everyone for coming, and special thanks to Roy and Naz for being duty staff.
Sunday 26 October 2014 - Ride the Wild West
Actually 'Ride the Calm and Peaceful West' on that day. Almost perfect conditions, no significant wind and 47 km of bike track.
A small group of adventurous riders arrived at Granville station – mostly by train, a couple by car - Anne, Josie, Simon, Tony, Robert (from Germany) and one other whose name I forget (sorry).
The ride started with a small section of road before joining the bike track UNDER the M4 motorway, it then winds its way to join the track beside the railway line past Merrylands and Guilford station. The track then runs along the Prospect reservoir pipeline before entering the old water supply channel that has been converted to bike track. Prospect Reservoir is currently closed so we headed off beside the bus-way to a bike track beside The Horsley Drive.
Coffee/Lunch was had at 'GreenWay' shopping complex – good food and coffee – before riding on through the Western Sydney Regional Parkland, and via various parkland bike tracks to Canley Vale where we rejoined the track beside the railway line passing numerous stations before crossing back to rejoin out outward track near Guilford station for the return to Granville.
All in all a enjoyable, scenic ride with a lot of variation, things to see, and no respectable hills !
Oooops! As a beginner leader I forgot to take photos so you will just have to believe me about the scenery etc.
Sunday 19 October 2014 - Wyong/Lake Munmorah
Nine o'clock Sunday morning and there are 13 riders assembled for the CCTCC ride to Lake Munmorah, the town, return. Weather is perfect - up to 25°C, breeze as per the Seabreeze® graph below, and not a cloud in the sky. There was Doug, Danny, Roy C, Annie, Narelle, Rod, Simon, Josie, Graeme, Merrilyn, Barry, Richard and Marshall.
I was leading and we took off down the river road to Hillcrest Ave/Braithwaite Road to Jensen Road, for a bit of variety, and to save time. We didn't realise how much time we needed as we had several flat tyres on the way - 3 in the first 20km! Roy copped the first one on Jensen Road, then another one on The Corso. We were getting pretty sick of him by then, but the 2nd one was a genuine puncture from glass, so no blame was apportioned. Going along the bike path at San Remo, I heard a loud hissing sound, modulated by a spinning wheel, so immediately stopped to find out who had the puncture. Merrilyn's tyre was down a bit, but seemed to be no longer leaking so we pumped it up again (3 times), which worked for a while, but eventually we put in a new tube at Jamaica Blue café at Lake Munmorah. Just checking the UBD - Chain Valley Bay doesn't come anywhere near the highway!
Doug went straight home at Gorokan with a crook back, Barry at San Remo, Richard and Narelle at Budgewoi, and Rod on the way home at Doyalson. That left eight to cruise back to Wyong before Marshall hived off at Wadalba. It was a beaut ride with the tail-wind - the few hills just melted away! Thanks everybody for making the effort today, I'm sure you were well rewarded.
We struggled into the 5 knot headwind till 11am then it blew up for the trip back!
Friday 17 October 2014 - Diane's Ride for Cancer
The Finish Line.. 905 riders took part raising $3.6 million for The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. What a ride - 209 kilometres over two days! FANTASTIC! Thank you to all who contributed to this event.
Thought I'd share this special moment. Photo of me crossing the finish line:
Di Rhedey
Sunday 12 October 2014 - Newcastle Ride
Hi All
Another great sunny day for us to get together and have another great ride, we all met up at Newcastle station unfortunately the train was about 20 minutes late which took up our coffee time at the start. With Roy leading and me (Paul) as sweep we headed off on our trek towards the Fernleigh Track with a slight confusion at the first turn but we soon got back on the right track. As usual we had a wait at Glebe road to get across, then finally had our first stop at the start of the Fernleigh track where we all could do our own thing and regroup at the end as I was sweep. I took it nice and easy at the back and it was an enjoyable ride.
After we all had a good rest and drinks we headed back up to Whitebridge to regroup there (Simon speeding along the track he past our regrouping spot and we had to wait for him to speed back). At our lunch stop we swapped the leader and sweep where I led and Roy as sweep. We then headed down towards Kotara bike path when Roy ended up with a flat. After a quick fix we rode on through the Kotara shopping centre and towards Adamstown where Danny left us to train it home from there, then onto the Stadium bike path were Roy Posford left us then a bit further along Marshall headed off home. We continued up through the Tafe college towards the waterfront that we followed through to the harbour and station where we all parted to train, drive or ride it back home.
Thank you guys for the good turn up and the nice company and Roy for leading us, well done all, was a great day out.
Paul M.
P.S We received an email from our German friend Robert who joined us on a ride to Crackneck. He is riding through Australia and is by now up Queensland way. Hope he has and enjoyable and safe trip in our country.

Hi Chris,
Thanks again for the help. Actually I opted against the pacific coast highway. Which was a good idea. Heavy traffic and no time to take the detours. But I am doing longer rides in the very bike friendly brissie area now and head to mt warning to catch up with the local bike group in a couple of days.
Have a good time and please say hello to the central coast bike family. I really enjoyed the group with them.
Best regards

Sorry!!! but I forgot to add next week's ride that Danny is leading and we meet at Wyong where the ride takes us up around Budgewoi lakes. It's about a 55km ride but a good one. (no Hills).
Also I probably won't be seeing you guys till the second ride in November as next week I will be riding the Spring Cycle, then on the 24th I'll be heading off to Thailand for a cycle tour over there. I won't be back till the 9th November for the "Yarramalong for coffee" ride and the AGM.
So I hope you all have a good ride and stay safe and don't forget the new ride on the 26th lead by Trevor "ride the wild west" (may need your side arms)?.
If anyone is doing the Gong ride on the 2nd November have a good ride and enjoy.
Hope you all take care see you all in three weeks.
Paul M.
Danny's brief addendum: After I left the group on Adamstown Road I rode to the Broadmeadow station. After a couple of minutes Roy P turned up, and said there was a train to Gosford in two minutes. I had a look at the timetable and saw that there was indeed a train coming, but it was a CountryLink and was for Booked Passengers Only. In it came and out it went and I'm sitting there on my own, with all the other people on the platform getting on the CountryLink train, including Roy. I waited another 25 minutes for the right train, which no-one else from the club was on, so I saved an hour, but I still can't understand how Roy got on a CountryLink train, with a bike, and no ticket!?
Sunday 5 October 2014 - Wyong to Soldiers Beach
It was so pleasing to see such a great turn out today and most in club shirts - good effort people and with the weather on our side was a good ride to start the month and to welcome the summer time. Only one puncture that was quickly fixed, I thought the group may wait for us at the co-op, must have been in a hurry the get out of the heat. After leaving Danny and Doug at the Co-op the three of us headed back to Wyong with Marshall dropping off to head to his Mum's place, then Kevin and I paced back to catch up with the group and back to Wyong.
Thanks Narelle for the lead and Sue for sweep.
Next week's ride is up at Newcastle, Roy is leading and start at 10am at Newcastle station check the program for train times.
Looks like I left 2 members out of the photo sorry guys.
Paul M.

Danny's Report: I pushed off from home at 8.20am this morning for a lonely ride down to Wyong River bridge. Conditions were a delight with temperatures climbing rapidly from 14°C or so to mid-twenties by lunchtime. The breeze from the NNW was neglible - excellent riding weather! Twenty-one riders showed up, including a few new visitors and some old ones (2nd or 3rd time). Doug picked Debbie from kayaking up at the Fish co-op and took her down the river, and her boyfriend Garry drove down, he being an inexperienced rider who never-the-less put in a stirling effort for the day, as did Deb. Kevin, Jane, Tony and Shane were also on the list, and many staunch members.
Narelle led this ride and Sue did the honours at the back, with mother Annie keeping watch over her flock. Straight down the river to Tacoma and on to Gorokan where we inspected the plumbing at the Wallarah Peace Park, works good!
With 21 riders everyone could see us and no dramas were experienced. Through the back way to the sailing club and caravan park and on up Oleander Street to the CC Hwy. Everyone behaved themselves, staying behind Narelle, with a little leeway for storming up some hills. Up to Soldiers Beach to look at the surfing, and with some good waves coming in there was plenty to watch and a lot of people in the area. We judged our chance of being served as better at the Rockpool Retreat and headed back to Norah Head for coffee. Even though there were many customers there, we got served in due course and sat on the picnic tables chatting and enjoying our drinks, with Ian already there to join us.
Back the way we came to Noraville and Canton Beach where Kevin got a flat, due to having insufficient air pressure in his tiny tyres, not 120psi but 80, so when he went over the edge of the path he got a snakebite puncture. I popped in to say hello to my old sailing mates at the club, and when I came out everyone had gone, save for Doug, Marshall, Paul and Kevin, still fixing his puncture. The péloton was headed for the Fish co-op where we would catch them up, but when we arrived they had already gone. Doug and I left the others to follow the main group, Marshall to visit his mum, and we went home. Hoping that everyone got back to Wyong OK, I'm sure Paul will send an informative e-mail soon, with a group photo I hope. Thanks to Narelle and Sue for looking after us, and to everyone for joining in a very pleasant and not-too-hard First-of-the-Month ride.
Sunday 28 September 2014 - Crackneck Lookout
Hi fellow riders
What great weather we had yesterday riding to Crack Neck. Twelve of us turned up and we had a visitor from Germany wanting to ride with us, Robert's doing some riding through Australia.
Steve as the lead and Sue as the sweep we headed of up Tuggerah straight and as usual some glass along there then up to Chittaway for a regroup at Blue Bell Park, through Long Jetty to stop at The Entrance where we met up with Lyn. She was playing at the Ukulele festival with her group and joined us for the ride there. We then headed off towards the Crack Neck and were told we may see some whales, well that gave us a bit of inspiration to climb up there but none to be seen. At least, we got a good work out.
After a short break up there we head back down for coffee and a bite to eat in the park. That all done Doug, Richard and Narelle left us to head off home, and Lyn headed back to The Entrance and the festival while the rest of us continued with the ride, then at Mingara roundabout Simon and Josie left to ride back home which left us with about 7 to finish the ride. No punctures or incidents we all arrived safe and sound back to the start
Thanks Steve and Sue it was a nice ride.
Next week's ride is to Soldiers Beach with Narelle leading and the week after we have an away ride up at Newcastle.
Today's photos (just slide your cursor over the thumbnails)

Sunday 21 September 2014 - Wollongong Away Ride
Hi Guys
Well it looks like the weekend away was a success with great weather except for the wind being a bit nippy. All 13 riders gathered at Sutherland for the start at 10am, we set off heading south along the Pacific Hwy to Waterfall, unfortunately pushing into the wind all the way. After a regroup and water stop we headed down into the National Park for a regroup at the bottom then we started our climb out of there up to Stanwell tops. A good effort from everyone but they were glad that bit was over, but the view from up there made the climb worth its while and a group photo for the reward.

After a steep descent into Stanwell Park we gathered for lunch at the shop in the beach reserve to load ourselves up with carbs needed for the next lot of hills. We then headed off towards Thirroul. When we gathered at the start of the Sea Cliff Bridge we seemed to have lost some of our riders who turned off into a side street, but it all turned out OK. We then headed off on the bridge and a with a quick stop for a photo before a steep climb up and over the end of the bridge to Rube Hargrave Park. We had a few more steep pinches after that, and by the time we reached Thirroul I was a bit worried they were about to start a mutiny and have my head because of all the climbing we did.

At Thirroul we met up with Lyn McKenzie who rode up from the Gong to join the ride from there, as she had a bout of food poisoning a few days before and was still recovering. That brought the tally up to 14 riders. After a bit of an introduction to Lyn and a bit of a rest we headed off on the cycleway to the gong - the last leg, nice and easy except for the head wind.

The last section was very scenic with parklands and beaches till we finally reached the harbour at the Gong where we turned right up to our hotel. I think we were all glad that that ride was behind us. We all unpacked, showered and that night headed across the road to the club for a well deserved dinner and drinks. Linda brought along some brain-teasers to test us after dinner but every one disappeared to bed except a few of us to give it ago.

Sunday morning we all gathered at 8.30 after breakfast on the Harbour for the second leg, a bit easier and shorter than yesterday. It was cycle path all the way except for a short stint on the Pacific Hwy. We rode through the foreshores of the Gong then around Port Kembla to the headlands south of the Harbour then across to Lake Illawarra onto the cycleway that follows the lake all the way around (Well almost). We pulled into a sea food shop for a coffee break and then headed off on our trek up to Dapto for lunch. As the group wanted to try and catch the 1320 train from Albion Park back home I had to get them moving (no time for chit chat, on ya bike, girls!). After lunch I decided to pull a few ks off and rejoined the cycleway further on to get them there on time.

We all then headed off down road to rejoin the cycleway further on and onto the section of the Pacific Hwy then back on to the Path and some back streets to the station with 15 minutes to spare. It Was a great ride, very scenic, no rain, with no punctures except for Trevor who had a flat before leaving the hotel and Josie who needed a bit of brake adjustment, so all up a nice weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and sorry for all the hills, you'll have to complain to god about them, I'm just the Pied Piper leading the ride.

Thanks all for participating. Photos are here!
Paul M.
Wednesday 17 September 2014 - Changes to Thursday's Ride
Hi Guys
For those of you who ride on Thursday, I can't lead you as I have a family thing on. If you can ride around to the RSL car park opposite Bunning's where the cycle way starts, Trevor will meet you all there at about 9.45am and he will lead you all on the ride.
Sorry for any inconvenience
Sunday 14 September 2014 - Newcastle Flyer
Plenty of trains this week, so we could get home again. 8.00am at Wyong, still a bit cool but with the promise of the warmest spring day this year (2 weeks!). Twelve riders including visitor Tony, plus we picked up a couple more along the way. I was leading and Paul M wore the tail-gunner's regalia.
There were Simon, Josie, Annie, Graeme, Merrilyn, Richard, John, Trevor, Dianne, Danny, Paul and visitor Tony, plus we picked Pedro at Gorokan, and Marshall up the highway somewhere. At Big Prawn we saw Big Fred lurking in his car, and he joined us for morning tea at Macca's Swansea. He's getting better after his nasty fall and will be back on the bike in a few months, after his ribs heal.
We started off riding to Gorokan of course, then Budgewoi, Lizzie Bay, Munmorah, and had a little rest at the Kanangra Drive bus stop before pushing on to Swansea. I say this as though it's just words, but of course it's hard work, and very tiring up all those wretched hills. Still, there are the highlights of reaching The Big Prawn, then the overhead bridge on the highway which is the high point and practically downhill all the way from there, except for the uphill bits of the Fernleigh Track. The best part is cruising along Newcastle's back streets, knowing we have killed this ride and done ourselves proud!
The weather was perfect, with a slight north headwind to keep us cool, and temperatures in the twenties°C. As I write this report now at 5.00pm there is a huge electrical storm exploding outside. Paul declined to join us on the train home, opting to ride home, but I expect he is well and truly there by now. I hope!
A very challenging and therefore satisfying ride of 75km, and a lovely train ride back to Wyong, for only $2.50, you can't say better than that, eh!
Thanks everyone for joining us.
Sunday 7 September 2014 - Hidden Valley
There were no trains today, so I drove to Wyong and rode down to Ourimbah Creek Road, our destination. Pam and Richard were already there waiting, so we waited together for another half an hour before ten riders from Gosford turned up.
Led by Paul, we enjoyed a relaxed ride up the quiet road, including a gravel/dirt section, to the virtual end. The weather was quite cloudy and even rained a tiny bit as we made our way up to Hidden Valley. It soon cleared and the thirteen of us continued in pleasant conditions for the rest of the day. At Footts Road on the way back we turned left and soon arrived at the Palmdale Crematorium which, as it was Fathers Day, was busy with everyone coming to visit their dead fathers. At this stage Annie had a flat in Footts Road and was stuck with a flat spare. Luckily her husband Ian was waiting for us at the café and responded to the call to rescue Annie.
The dirt road was amazingly smooth and we had no difficulties, apart from our bikes getting very muddy. We had morning tea at the nursery café. While we were drinking our brew, Lyn turned up in her nice leather coat and make-up and stuff, looking very fetching. She has just come back from a cruise where she picked up a nasty sore throat, so can't ride. The main group then headed back down to Gosford, while Pam, Richard and I turned towards Enterprise Drive for a good spin in the sun and with a following breeze to Chittaway. I then headed to Wyong and P & R rode back home to Blue Bay.
A very pleasant ride of about 40km with the élite of the riding fraternity. Thanks Paul. Next week I'm leading a ride to Newcastle, leaving Wyong at 8.00am and Gorokan Fish Co-op around 8.45am, a 75km ride from the start.

Paul's Report
Hi Gang
Just a follow up from Danny's report. As we gathered at Gosford for the start, all nine of us, the weather didn't look real promising but at least we were all rugged up and ready in case it started to poor down. We were about to set off and one of us found they had a flat so a quick tube change and the ride began, around the leagues club through Gosford to Wyoming and under the railway to Narara bike path and on to Ourimbah where we met up with Pam, Richard & Danny, increased to 12 riders.
Passing through a bit of bad road work at the start of Ourimbah Creek Rd, we then had a nice leisurely ride up to the dirt section. It wasn't too bad, a bit muddy but a hard surface at least (better than I expected) then we kept riding to the very end.
We then headed back to Ourimbah nursery via Palmdale when Anne got a puncture and her spare tube also had a leak and as I was up with the lead I asked Danny to carry on with the troupe to the nursery as I and John headed back to help Anne, as I had a spare tube she could use and didn't like the idea of her being left alone on that road to wait for Ian to pick her up. As Ian arrived I and John headed off to the Nursery to meet up with the others.
After coffee and lunch Pam, Richard and Danny headed off back home as the rest of us headed back to Gosford. Riding through the Lisarow bike path Josie ended up with a puncture, another quick tube change then off again to Gosford. Turned out we didn't have much rain, just a few light showers and some sun. Thanks to Trevor for sweeping. Turned out a nice ride besides the punctures.
Next week don't forget the early start 8.00am at Wyong as we are off to Newcastle with Danny leading, we can use it as a training ride for our weekend away the following week.
Take care all. Photos below.
Paul M.
Slide your cursor over the thumbnail to see the bigger picture

Sunday 31 August 2014 - Brisbane Water circuit

Slide your cursor over the thumbnail to see the bigger picture
Hi All
What a lovely sunny day it was today! Seven of us showed up with a new guy Kevin making it eight. Anne was there but not feeling well so she rang Ian to come and pick her up, hope you recover Anne from whatever it is.
With Melissa led and Narelle acted as sweep. Graeme and Merrilyn returned from their trip to Iceland and sounds like they had a grand trip with a death-defying trek over a glacier. We headed off to Woy Woy where we met up with Marshall, and one more made nine. So off along the cycleway towards the Rip Bridge and along Empire Bay Drive to Davistown for coffee. As the coffee shop was packed we decided to jump on board the 11.25 ferry and get coffee at Woy Woy.
Plenty of room at the Coffee shop across from the ferry. Well the coffee came quick but we had to wait ages for the food and I only had raisin toast, how hard is that to make (maybe they had to make the bread)? Everyone was quite patient and food finally came. Marshall left us at Woy Woy to train it home from there and the rest of us set off back to Gosford, a quick loo stop along the way where Merrilyn and Graeme left us to race back for the train. We all arrived back at Gosford safe and sound no incidents and a nice ride in the nice sunny weather. Thanks Melissa and Narelle and have a safe trip on your Queensland ride.
Paul M.
Sunday 24 August 2014 - Ride from Strathfield to Kurnell
Sixteen cyclists made up the riding group at Strathfield railway station, including 2 visitors (Jenny and Jim). The conditions were excellent with sunny skies and no wind. Steve and Sue were the ride co-ordinators, with Sue leading.
This route is a complete mystery to most of us, even those who have done it a few times before (like me). The whole track is a recognised ride, and most of it is on bike tracks, although we have to cross plenty of main roads. But Sue and Steve know the way and we were in good hands. There are no hills to speak of on this ride, so it's a leisurely ride for 45km to Cronulla. There were plenty of other cyclists and pedestrians on the track so all we could hear were calls warning of 'bike up!' and 'walker up!' and bike bells ringing like mad. The main thing is we didn't hit anyone and no-one fell off.
At one point (can't say where), Paul took a few riders into a sports ground looking for a toilet, but I though he was just going ahead on the ride. We all waited around for a while, Trevor came back from the group but didn't say anything, so we all just kept going to Cronulla. The toilet crew came back to the road and we were all gone!. After we got to Cronulla we got a phone call from Paul, and Steve went back to get them. What a cock-up!
We had morning tea at the C-Side café at about 11.00am. By the time we finished , and waited for the missing group, it was closer to 12.30pm. I calculated that I wouldn't be home till after 6.00pm if I went to Kurnell, so I opted to join the early leavers to go straight to the Cronulla station, while the others did a loop to Kurnell for sightseeing. Pam, Richard, Alan, Jenny (Alan's daughter), Lyn and I caught trains to Central from Cronulla, then met up at Central to travel together on the Wyong slow train. Unfortunately Pam and Richard chose the first carriage so we all joined them, not realising it was a quiet carriage. We were downstairs near the doors so thought that no-one upstairs or downstairs could hear us. When we got to Gosford a lady gave us a big earful of abuse saying we had ruined their trip, and their lives, as they could her everything we said.
I finally got home at 5.00pm, so the Kurnell visitors wouldn't have made it back till nearly seven, Big Day Out!
Anyway it was a top day and a delight to be part of, thanks to Sue and Steve, and to Paul for his work in making it all happen.
Lyn took this photo.
Final Report from Sue and Glenn in UK
Finished! Sunderland Lighthouse and The North Sea in the background.
News from Sue and Glenn in the UK
Hi Paul,
We have completed the first 2 days of the ride. It has been very challenging with some serious hills. Although the days average about 40kms it's slow going. The scenery is stunning as we ride along mostly quiet country roads.
We are taking lots of stops to take in the views and catch our breath. So far we have had very little rain but that looks like it may change today. Below is a photo of Glenn on a typical quiet road.
Sue and Glenn

Hi Paul,
A quick update on our ride.
We are almost finished the ride with today being the last day, an easy 22kms down into Sunderland. We have enjoyed the ride but there has been many really challenging hills that we have walked. There are lots of other riders and everyone is friendly and supportive. Our bikes are 24 speed hybrids, very lightweight and have been trouble free. They are a definite step up from our bikes at home.
We have been lucky with the weather, although we were pushing our bikes up a 5 mile hill on Thursday in the pouring rain. Not much fun! Yesterday's riding was 48kms of gradual downhill in very chilly conditions with a strong tailwind. A really easy day.
Sue and Glenn
Sunday 18 August 2014 - CCTCC Ride to The Entrance
Hi All
Well all that rain last night and this morning I thought the ride won't go through. Danny rang me early this morning thinking the same, I thought I'll go and see what happens you just never know sometimes it clears up.
I arrived and Anne was sitting there waiting for whoever turns up, there was Danny, Trevor and me. The rain had stopped by then and Anne decided to shorten the ride to The Entrance as it may start raining again. Off we set down Tuggerah straight when I heard a lot of noise from Trevor's mtn bike. I thought it was his knobbly tyres but looking at them I noticed the rear tyre was very flat, no wonder he was working hard to pedal.
After a quick tube change off we set again, sky was starting to clear not many people on the tracks, bit of water and puddles though. We checked out the scene of Fred's accident. They filled in some edging and where the pole was but left the cause of it, nothing done with that bit. Despite the two emails and photos I sent to Council.
Arriving at the Entrance we had some coffee and raisin toast and a good chat, we then rode up to The Entrance channel to check the surf out, then headed of back home. The more we rode the clearer the sky became and the sun was shining, turned out a beautiful morning's ride.
Check out Danny's report below.
Just a reminder for next week's ride to Kurnell.
Ride is 60 km, Grade 6, Starts at Strathfield 9.00am on the southern side outside the station by the coffee shop if not sure ring me. check the program for train times, bring a few snacks and water. Lunch will be at Kurnell before returning to Cronulla for the train home. It's an easy ride no hills don't let the distance scare you as it's a great ride and very scenic. I think one of the best rides.
Paul M.

Danny's report - At 7.30 this morning the rain was falling and it was dark, but not cold. Following the cyclists' rule, I got dressed for a ride, not expecting there would be one. I loaded my bike in the back of the Pajero and went inside. It had stopped raining by then so I decided to ride to Wyong (10km), but by the time I got to the neighbours' driveway it was raining some more so back in the Paj with the bike, and drive down.
From arrival on, it never rained again, and four of us had a very pleasant ride to The Entrance and back. I know we were supposed to ride to Budgewoi, but Annie made a concession to the weather and we went a slightly shorter route. By tea-time the sun was shining and the rain was just a fading memory. Annie led a good pace to Picnic Point and DCE Café where coffee and toast was the order of the day, even if they did forget to bring the toast - dopey cows! As well as me and Annie, Paul and Trevor made up the team today. Another pleasant ride back to Wyong, with detours up to the channel lookout, and around Reliance Drive, would have brought our mileage up to about 40km. Not a hill and headwind to be seen, so no-one was puffing. Trev had a puncture in the first 500 metres on the Tuggerah bike path, on his new GT mountain bike, with 2.5 inch tyres and 19 inch wheels, and disk brakes. Those big tyres take a lot of air, if not much pressure.
A very pleasant ride which all the other sleepy-head members missed out on.
Sunday 10 August 2014 - CCTCC ride to Cooranbong
Hi all
Well another great day for a ride led by Steve and Sue as sweep, 21 riders great to see a good turn up like that makes a nice social day out. We gathered at Morisset station then headed down to the Morisset hospital and as usual the kangaroos sat staring at us wondering all these cyclist, what's the occasion.
Then off back to Morisset and through the shops to Freemans drive for a few ks then a left turn up along Martinsville rd to the monkey farm at the end, they must have been asleep or something I didn't see any, saw a bear though, clinging to the tree.
After a bit of chit chat off we went back to the coffee shop to feed our empty bellies. After lunch we headed to Dora Creek then back to Morisset to the finish. We all had fun and no incidents turned out a nice day and a few of the Toukley guys and girls rode back to their homes as most of us caught the train back.
Thanks all for the great day and thanks Sue and Steve for the ride.
Paul M.
Saturday 2 August 2014 - Message from El Presidente
Hi All
Click here for the (PDF) schedule for our weekend away (September 20-21)and times. If you decide to drive to Sutherland, see if you can share the ride with others, save on petrol expense and you should be able to park the car there for the night.
Remember not to overload yourself as we have a bit of climbing on Saturday. From the hotel and circle the lake back to the 'Gong is 85kms so I've shortened it to Albion Park 55ks but for anyone wanting to do the full ride I'll lead you back.
Sunday's ride is Davistown Doddle. Ride to Davistown, have coffee, then ferry to Woy Woy and back to Gosford. Don't forget to bring ferry fare and keep it to change, makes it easy for them.
Catch you all next week
PS A good story to come out of Sunday's CCTCC ride was that Diane's mobile phone went missing out of her pouch after a P-plater forced her into the rough stuff on Dog Trap Road. She didn't notice this until they were at the bottom of Mangrove Road, and she realised what had happened, so went back there to look for the folder with her phone, licence, credit cards etc. Paul was a big help, and so were Simon and Josie who took her back up the mountain. Diane's husband was home, with a 'Find My Phone' app on his PC, so he told her where it was. They all went back up to the bush and searched in the long grass, ringing the phone to get a fix on it. Eventually they heard it ringing away in the long grass and recovered the folder! Hooray!
Sunday 27 July 2014 - CCTCC Ride to Peats Ridge
Due to a late train I almost missed the start of today's ride, but they were running late anyway. There was a new girl, Fiona, in her short shorts and singlet, on a cold morning too. Simon and Josie, two guys called Roy, Shane, Paul, Annie, Danny and Diane were also present. Paul took us through a new route to the start of Kariong hill, which kept us off the busy road for a while.
Shane was the first up Kariong, then me, and Paul, Josie - a good effort form Josie all day. On the way down to Wisemans Ferry Road (WFR) Paul took us on another detour, or shortcut, at the traffic lights before the WFR, and through a back way which brought us out somewhere else, which he said was shorter, certainly safer. Plenty of hills all day, starting with Kariong then this one. The elevation at Kariong is 180 metres, Somersby is 286 and Peats Ridge is 315. Riding up and down hills all day would double that climb. Finally we made it to the Somersby Roadhouse Toilets, as the roadhouse is closed on Sunday.
We had a range of abilities, so some got there earlier, and some were further back, but everyone did a wonderful job of sticking with it and getting the job done. At the Peats Ridge Corrugated Café we stopped for lunch and got our breath. There was a constant stream of motorbikes coming and going, all out for a spin on Sunday, as I remember doing 50 years ago. Talk about noisy!
The weather was cool to start but was always sunny and clear, with only a 5 knot southerly breeze - a beautiful day! On the way back we went down Dog Trap Road to Mangrove Road where I left the others and stayed on Dog Trap while they took the very steep route down to Narara. The S breeze suited me best as I had a tailwind all the way home to Lake Haven. I hope the others got back OK. I was home by 1.20pm, and the temperature there was 18°C. Thanks to everyone for joining in the ride, Paul for leading and Annie for keeping an eye on the tail-end.
A challenging and satisfying ride!
Letter from Fred
Had a Renal scan today (July 22) and then a contrast CAT scan.
The bottom 1/3 of my spleen is damaged and has been bleeding. Hoping to manage the problem without surgery. Will know in the next few days. The bottom of my left lung is not inflating. Hoping that breathing therapy will help with that.
I will be in Wyong Hospital for this week and home on the WE if I am OK.
Letter from Fred's daughter
I would like to thank the CCTCC for the way they cared for my father Fred on Sunday. It was great to see Paul ensure my father was alright and taken to hospital quickly, then wait with me in the emergency waiting area.
Thanks to Doug for making sure Fred's new prize possession was safely returned.
It was also lovely for Ann and Ian to come by and check how Fred was going on Sunday. My father thoroughly enjoys his Sunday rides with your group and fondly talks about the members and the fun you all have. I can see why he enjoys being with you all, such a fabulous group of people.
So again thank you very much.
Sunday 20 July 2014 - Ride round Tuggerah Lake
Hi All
I'm glad you all had a good ride and lunch and that the weather held out for us and thanks for those who attended. As you have heard Fred had a bad fall from his bike Doug and I got him as comfortable as we could and seeing he didn't want us to call an ambulance I raced back to get my car to get him to a hospital.
As Doug rode his bike back to the start I took him to Wyong hospital where his daughter and a friend later came to join us. They attended to him straight away but was a long wait for us to hear anything, then they said he had x-rays done and now had to get a scan done. After few hours I decided to head off home as there wasn't much I could do. Later his daughter rang saying he had 8 broken ribs and they were keeping him for the night and maybe the next day.
We all wish you a speedy recovery Fred.
Thanks Doug and Trevor for helping. It's very much appreciated it.

Danny's Report
Some dedicated people out there! Doug rode from Gorokan, John rode up from Umina (100km for the day) and Richard from Blue Bay. Altogether some 17 riders undertook this ride, some joining us at Berkeley Vale. A quite cold morning with stiff southerly winds around 20 knots, but sunny skies, presented quite a challenge to us. Annie led the ride and Trevor was sweep. We headed south to start, taking the popular Lake and Church Roads detour at Chittaway for interest.
All went well until Fred caught his front wheel in a groove and fell off, hitting a wooden bollard with his back, knocking it out of the ground. Doug and Trevor were there to help, and Paul went back to Wyong to get his car for Fred. Trevor joined us again to let us know what was going on, but we didn't see Paul again, or Fred. We did see Doug going home at Tacoma so got an update from him. I'll let you know how Fred is going (see Paul's report above).
Ian was there at Wyong, with his daughter and 2 beautiful grandsons, cooking up a mess of sausages and patties for our lunch. We all had a good feed and cup of coffee or OJ. A very pleasant ride in challenging conditions, but we all loved it! Thanks to the Svenson family and to everyone who joined in.
Sunday 13 July 2014 - Palmdale Circuit
It was 8°C when I left home to catch the train to Gosford, with a slight SE breeze, but it soon warmed up to about 14°. Dressing appropriately is the key! Twenty-five riders came to our starting place: one of our biggest rides yet! Much of the credit for this popularity must go to our president Paul, who has started a new ride on Thursdays, a source of new faces on Sundays. Welcome today to Shane and Jarra (guessing the spelling)!
Trevor was our ride leader and Paul looked after the tail-end. Trev led us up to Showgrounds Road and along Manns Road and Narara Valley Drive to Narara, where we found a bike path taking us through to Niagara Park. This led us onto Railway Crescent and eventually to the Pacific Highway and up to Ourimbah. This route is new to many riders I think, but a lot of us have used it before.
At Ourimbah we found Burns Road which takes us to Enterprise Drive and a spiffing ride at speed for a few kms to Hereford Street, Berkeley Vale. Shane proved to be the fastest along there, with Graeme a fair way back. We dropped in to a very interesting place selling second-hand junk, at cheap prices. We had a poke round there for a while then continued down to the little path by the river leading to Chittaway.
At this point Doug and I hived off and headed for home back Gorokan way. We stopped for coffee at Wyong Rail Café, while the main group, after looking for a toilet at Chittaway, rode back to Tuggerah and over Kangy Angy hill, and down to Palmdale Road where they would have seen the crematoria and had a nice little ride through the bush on a newly surfaced Foott Road, back to Ourimbah Creek Road. I imagine they all found their way back to Gosford OK, as Doug and I had our coffee and rode home, with me getting there by 11.40am - a record early finish for a Sunday.
Our ride to Warnervale rail and Gosford to Gorokan was about 46km, about the same as the full ride. Thanks very much to Trevor and Paul for an excellent ride, in mostly sunny fine conditions.
Sunday 6 July 2014 - Yarramalong
Sunday's weather was sunny and fine but with a blustery westerly, pushing against it all the way to our coffee stop. Danny wasn't able to lead as he was helping the Toukley club with their BBQ at Bunning's so I took over the reins for the day and Trevor kept the rear end going.
There were 18 of us with a few new souls looking for some punishment. There was Kerrie from Sydney who came along for the second time, Bev whom we met last week, Sue and her husband Glenn, Lyn and Josie from our Thursday rides. Well done guys, you all did well, good to see John and Fred again.
Was a bit hard going there but once there the coffee and sitting out of the wind with the sun shining on us was good. After our rest we set off with the wind behind us, that made things a lot easier and helped us back to Wyong and no problems with punctures, so all up was a nice winter's ride.
Next week Trevor is leading us from Gosford to Ourimbah, Chittaway, Tuggerah, on to Palmdale circuit and stopping for coffee at the Ourimbah Nursery on the way back home then back to Gosford.
Thanks everyone for your support!
Paul M.
Sunday 29 June 2014 - Mannering Park
Nine o'clock at Wyong River - very cold and windy. Never-the-less, 9 riders turned up, plus 2 more from Wolseley Avenue and one more at Munmorah. So, Paul, Roy, Meredith, Graeme, Danny, Simon, Trevor, Diane (first time with this club) and Rod, with John Daley meeting us near the Fish Co-op at Wyong River, and Pedro just past Tacoma, with Marshall joining us at Munmorah before we adjourned to Jamaica Blue at the shops at Chain Valley Bay (Woollies).
I couldn't raise any enthusiasm for going to Manno, seeing we would have faced a 35 knot face of fresh air all the way. See Seabreeze© graph below.

You notice I'm using the Nobbys Head graph instead of the Norah Head, well, the Norah Head one must be behind a hoarding or something, as it consistently reads 20 knots slower for westerlies. Useless!
Conditions: as mentioned a 35 knot wind, temperature from 12°C to 14°, sunny and fine. Could be a lot worse for a bike ride. I was leading and Paul acted as sweep. Everybody was well-behaved and we all really enjoyed the ride despite the wind. We still did over 50km even without Mannering Park. John, Pedro and Rod headed straight home through Budgewoi, while the rest of us negotiated the route via Arizona Road to the Warnervale Wetlands, using both new bridges and bike paths to get back to Pollock Avenue.
Sunday 22 June 2014 - CCTCC ride from Parramatta to Richmond
Hi folks, Sunday's ride was from Parramatta to Richmond via Windsor. Seven of us were there - five came by train and two were waiting for us at Parramatta park. It was Trevor's first time leading a ride, so well done Trevor, and Paul kept an eye on the rear.
The morning started out cold and cloudy not knowing if it would rain or not, but luck was on our side the clouds started to dwindle away and the sun started to peek through the clouds and when we were half way to Windsor at our first stop the old sun started to radiate the heat through. We encountered quite a few stop lights and crossings for the first 10ks but then we started to get into a good riding rhythm on a good cycle way along Old Windsor road.
On arriving at Windsor we stopped for lunch and coffee at the local bakery and by then there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After lunch we headed down to the back roads around the turf farms towards Richmond - lovely and flat and easy riding, finally arriving at Richmond station to train it home.
No flats or incidents and a nice ride thanks Trevor good work. Welcome into the club our new member Lana Meggs who rode with us on Sunday.
Paul M.
PS Don't forget to notify me if you're coming on our weekend away.
Sunday 15 June 2014 - CCTCC Budgie Bludge
A coolish morning saw 15 riders headed for Wyong to the start. Pedro however thought he missed us and went back to Gorokan to wait for us. The rest of us led by Narelle rode off into the cold blustery conditions along the Wyong River back to the fish co-op. Doug swept for a while, then Paul took over for the rest of the day. The temperature wasn't that cold, at about 17°C, but a very stiff NE breeze factored in a chill. It was fairly easy for this section as the wind was behind us.
After our comfort stop we rode east to Toukley, taking the back way via Canton Beach and the caravan park. In the absence of any better ideas the club arrived at Lakes Beach café for an early m/t, about 10.00am. They have a good special there, coffee and a big ham, tomato and cheese sanger for $7.
Narelle wisely decided against riding up past Camp Breakaway to Doyalson then Blue Haven, as the weather was very threatening, the sun having disappeared behind dark clouds, and the temperature dropping by a couple of degrees. Our numbers were down by now, with Linda and Fred having hived off for the comfort of home. Popping out of the bush at the Charmhaven bridge, after a strenuous battle against the wind, we pointed our front wheels towards Wyong, as more of us deserted the sinking ship. I headed for home just around the corner from the Charmy nursery, with Marshall and Pedro to keep me company. I pointed these two in the right directions and was home by just after noon. The rest of the group headed for Minnesota Road, via the Warnervale Wetlands, then via the highway and Pollock Avenue to the start/finish.
Thanks Narelle, and Paul for looking after us. Nice to see Fred back. Meredith came on her own as Graeme was sick. Ian saw us off at Wyong, then joined us for coffee at Lakes. John, Simon, Josie, Doug, Annie, Richard and Pam, and Trevor were the others on this ride, not a long ride but tough conditions. Well done CCTCC!
Sunday 8 June 2014 - Paul's report and message
Hi all
As a follow up to Danny's report on the web site (thanks Danny), we were all up 11 happy riders, beautiful weather, good road surface and some nice do-able hills with Paul leading and Doug as sweep (thanks Doug). We headed off towards East Gosford then onto Wells St through Springfield, a back way to Erina.
At Erina we headed north (or climbed up) along the Central Coast Hwy on the new cycleway towards Wamberal, running into Cindy as she flew past us waving. At the roundabout at Wamberal we hung a right onto Ocean view Rd towards Terrigal then over the bridge and stopped at the surf club for food and coffee, sitting in the sun exchanging pleasantries, the view was well worth the ride on such a nice sunny morning.
After coffee Doug & Danny left us for their trip home while the rest of us headed up Terrigal drive with one last hill then it's all downhill from there, turning into Jessie Hurley Drive onto Karalta Rd and back home to the start.
Thank all for the ride was a great morning.
Paul M.
Sunday 8 June 2014 - CCTCC ride to Terrigal
After Friday's rides were washed out, we wondered about Sunday, but Doug and I headed off from Lake Haven at 7.25am to Wyong. The weather was nice, with no clouds at that stage, a slight headwind (see Seabreeze Graph© below), but cool at about 12°C. It only got to 17 at lunchtime, so good for riding.
From Wyong we went the usual way down to Tuggers and Kangy Angy and on to Gosford. At Masons Drive we joined the rest, making 10 altogether. Later we found Chris, no Irene, who joined us for the rest of the ride. Paul led the ride, thanks Paul, and found many unusual routes and big hills, which didn't faze us at all, seasoned riders that we are (I'm chicken salt). We stayed with the Central Coast Hwy to Ocean View Road, then headed to Terrigal.
After m/t Doug and I split to make our way home via The Entrance, leaving the others to return to Gosford via Terrigal Drive, for a committee meeting, which I would miss. Sorry, Paul! Maybe Paul will do a further report in which he describes the journey back to Gosford, and the highlights of the committee meeting. Thanks to Doug for looking after the tail on the outward trip.
Doug and I did about 82km, after which I was quite tired. As we passed Tuggerah Lake at Canton Beach, we saw the Toukley sailing club running their annual Brass Monkey Regatta, which I raced in or officiated at in years past but I gave it up to ride with you guys! Good decision! Great ride! By the way, 30 minutes after I got home, the temperature fell 2° and a heavy shower fell. Timing!
Photos from our trip to Sydney and Luna Park on 9 Feb are here.
Sunday 1 June 2014 - CCTCC ride to Umina Ocean Beach
A cloudy morning, cool and rainy-looking, but none fell! Thirteen riders grouped at Gosford, and after the late-arriving train travellers joined us at Woy Woy, we were 15. Melissa led this ride, with BBill looking after the tail-end.
No punctures or any other misfortune happened to us as we made our way down through Woy Woy to Umina. We arrived at the SLSC café by half past ten, to be greeted by Ian as usual. After a feed and coffee or whatever, we re-assembled and rode back to Gosford at a sedate pace as befits our senior status. There were a few new people including Josie and Erik, Josie with Simon, and some not so new like John, Lyn and Marshall, and plenty of old-timers. Marshall, Doug and I hived off at the Gosford railway to catch a train back to civilisation. I rode down from home, so completed 85km by the time I got home, quite tired. The 3 stooges rode back to Wyongah together from the Wyong rail before we split up. A good ride and thanks to Melissa and Bill, and Paul for organising everything. Some of the riders today are from Paul's newly-formed Thursday riders' group. Well done everyone!
Bill is definitely going this time, on Tuesday. He has had more goodbyes than Nellie Melba (know that one, Bill?).
Sunday 25 May 2014 - CCTCC ride to Newcastle
Ten riders met at Fassifern rail on a beautiful cloudy morning, most wearing jackets which they soon discarded as the day warmed and the threat of rain dwindled. Paul M led the ride along his own inimitable route through Blackalls Park, Toronto, Speers Point and Warners Bay, where we had a rest.
On to Valentine where we turned right into Dilkera Avenue which took us right around the coast to the Green Point Recreation Reserve, built on top of an old coal mine, but full of nice bike paths, including some very steep climbs. At Belmont we met Marshall and went for lunch at Macca's. Then onto the Fernleigh Track and up to Adamstown, where Richard and Roy P left us to catch the train home at Broadmeadow. A bit later Annie hived off to visit her daughter.
Continuing towards Newcastle we rode along Dumaresq Street, Hamilton, to Bar Beach and up The Hill for a photo shoot, which was the last of several good hills for the day. Paul then took us through Newcastle East, along the coast and through parkland, including some bits the wrong way along a one-way road. We finally came out at Nobbys and rode straight to the railway station where Paul left us to ride back to the start, as we didn't know when the train would be. We turned out to have 30 minutes, so we all went to the kiosk and had a good feed before training back to the Central Coast.
Many thanks to Paul for a fascinating ride, and to Trevor for looking after the tail. We also had 2 Roys, Simon, Lana, and Boston Bill, who is heading back to the USA next week. About 55km on the bike and much more on the train. No punctures!

Here are some photos - just slide your cursor over the thumbnail to see the bigger picture!

Sunday 11 May 2014 - Pearl Beach
Today's ride was to Pearl beach. Nine riders turned up and Boston Bill was there to see us off, as he had mothers day to contend with. We started at Gosford and the weather was perfect for a ride. Roy was the leader and Paul as sweep. We set off for our first stop at Koolewong then onto Woy Woy where Trevor waved to us as we rode past the Woy Woy markets and on to our regroup point at the fish co-op for a short break.
Next stop was ocean beach surf club then onto the big challenge up and over Mt Ettalong where we finally ended up at Pearl Beach for coffee and some lunch. Ian was there waiting for us keeping the seats warm. It was beautiful weather and the water was so calm on Broken Bay, it's a very pretty place around there.
After lunch we set off back home up over the mountain again to the back streets of Umina. Doug noticed Anne's bag seemed loose so us three stopped while she fixed it but in the meantime the others kept riding and before we knew it they had disappeared. We didn't know which way they went so we kept riding in the direction we thought they would go. Cut a long story short we ended up at Woy Woy and a phone call later we were all together again. Heading home Anne left us at Koolewong and James left at West Gosford and the rest of us keep riding back to Lions Park.
Next week's ride is to Woy Woy for dinner and we will pick up a few back streets before we gather at the Woy Woy pub for dinner then after we will ride back to Gosford in the dark so make sure you bring your lights.
By all and hope to see you all next week.
Paul M.
Sunday 4 May 2014 - Norah Head for coffee
Report from Paul: Despite the cold wintery wind 10 of us lined up for the ride to Norah Head for coffee with Narelle on the lead and Anne sweeping. We had two new riders from the Thursday group Lyn McK and Simon, glad you guys came along and hope you enjoyed the ride, was Lyn's first ride that distance, well done!
We met up with Danny on Marks Rd, he is looking good and seems keen to get riding again, glad you joined us Danny. After a loo stop at Gorokan we kept going to Canton Beach then on to Norah Head where we stopped for a coffee and some food. Ian was there waiting patiently for us to arrive.
On the way home we left Doug and Danny at the Toukley Bridge and the rest of us headed back to Wyong. No punctures and no accidents so all up a nice ride, thanks guys for coming was better than sitting at home in front of that heater.
Paul's Victorian Holiday
As you all know I went down to Victoria to ride the rail trail "Murray to the Mountains". I left at about 6.00am and arrived at about 3.00pm. Stopped at Gundagai, fed the poor dog on the tucker box and next stop was Wodonga for food and petrol. I stayed at Myrtleford caravan Park in a cabin, wasn't too bad for a cabin. Was planning to meet up with Richard and Pam as they were also down there but I left my bloody phone at home (damn!) so couldn't ring them to let them know I'm down here and to meet up.
Anyway on the first day, Tuesday, I rode to Bright. What a beautiful little town and the colours of the autumn trees were so pretty! After riding around there for a while I decided to ride back to the Rail Trail cafe where I had a bacon and egg roll and a large coffee for lunch. Then heading back to Myrtleford I stopped to take a photo and ran in to Pam & Richard so we ended up riding back together and met up later for dinner at the Railway Hotel.
On Wednesday I'm riding to Beechworth and halfway there, as usual two central coast people blocking the cycleway (Pam & Richard) so we ended up riding together up the hill to Beechworth. We stopped at the bakery up there for lunch but it was soooo crowded we decided to look further and found a nice cafe with the heater on and the food was great too. After lunch we had a bit of a look around then headed back to Myrtleford.
On Thursday I headed off to do the last long trek to Wangaratta and back. All up was a great ride 280 ks worth, the cycleways were all good surface, no glass and no rubbish, plenty of stopping stations for water or the loo if required, was not too busy just nice enough if I stopped there was someone to chat to. I had a great ride and the trip was well worth it and was good to have some company with Pam & Richard. So looks like an away week for the club is on the cards.
Take care all and ride safe.
Paul M.
PS Paul's photos of the trip are here.
Sunday 27 April 2014 - CCTCC ride Brooklyn Bridges
Our ride today was from Gosford to Brooklyn, via the Old Pacific Highway, a route of many hills over 55km. Add to that the frequent rain showers, which will leave only the most dedicated and deranged members to attempt the ride, though I'm sure there will be a few of them, and they never regret it. No doubt Paul will send us a report later, as it is only 10.30am right now, and the ride will still be in progress. Let's see!

Hi All
I see Danny couldn't wait for my report on our death-defying ride to Brooklyn today. What a great day for cycling (sun shining) I wish we barely survived!!!.
Only five of us, Roy, Anne, John, Simon and Paul, who dared the treacherous and dangerous journey to Brooklyn, lightning flashing around our heads, thunder growling in our ears, the flash floods, our bikes slipping on the wet roads, cars slipping out of control just missing us, the big boogie man waiting in the dark - perils only the bravest and the fittest of men dare such a trek.
That's why we decided to ride to Woy Woy markets and have a lovely cup a coffee, it rained a little but wasn't too bad. Roy was leading and Paul as sweep we plodded along nicely to Woy Woy and were greeted by all the ducks all happy about the weather and chatting to each other. Roy got a flat just before the markets so he walked the rest of the way and fixed it under cover (smart move). We weren't too excited about standing in the rain with him to fix it.
Ian was waiting for us with the table all set out with the finest china, after a coffee and some hot food (bacon & egg roll) that's what I had. We set off again for the trek back, the weather held out, no rain at least. Anne left us at Tascott to head home and the three of us men braved it out all by ourselves back to Gosford.
Nothing exciting to tell you except we had our weekend break. I'll catch you all next weekend on the Norah head for coffee ride. I take it you have checked out the new program. We have a few away rides planned and a new ride to Richmond, it's a good ride so don't miss it.
See you all next week as I'm off to Victoria to do the Murray-to-the-Mountains and seems I'm meeting up with Richard and Pam there also, hopefully we can do a week there with the club.
Take care all
Paul M.
Sunday 20 April 2014 - Brisbane Water Circuit
Another fine Sunday for riding, meeting at Gosford lions park 14 keen riders turned up. Welcome to our new member Simon M and good to see Paul A again for a ride. With Melissa leading and Narelle as sweep off we set on the ride first regroup was up from the marine rescue service then onto Woy Woy for a regroup and a loo stop.
We followed the bike path around the waterfront, there were a lot of families out being a long weekend and the bike paths were busy. Not far from the boat ramp a dog ran in front of Sue wow!! That was close!! Thought she was going to hit it.
Next we were heading around to the Rip Bridge and along Empire Bay Drive to the Gosford u-beaut bypass for cycles (dirt track/gully with rocks and crap) and around to the sports field then Kincumber bike path to our well deserved coffee stop at Davistown.
Totally restored and full of caffeine we set off again around to Saratoga and the shortcut over the hill (walking track). Paul & Paul, Doug, Simon, Merrilyn rode over and around to meet the others but no one showed up. Graeme had a fall and cut himself up a bit riding over the short cut.
Finally we were all together again and set off for the final leg to Gosford. Doug left us at Green Point to catch up with family and Peter left us at the lights on Central Coast Hwy and Avoca Rd to ride home from there. We all arrived back at Gosford, it was a lovely day for a ride, beautiful weather and a lot of families out having picnics & BBQs.
Hope you all enjoyed the ride and happy Easter all, Graeme hope you cleaned up your wounds and that your OK.
All the best
Paul M.
Sunday 13 April 2014 - Wyong to Newcastle
Well Sunday turned out a good day as the rain held out for us. Twelve of us all gathered at Wyong and seeing Danny needed to take it a bit easy and heal after his operation he handed the lead over to Paul M. - Destination Newcastle!
After a short briefing we set off with a good tail wind which helped to keep the pace going. On the way ran into an old club member John Hallett who asked if he could tag along. Arriving at Toukley we were joined by Doug, Peter, John and Anne Daley, and Danny was there to wave us off. Next stop was Noraville where we left Narelle as she had things to do, then up to the Pacific Hwy where Richard turned around he also had other things on, so onward we went down the Pacific Hwy to Swansea and McDonalds were we had coffee and a bite to eat. John and Anne's son Dan met up with us there and rode the rest of the way with us. And still the rain held off.
Up the Hwy to Belmont then on to the Fernleigh Track where we all rode it at a comfortable speed to meet up at the end of the track, then Roy Posford left us to head off to the steam fest in Maitland. Then we followed the bike routes to Newcastle, arriving at Newcastle all safe and sound. Thanks to Trevor for sweeping and no punctures (Wow!).
Well done guys! We all kept up to a nice pace with a tail wind all the way and thankfully no rain.
Paul M.
Sunday 6 April 2014 - Medowie Randonée
Our Randonee was a great success with a group of 14. We all crowded into the train with the bikes and as usual not enough hooks or room for the bikes. After meeting up at Newcastle station and deciding a caffeine hit to start us off sounded great, then onto the ferry to the start of the ride at Stockton.
Paul leading and Narelle tailing as sweep we set off, the weather was good for riding as it was cloudy and cool. Paul was a bit worried we may get some rain so kept the pace going. Lucky we had a good tail wind so we were all able to keep it going to our first stop at Salt Ash with regrouping along the way. Next we headed for Medowie and hopefully everybody was happy with the pace. At Medowie we stopped for food to take with us for lunch at the Grahamstown reservoir. Bike path most of the way to our lunch stop with nice water views. Now with some food in our bellies we set off again and headed for Raymond Terrace via bike path and with one small hill we all arrived safely at our hotel where we met up with Ian. He rode from Hexham to spend the night with us, was nice having you there. First day no punctures (wow).
After arriving at the hotel we unpacked and some went in for a swim, others sat around chatting, and the girls in their bikinis (not bad either). Dinner time we headed to the pub where the tables were booked and Linda providing the entertainment (thanks Linda), then dinner and drinks was a nice finish to a great day.
Sunday morning we all had some breakfast and met at 8.15am to set out for the last leg to Maitland. We rode down the freeway with the wind at our backs at a good pace and kept us together till we reached Italia Road for a regroup and a drink. Next was a bush loo stop at the Wallaroo National Park and a regrouping at the end of Italia Rd. There were a few hills (not too bad) everyone did well. We then turned left towards Seaham and a well deserved coffee stop at the general store. Luck for us they had not long installed an espresso machine that meant decent coffee. We had a slight climb out of Seaham on Clarence Town Rd and it was a bit undulating till we regrouped at the turn off to Hinton and Morpeth. As we all gathered at that regroup it started to rain so on went all the jackets.
Continuing the journey in the rain but it didn't last long. By the time we hit Morpeth for a regroup off came the jackets, then we were off for the last leg to Maitland via a quiet farm road and some back streets into Maitland for lunch and train home. Well done all and a special thanks for Narelle for sweeping, seeing she doesn't ride as much as others she did very well.
The distance 100 ks, time 5.04 hr ride time, average speed 19.8 ks per hr.
Good going guys well done and hope you enjoyed the weekend.
Paul M.
Photos are here.
Saturday 5 April 2014 - Some new photos on the Loop-The-Lake ride, includes some of Fred. Photos are here (opens in new window).
Sunday 30 March 2014 - CCTCC ride to Crackneck Point
It rained during the night but this morning it was a beautiful clear sunny day. Twenty-three riders formed at Wyong, quite a few being visitors but still a record turn-up. Steve was our leader, with his wife Sue being the tail-gunner, as we wove our way down to Chittaway and The Entrance. Alan had a fall when a pair of old dears forced him off the path, then he hit the edge coming back. Elbow and knee damage occurred, finishing the day for him. A neighbour saw what happened and went home nearby to return with dressings and comfort for Alan. Then Peter rode home with him, fortunately only locally. Shame!
At The Entrance we rode back up to Toowoon Bay and Batto Bay before grinding up the notorious Crackneck hill, which is 3 big hills actually - a tough challenge. Merrilyn was way ahead and I caught her, but couldn't make that final assault as she was too relentless, just churning up the steepest hill in her inimitable style, well done Mez!
We rolled down the hill again to Batto Bay shops for coffee, after which the Toukley crew, Doug, John, Peter etc rode straight back to finish their circumwhatsit, having ridden to Wyong for the start. I had driven to Wyong from home, and finished the ride there. Steve took us through a circuitous route back to Chittaway, involving Cresthaven Drive and other detours, along Wyong Road to Mingara before re-joining the bike path, or Lakedge Avenue.
Fifty kms of well-paced ride in perfect conditions and with wonderful company, thanks to everyone who participated.
Paul is getting a ride together for Thursdays starting at 9.30am at the usual place in Gosford. If anyone is interested in giving a hand or joining in it would be appreciated. The flyer is here.
Sunday 23 March 2014 - CCTCC Budgewoi ride
Fifteen members met at Wyong including Marshall who rode with us to Wyongah. Excellent conditions of up to 27°C and no wind, sunny and warm. Melissa led this ride and Paul M acted as sweep.
Not much happened on this short ride, we just followed the river to Tacoma and continued on to Gorokan Peace Park. Melissa then led us up to the Beachcomber and around past the sailing club, along the bike path through the caravan park and up to the cemetery. From there it's only a quick ride to the Lakes Beach café where we had morning tea.
A gentle ride along the bike path from Budgewoi to San Remo and back on to the Pacific Highway which we followed south to the nursery near Bunnings. After carefully crossing the busy road we meandered down to Hakone Road off Arizona to the Warnervale Wetlands bike path, following this through to busy Sparks Road where I left the others to go straight home, as I had already ridden down to Wyong to the start. An enjoyable ride, thanks to everyone who came with us, and thanks to Mel and Paul for looking after us all.
Sunday 16 March 2014 - Patonga
Hi All
Well it started out a nice day for a ride and 10 brave souls turned up for the challenge to Patonga. After the start we circled the sports park and headed to our first regroup up from the Marine Rescue centre when we realised we lost our sweep and John. As the group waited, Paul M raced back to find them at West Gosford sport park. He saw Bill so they cycled back to the group together. He didn't see us turn to circle the park and carried on to Point Claire where they waited, then he came back to our regroup spot but Paul had all ready gone looking, any way it was all sorted and our fearless leader from then on kept an eye on everyone.
Next stop was a loo stop at Woy Woy then on to Ocean Beach and Umina, then up the mountain for a regroup and on to Patonga for lunch, where Ian and Judy's partner were waiting to join us for lunch.
We sat under the pine trees, sun was shining, what beautiful weather! Nicely relaxed and social, maybe a bit too relaxed, when up came these dark clouds. Paul got the troupe together for the climb out when the storm hit and down came the rain, pouring all the way up and over the mountain to our regroup point at the roundabout on the other side of the mountain.
Well, we were all drenched but our spirits were high and we had a bit of a laugh about it, at least every one was safely off the mountain. Paul decided to shorten the ride and head home the shortest way as riders started to drop off to head to their homes. First John then Anne and last was Judy the rest of us finished back at the start.
Was an enjoyable ride and everyone did well on the climb out over the mountain in the rain. Well done guys! We ended up with a 57k ride so it wasn't bad. Looking at the photos, not a cloud in the sky, the storm came up so quick.
Paul M.
Slide your cursor over these thumbnails to see the full photo.

Sunday 9 March 2014 - Loop-The-Lake
Well, I didn't ride this ride, as I just spent a couple of days in hospital before a hernia operation later this week. But I did drive up to Belmont and Speers Point to check on everyone, and to collect my T-shirt from the organisers.
I timed it well as I arrived at the Belmont fruit stop just after John D, and before everyone else, except Paul M who must have been on a mission to finish first and had already gone. Soon after I arrived we were joined at the fruit stop by Annie, Dan D (John and Annie's son), Margaret, Linda, Melissa, Fred W, Trevor and Paul F. Karen came a bit later due to a puncture which was mostly repaired by a couple of ladies who stopped to help her. Trevor, from CCTCC, was in a bad way with vomiting and frozen legs due to a fever or something which he has copped. I offered to take him to Speers Point in the Pajero but he declined. He felt better later and finished the ride without further incident, except for not being able to ride up the first part of Hospital hill due to legs not working. Everyone else seemed OK and duly set off on the last and most enjoyable leg of the ride. As I was leaving Belmont, Roy P from CCTCC came up to say hello, and to give me some medical advice, thanks.
At Speers Point we all met up again, along with Richard and Pam, and Fred's family. We all enjoyed the lunch provided (at least I did, seeing I had paid for it!) and spent some time chatting and winding down. The weather was near perfect, sunny with some clouds, and a temperature of 28°C and no wind at all (at least I didn't feel any in the Paj).
The two clubs were well represented and the riders a credit to them. Hope I haven't missed anyone. Anyone who rode the Loop-The-Lake is welcome to submit a report to this blog. Photos are here (opens in new window).
Sunday 2 March 2014 - CCTCC ride to Umina
We had 4 brave souls that chanced the weather - Anne Svenson leader. Roy Collins, Judy Murray & Paul M sweep. After a briefing we decided due to the weather and the conditions of the wet roads we cancelled the pearl beach ride for a ride to ocean beach and around back streets of Umina. We started from Gosford Lions Park and proceeded by cycleway to Woy Woy then around to Ocean Beach for coffee where Ian had tables and chairs set up for us. Then off around some back streets of Umina and back to Woy Woy then back to the start. Judy turned off at West Gosford to go home then the rest of us went back to Lions Park.
It was a nice easy ride, no rain, and turned out nice weather so the Gods were kind to us, all up a 48k ride and was a lot better than sitting at home.
Sunday 23 February 2014 - CCTCC ride Four Lakes and a Train
The idea was to meet at Morisset railway station on the arrival of a train from the south, then start the ride to Rutleys Road, then via Doyalson, Budgewoi, The Entrance and Berkeley Vale to Wyong. Some of us though chose to ride from home to Morisset, as the train was inconvenient. Pedro H, Doug, Fred and Danny (me) did this adding an extra 20-23km to the beginning of the trip.
There was a nice SE breeze of 15-20 knots which helped our progress to Morisset, but blew in our faces for most of the day. The temperature was a pleasant 25°C, but this seemed hot without the breeze. We started off with 15 riders from Morrie, and picked up JD at Doyalson, with him on an easier run owing to crashing with a car on Friday. He insists there is no damage.
We had morning coffee at The Lakes Café, where we saw Nigel on his motorbike with a friend, but he wasn't riding as far as we did. On the way down WBD, Paul M and I were at the front, followed closely by Fred, when Paul and I ran over a big stick, which flew up into Fred's wheels (yes, both of them) causing him to stop to extricate said stick. Laugh? Haven't stopped!
Dropping club members from then on as they headed for home the short way, or as in Alan's case, finished the whole ride early, we continued on to the end at Wyong rail where some caught a train back to home, or, in Fred and my case, continued home to near Budgewoi Lake, with me completing about 90km and Fred 95km for the day. Good on us! With the rides on Wednesday and Friday to Newcastle Nobbys Head and back I have ridden about 230km in the last 5 days, good training for the Loop-The-Lake in a couple of weeks.
Annie led the ride today, and Trevor looked after the rear, and Ian met us at The Lakes. The rest of us enjoyed the tour, thanks to you guys!
Sunday 16 February 2014 - CCTCC Ride to Hidden Valley
Rain was spitting down as we gathered at Wyong for the ride to Ourimbah and up Ourimbah Creek Road. Only about 7 riders turned up in threatening weather, with Roy C leading and Bill as sweep.
I had found out only the previous night that I had lunch visitors coming Sunday so I had to cut my ride short. In the meantime, we rode down to Tuggerah and up over Kangy Angy towards Palmdale and Ourimbah. By then the rain had set in as a steady drizzle, and got worse as the day soaked on. I turned off Ourimbah Creek Road at Footts Road and went back to Palmdale and back over Kangy Angy while the club continued up to Hidden Valley. The plan was to turn around at some convenient point, probably the dirt section, and ride back to the nursery café for coffee. In the absence of bad news I presume they finished the ride without any problems.
By the time I had finished my short ride, my bike and I were covered in grit and dirt. As it turned out my visitors didn't arrive till after 2.00pm, so I could have finished the ride after all, but given I was soaked and filthy, I was quite happy to finish early. In the adverse conditions, the members who rode deserve a medal for their dedication.
Sunday 9 February 2014 - CCTCC Ride Around Sydney Waterfont
Another early morning, but not too early, catching a train at Warnervale at 7.30am. There I met Fred who had cycled from his cave in Buff Point, 15km for starters. Then followed a 2 hour train trip to Central where we met the others joining this ride, viz, Paul M (leader), Narelle (sweep), Annie S, new guys Paul and Jan, new guy Mat who lives at Surry Hills, Alan, Merrilyn and Graeme.
New Paul and Jan live at Berkeley Vale and are still working. Jan's handlebars came loose near the Bridge, and Paul her husband tightened the 4 bolts with my Allen key, till we heard a loud crack, which was the bracket cap snapping in half. The bar was still held in place by the remains of the cap, so Jan found a bike repair place near Luna Park which gave her some duct tape, with which she bound up her handlebars for the rest of the day. Mat is over 70 and has an electric bike which he pedalled around, only using the power for some nasty hills.
Otherwise we didn't have any dramas, cycling from Central Station down to Circular Quay, and following the water's edge as best we could round to East Balmain ferry wharf, where we caught a ferry to Lavendar Bay. Then to Luna Park and climbed up the stairs to the Bridge and cycled over to the Observatory, where we viewed the exhibits with wonder (I wonder what this is?). Then after a nice rest on our 30km journey, we got onto the Carlisle Expressway (that's what Paul said it was) bike path, and over to the east side of the city, and back to Central.
Along the way we visited various eateries for drinks and food, including the Fish Market, where Mat gave us a little history lesson. Alan also knew quite a lot about the old Sydney town too, a fascinating account from those who grew up in the area, for me anyway, being a Mexican till 1996. A short but wonderful ride, one of the best ever, thanks to Paul. I got home after 5.30pm, a long day, but a good one! Quite a few photos were taken of the magnificent scenery, and are here.
Sunday 2 February 2014 - Evening Ride
Hi All
Sunday's ride was a good turn up - fourteen of us with hungry bellies. We just got through the under pass at Tuggerah and a heap of glass on the track, thanks to Doug who cleaned it up for our return ride, saved on the punctures, then a lady (not from the group) fell of her bike, so we checked if she was OK and set off again on our trek for food.
We had a slight detour around where they are putting the new bridge in, wasn't a hassle. And finally at the pub for dinner. I didn't hear of any complaints so sounds like we all enjoyed the food. Doug's wife Sue turned up, was nice to see her taking part thanks Sue. Hope to see you again. For those who don't know Sue, she does a lot of hard work for the Toukley club and the Toukley Kayakers.
So after dinner and some chit chat, a few riders left us and some a bit further on. We all had our lights on and flashing but it really wasn't dark enough so maybe we do it a bit later next time to get the affect of a night ride, although we did see a lot of bunny rabbits running around near Chittaway.
And we all arrived safe back at Wyong, so thanks for leading Narelle, and Sue H for sweep and every one that turned up. See photo of us at The Entrance, slide cursor over thumbnail image below:

On Sunday's (9 Feb) ride 'Sights of Sydney', the trains leave Wyong 7.34 – Tuggerah 7.37 – Gosford 7.50 - arrives Central 9.10.
Meeting point outside the country turnstiles and coffee at the fish markets and food depending on the time we get there. Don't forget the camera as there are some fabulous sights. See the photo I took from Cahill expressway circular quay on the test ride. Slide cursor over this thumbnail:

Thanks all
Sunday 2 February 2014 - Unofficial ride to Peats Ridge
With an early start of 8.00am this warm sunny Sunday, Paul, Fred and Danny left the Tuggerah Macca's for Ourimbah. Cross the highway and after the subway (full of shopping trolleys) we climbed our first hill of the day, Kangy Angy. From there it's an easy ride down to Ourimbah, through the roundabout and onto the M1 Pacific Motorway.
Then follows a long steady climb to the Peats Ridge exit. On the way Fred found a perfectly good 30cm shifting spanner which Paul and I had ridden past. I myself have found a few tools over the years, and clothing! From the exit the road continues upwards for another kilometre or so, making 6 kms of climb, with a couple of small breaks. Our total height achievement for the ride was 750 metres (straight up).
We pushed on along Peats Ridge Road to the village of that name. The 'Corrugated Café' was populated by motorcyclists, munching on egg and bacon sangers and slurping strawberry milkshakes.
The ride back was much easier, as we headed for Dog Trap Road and down to Enterprise Drive for the short trip back to Macca's, where we had more cold milky drinks and smoothies. An excellent ride of about 60km, but too hard for the general club, we decided. Thanks Paul and Fred for the company!
Sunday 29 January 2014 - President's Report
Hi all
The end of January already and we have had some nice rides and only one incident on the Kurnell ride with Anne and Roy nothing serious luckily, so over all a good start to the year.
On Sunday's ride around Tuggerah lake led by Danny and with Doug as sweep was a nice ride with cool weather and a slight bit of a rain spatter now and then, being Australia Day not a great turn out, still nine of us made it a nice little group. One young lady turned up which gave it a bit of colour and kept us guys on our toes, thanks Margaret.
Roy met us at long jetty and rode with us to canton beach were we had coffee and then a few departed and headed home and the rest of us carried on to Toukley where a few more departed leaving us with four to ride back to Wyong. There were a lot of families out having BBQs and picnics to celebrate Australia day which was nice to see.